6 of my Husband’s Favorite Recipes

  1. Francesca B. says:

    Thank you Kelly l cannot wait to try these! Love your recipes. Happy weekend 🙂

    • Kelly Djalali says:

      Hi Francesca, thank you so much for stopping by today! I am sure you will enjoy these recipes! xo Kelly

  2. Joan says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Love every one of your recipes – they are really fabulous. I hesitate on some because I know they are high in calorie and I have to watch that, but an occasional treat is most welcome. How do you stay so tiny????? Thank you for your recipes and keep them coming!

    • Kelly Djalali says:

      Hi Joan, I am so happy you enjoy the recipes! The way I eat seems to work well for me: I practice intermittent fasting everyday (which I learned to do with FASTer Way to Fat Loss), I exercise and train with weights. I also limit my alcohol intake to only a couple drinks per week. Thanks so much for stopping by today! xo Kelly

  3. Julie says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I read your husband’s favorites to my husband. He said, oh I like Alex, my kind of guy. And we always have at least one bag of salt and vinegar chips to go with sandwiches.

    I had not heard of spam fried rice, but we are going to try it. Last night we had yourvrecipe for salmon roasted on green beans and served with salad greens.
    Very good.

    Thanks for all the good ideas. U

    • Kelly Djalali says:

      Hello Julie, Alex enjoyed your comment – Spam fried rice is probably his favorite from that list. I think you will enjoy it, it is so flavorful and super simple to prepare. I am glad you tried the salmon, that is a winning recipe that just feels so good to eat because it’s healthy and delicious! Thank you so much! xo Kelly

  4. Nancy says:

    These recipes look fantastic! Your husband has “good taste!” Lol!
    My husband and I love wedge salad. I never liked bleu cheese until I had a wedge salad! Can’t wait to try the steak sandwich. I’ve looked for a good recipe; this may be it! And, the nachos…yum!
    Thanks for sharing all of them.

    • Kelly Djalali says:

      Hi Nancy, that steak sandwich is so amazing! the caramelized onions really make it special. Thank you so much for stopping by, I do hope you give the sandwich and the nachos a try! Let us know how they come out for you! xo Kelly

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