Tips to look chic casual

  1. Cherrie says:

    I am on a constant quest to find jeans that fit and are comfortable…..I have slim legs & not much of a backside, and can’t stand anything too tight in the waist! If I get a size that fits my rear & legs, it’s way too tight in the waist…..concurrently, a comfortable waist comes with a baggy behind & legs😤 Anyway, the Frame jeans you’re wearing in this post look to be full length & yet are shown to be cropped on the website…..just curious….are they the same jean? Since they’re a mid-rise, I’m going to try them…..wish me luck!

  2. Susan Barnes says:

    Ohhh no! Please don’t retire Oscar. I look forward to Fridays With Oscar a lot. My beloved 12 year old Shepherd/Boxer/? mix Rilee was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. I am heartbroken so seeing Oscar is a small pleasure in life these days.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Oscar has job security! I am so sorry to hear Rilee has been diagnosed with cancer. Enjoy each precious day with him.

    • Sylvia Espinoza says:

      I’m with Oscar! Winter’s my favorite season yet have the blahs for whatever reason! Oscar, buddy, hang in there. You make Fridays so special. Beth, thanks for mentioning Uncommon Threads again. Needed the reference for a friend. As ever, the OOTD is perfect, even if staying in! I dress so that when I pass a mirror in the house, even with the blahs, there’s a momentary “ahhh, not bad!” 😊 Hugs!~

  3. Judy Holmes says:

    I treasure your Friday posts! Oscar is so adorable. The look on his face at time is “Enough already . . . let’s curl up & watch tv!” I think Oscar has figured out he does not get to eat your Friday meal or lap up your Friday drink – ha! He may be on strike!
    I was not sure about the coatigan when it first became prevalent. But, after wearing one, I love them! My first coatigan was a blue/black tweed. I highly recommend having a blue coatigan as it goes so well with jeans & creates either a casual or dressed-up look easily.

  4. Mary says:

    I found some cute, inexpensive clogs at Walmart that actually fit me and they are super comfortable. They are the Time and Tru bow clog and come in black and cognac. Oddly, the website says they are out of stock but I found both colors at the Walmart nearby. I enjoy your posts and your attitude. Thanks Beth!

  5. Francesca B. says:

    Beth l love your posts and look forward to them but honestly this is one expensive outfit. I think paying that much for.a pair of jeans is madness when other brands are more affordable and can give me a great look. Please keep an eye on the money 🙂
    Happy weekend friend.

  6. Barbara Paul says:

    Hello Beth
    I enjoy your posts and have learnt so much from your style – thank you. A small request please. How about some vegetarian/vegan recipes on a Friday for those of us who do not eat animals. A second request is for some mocktail recipes. I can no long have alcohol due the medication I take.
    Have a happy weekend from cold and damp Devon, England. Best wishes Barbara x

  7. Marcia Rayne says:

    Although I LOVED the cozy coatigan and tee and the jeans , all 3 are not in my budget as a retired person. If you could provide a budget friendly option, I would truly appreciate it.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      some items in your closet can be investment pieces that last a lifetime. a coatigan from Jenni Kayne is one such piece. but we regularly feature clothes with a variety of price points. hopefully, you’ve read those posts too.

      • Marcia Rayne says:

        Of course. I read all of them. But there were no options for a less expensive coatigan or jeans. In this post.I usually scroll through Jenni Kayne pieces because I could not afford to pay my utility bills for the price of that adorable coatigan.

  8. Hi Beth
    Very good chicken recipe
    I love chicken and always lookIng for ways to cook it
    Thank you

    • Beth Djalali says:

      such an easy recipe too! enjoy!

      • Lynne says:

        Glad to see clogs are still in. I’m not wild about the way they look but they are my go to shoes when I have to do a lot of walking and don’t want to wear sneakers. I have Clark’s in every color and have worn out a few. Guess I’ll keep them after all. Can’t wait to try your recipies

  9. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth
    I love your Fridays with Oscar posts. I am intrigued with the “Uncommon Threads” organization. Thank you.

  10. Kimberly Dickhut says:

    Love this look! Since retiring, I’m struggling with chic casual. I don’t want to just wear sweats; I want to be chic casual even if I’m not going out anywhere. I struggle with identifying chic casual shoes. Though tennis shoes have come a long way since I was a youngster, I don’t want to wear tennis shoes all the time, especially in the winters of Nebraska! Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. Leslie says:

    I love this outfit. I love to be a bit more dressy but since retirement I need to put that inclination aside and buy more casual outfits. I look to you for inspiration and if the outfit is too expensive either wait for a sale or look for something similar in my price range. Thank you so much for your Ideas and inspiration. I have even started my own personal pictoral diary of my outfits to remind me what I liked.

  12. Lesley C says:

    Tbh, I don’t ‘shop the post’ because I don’t live in the USA or Europe. We can all enjoy the style inspiration, analyse the elements and incorporate what does fit our personal style and body type. From a retailer that suits our budget and is accessible. I was happy to see that besides the basics jeans and tee that’s e would all have in our wardrobes, I have a stone coatigan and brown clogs that I can bring out of retirement. (I don’t always declutter items I have enjoyed and remain in good condition from seasons past.)
    However, this OOTD will have to wait – today is all about sunscreen, a bathing costume, sarong and hat as it’s a scorcher!

  13. I absolutely love Emily in Paris! I can’t wait for Seasons 3&4…the scenery and clothes alone are worth your time viewing!

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