5 Fashion Investment Pieces from the Nordstrom Sale

  1. Linda says:

    At 71 I’ve purchased many good pieces of clothing thinking I would wear them for a “lifetime “ but, truth be told, this body of mine didn’t cooperate with that thought. My weight hasn’t changed in twenty years but the fat has settled in areas I never expected. I put my money in good handbags, shoes & jewelry but in clothing I’m happy to get a few good years from a garment.

  2. Carolynn says:

    At 75 my weight is the same as thirty years ago. I weight train, walk 3 miles a day and do pilates as well.
    Weight shifts a bit about every 7 years. Still weigh 119 and it’s just a different 119. Nothing dramatic but different. Happens to all of us.

  3. Melody jones says:

    Beth, the navy blazer outfit is one of the best I’ve seen you in as well as the utility jacket with olive slacks. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing and helping us to make better choices. It doesn’t come naturally to me.

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