Wide Leg Cuffed Denim – For Petites

  1. Judith Dempsey says:

    Kelly, you have become a real fashion model. Love your whole outfit. Everything is so different but goes so well together. All proportions are perfect. That’s hard to accomplish. Your accessories and make up do the trick. Great post!

  2. Greek Girl says:

    Can you wear the shirt untucked? How long is it? Appears to have a shirt tail hem?

    Thank you for representing us “fun size” gals!

    • Hi Greek Girl! The shirt doesn’t come in petite so depending on your height, the length will vary. On me, it’s pretty long, falling below my hip (I am 5 ft). It does have a shirttail hem. Hope that helps! xo Kelly

  3. Marilyn says:

    Kelly, the outfit looks adorable on you. That said, the cuffs are so deep for a petite person, it could look like the pants were much too long and were turned up to avoid hemming them. Guess I’m not used to such deep cuffs.

    • Hi Marilyn, The cuffed denim trend has styles that range from deep cuffs and more modest cuffs. It’s also a great look to create with jeans already in your closet, in which case you can make the cuffs as deep or shallow as you like. Thanks for stopping by! xo Kelly

  4. Kelley says:

    I just can’t get on board with wide cuff pants. They add so much weight. Something I definitely don’t need! I’ve seen them all over and I haven’t seen one pair that complement. You have such a cute figure Kelly and even on you, weight is added. Do you feel comfortable in them? I’ll probably be ‘booed off the stage’. Sorry!

    • Hi Kelley, I feel quite comfortable in them! And to me, that’s the most important part of an outfit. Thank you for stopping by! xo Kelly

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