Winter White Denim – How to Wear White Denim All Year

  1. Janet Hurlbrink says:

    I wish I lived somewhere warmer. Wearing white denim just doesn’t seem right with white snow all around me.

  2. Michelle McDonald says:

    Great outfit! Would love to see you do a similar post wearing a black top/belt/shoes with white denim for winter. Not sure what type of shoes to use for that ensemble??

  3. Maeve says:

    When it’s cold enough for snow on the ground, pants need to be warmer. I wear different jeans in summer and winter b/c of the cold. The biggest problem with white pants in winter IMHO has nothing to do with mindset — think snow (which by the way gets dirty on sidewalks and streets), rain, slush, dirt, and mud season. If you’ve ever taken public transportation to commute in a New England winter, you know white is not your friend. We wear old, crummy sneakers or boots and keep our work shoes in a cabinet in the office. Looking forward to wearing white summer pants is like welcoming the birds back from their winter homes.

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