5 Comfy Casual Outfits For Summer

  1. Marie Dee says:

    I’m a huge Oscar fan! His expressions are adorable and he looks so sweet…those little eyebrows! Precious!

  2. Good outfit for the summer
    Bteth specialty for me that live in the beach.
    Thank you

  3. Cute outfits. My favorite is the white shorts, blue and white stripped top and shoes.
    Hope you, Oscar, and Ollie have a very nice
    Memorial Day. Hope you have time with your family also.

  4. Martha says:

    Greetings to Oscar and thanks for sharing. In Colombia we have a 365-day summer so these ideas come in handy.

    • MaryLynne says:

      I have that skirt from Talbot s. I just ordered their embroidered top to go with it. Hope the blues match

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