The Surprising Lessons I Learned from My Mom

  1. Carolina Girl says:

    I love, love, love this post! What a beautiful woman! I think you favor her in appearance also… My mom is my hero and I still consult her daily, though she is now in heaven and my angel. I will bookmark this post — and treasure it.

    You’ll have to write one on your grandmother sometime. She appears to be a prominent figure too.

  2. RORY says:

    Very beautiful tribute to your mom. She is beautiful and so are you. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Paula says:

    Beth, this was a very nice tribute to your mom. She did have many of the same values of most women at that time. I lost my mom when I was 17 but I still remember some of the values she instilled in me even though I did not have to talk to as an adult
    Wow do you look like her!

  4. Julie says:

    Dear Beth,
    Such a lovely piece about your Mom. Really struck home with me because I had a similar relationship with my mom. Shopping and lunch with Mom was the best! The summer before I left for college, my Mom and I made 3 shirt dresses and 3 wool sheath dresses for dressier occasions. ( We could only wear slacks if it snowed.). Your post brought back such fond memories.

    wear slacks if it snowed.)

  5. You have a beautiful mother and family. I can see why you turned out to be such a beautiful person. Love the tribute to her. Thanks for sharing. I too was greatly influenced by my mother. She was a beautiful person also. I miss her everyday as she passed 12 years ago now.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Oh Beth, what a lovely tribute. My mother instilled similar values. As well, the very “rural Ontario” sensibilities (much like the US midwest) of always having good and plentiful food and serving it with love and graciousness. I wish my mother could have enjoyed your blog. She passed in 2018. Every day when I open up your link I hear mother in my head saying “what’s Beth wearing today?” I guarantee she would have called me daily to debrief your OOTD!
    Also, mother loved her purses. When she passed I tucked a day bag and an evening clutch in the casket with her…along with a couple tubes of lipstick.

  7. Absolutely love this post, thank you for sharing these precious memories !

  8. Suzanne says:

    I really enjoyed your post; it touched my heart. Your mother was beautiful and wise. What a gift our mothers were! My mom has been gone for many years but I miss her everyday. She was beautiful inside and out also.

  9. Lynn M Ballantyne says:

    Great post Beth! Loved it!

  10. Nancy says:

    How nice to learn about your mom and see pictures! She sure imparted some great lessons to you.
    A beautiful Mom, and you so resemble each other.
    My mother’s voice echoes in my ears every day. I’m still coping with her loss, which was just last September at 102 years old! She lived with us for the last 10 years of her life, and I’ll never regret having that “extra” time with her.
    Wonderful post Beth!

  11. Kat says:

    Loved this Beth! I can see you favor your mother. What wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Nancy B. says:

    Wonderful post, Beth! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos and your mom’s inspiration. I’m 63 and had similar experiences with my mom growing up.🙂

  13. Cyndi Anderson says:

    Dear Beth. I loved the YouTube video and having it written out is a blessing. What a perfect post and wonderful reminders. My MIL always wore lipstick, khaki pants and a white shirt. I miss her so much. She was grace and elegance. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for the words of wisdom

  14. Maria says:

    Truly a beautiful post. Mom’s our the best.
    I miss mine everyday. I try my best to remember all she taught me about life.
    Mom knows best!

  15. Maureen says:

    How wonderful this tribute is to a woman who meant so much to you. I am reading this on International Woman’s Day. Memories to bring to your site and share is so kind of you.
    I miss my mother and father each day. My mother passed unexpectedly 2.5 yrs ago (not covid). She was the strength to her 7 children ( of which I am the oldest) and her 12 grandchildren.
    Thank you for your posting.

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