Vince Camuto separates dressed down

  1. Karen says:

    Beth, I love this outfit. This is how I like to dress in the summer. Shorts or ankle pants with a lightweight flowy or jersey top. I don’t look good in t shirts so this is my style uniform. You look casually elegant!

  2. Pat says:

    Love every detail of this outfit!

  3. Janis says:

    Totally stylish!!!

  4. Shannon Johnson says:

    This is terrific…Another idea I can swipe! ☺️ It’s funny how moving to a new area and settling in to a new routine (recently retired) can challenge how you use your wardrobe even when it’s built on classic pieces. Thanks again Beth…you’re the best!

  5. Margaret Hurt says:

    Can you help me my arms are too big and I need a top that is stylish but can cover my arms !

  6. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth
    I love this outfit! You look great! Separates are so versatile. The handbag is beautiful, too. I am sending you love and comfort and peace every day,

  7. Monica Wigand says:

    Such a fresh light look. Love it, and you!

  8. Before I bug you I hope you are doing as well as can be expected . Can your please do a hair cut tutorial with your newest hair cut.
    I would like to see how your stylist cuts your hair so I can have my stylist cut mine.
    I have thick grey hair with a bit of a wave and volume.
    Thank you.

  9. Mary C says:

    What a great outfit! Classy and fun! 😃

  10. Cindy J. says:

    I am starting to wear more of these flowy tops rather than tees all the time so this top is perfect! I also adore paisley and have many paisley scarves that I use to accessorize. You are such a class act! 💕

  11. Carol says:

    You look so beautifully cool and comfortable!

  12. Alicia Reilly says:

    Hi, Beth
    I love the way you look! So stylish always! Thank you for blog. It’s so helpful. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when you’ll be sharing the limelight with we all know who. He’s precious.

  13. Susan says:

    Love the look Beth! I no longer do sleeveless, as we age our arms are not as firm as they used to be! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!

  14. Suzanne Smith says:

    Looks like a nice summer outfit with colors that make it perfect transitioning into the early fall (at least here where it’ll definitely still be warm.) Great mileage outta’ that top!

  15. Sharon says:

    Cool and still dressed for errands and lunch or coffee with friends. Love it!!

  16. Hi Beth, I love the outfit!! It looks fantastic on you. The color combination is perfect. I love you style.

  17. Deanne says:

    You look fantastic! Great outfit with just the right accessories. I love Vince Camuto clothing too, you made some excellent choices here

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