what to wear to dinner in Savannah

  1. Love this dress! There are only 2 colors left in medium, The strawberry colored one might have to be mine. Have fun!

  2. How much fun to take a BFF vaca! Savannah seems likes the perfect place to do so….love that pink dress! Love your shirts outfit from yesterday…..and the ghost tour! Right up my alley.
    Thanks for this great blog!

  3. Linda Aulgur says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip, it is helpful to see your packing! Savanah was beautiful, thanks for reminding me of my trip there 14 years ago! All of your outfits were, as usual, sensational. And comfortable looking!

  4. Carol says:

    You looked so much better with your hair longer. Your hairdresser didn’t do you justice when cutting it so short. You look very Butch….

  5. Allison Devereaux says:

    Beth, you look fabulous in the pink dress and your ‘going out’ (as we say round our way) hair looks so elegant, groomed and yet stylishly trendy (my kids groan when I use the word trendy, but ladies of our age know what we mean).

  6. Christine Jessup says:

    Beth, you look fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your pics and showing us older gals that it is acceptable and fun to look really good as we age. You give me courage to be who I am and feel comfortable in my body. As an aside, I love your hair short! You look fresh and current. All the Best.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Pink dress is perfect. The strawberry might have to jump in my cart. Not sure I could pull it off as well as you do. Loved all your pictures. I know you enjoyed your visit there with your friend.
    Savannah is just lovely.

  8. Francesca B. says:

    You look wonderful Beth and I hope you had a gorgeous time! I ordered the dress in the red can’t wait 🙂

  9. Karla says:

    Your hair is beautiful, and if I had legs like yours, I would show them all the time! I find your style to be impeccable, elegant and feminine, brava!

  10. Jan says:

    I read your blog religiously and don’t comment often, but after reading the comments today I had to pop in to say that I LOVE your hair! You look very hip and fresh! 😍

    Your style, both in clothing and hair, is inspiring. Thank you for all you do!

  11. Andrea says:

    So glad to see two besties out having fun. Being able to meet, hang out and talk is pure gold right now.

    Love your dress and choice of a fun summer colour. It’s hard for people to break away from the easy LBD, but spring, summer and fall should, IMO, be full of colour and celebration. The chunky pearls are the perfect, modern way to use pearls without looking over done.

  12. Rory says:

    Thank you for your post on Savnnah. I can’t wait to visit again. You look awesome. I love the pink dress on you.

  13. Eve says:

    That is a very pretty pink. It is so much fun to get away from the same environment and see new things and visit with friends. It Recharges us but so nice to get back home too. Your friend is lovely. I like her dress.

  14. Emily says:

    Love this dress. Looks great on you. I ordered the mini and the midi in Strawberry in a Tall. Will have to see which one I like the most!!!

  15. Carroll says:

    Is that your friend wearing the lacy ivory top? She looks fabulous, too!

  16. Robin Hillyer Miles says:

    I sometimes give ghost tours here in Charleston, have had only a few spooked-out moments, and we give a good historic review as well.
    My hubs and I went to Savannah in the middle of the pandemic. It was fantastic and there was hardly anyone there.
    I had a girls’ weekend in Greenville, SC a few years ago, oh my goodness the food and shopping! Highly recommend.
    Love that dress (and hair) on you. 😀

    • Beth Djalali says:

      that’s what i loved about our Ghost Tour – the history lesson. isn’t Greenville adorable?! they’ve created quite the food scene in the past few years.

    • Kathy says:

      My daughter went to school at Johnson and Wales in Charleston. On a visit, we did the ghost tour. Loved it!

  17. Liz says:

    Your vacation looked great top to bottom. Especially you looked fabulous in all of these outfits.
    I must say, it just saddened me to see horses still hauling carriages. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen them here in Orlando as well. It’s just cruel.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Beth

    Just saw your instantgram post – sorry for the negative comments. Your hair is great. Your style has inspired me for years – so thank you. We are lucky with our health so celebrate our bodies they carried us this far and hopefully for many more years.

  19. GL Gardener says:

    I have enjoyed your trip to Savannah and all the beautiful outfits. Love the pink dress. Your short hair looks chic to me-beautiful color….very striking. I wish Savannah was closer (N US) as it looks very interesting: chocolate shops, shopping, eating. Are there antiques shops? I just may have to hope on a plane and visit.

  20. Paige says:

    Hi Beth – I love your website – all of it. The garden redo, the closet reveal, the dogs, and of course – I came for the fashion. And now it’s nice to see your travel photos. I’m growing out my hair post-chemo so love to see what you are up to with your cute short hair-do and what glasses/earrings you pair with short hair. You look fabulous and happy. I always enjoy checking in on what you’re doing. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  21. Chris says:

    You are fabulous! You help all of us with so many good tips and inspiration!! Love your hair short!! You look great with all the hairstyles you have rocked on the blog!!

  22. Julia says:

    Wow. If you can’t say something nice… I think the pixie looks great on you! I grew out my hair color during the pandemic and am now silver in the front only. I am keeping it short as I feel it looks best on me, and it’s so easy! Love your blog and look forward to reading it. You exude not only style, but confidence, strength and independence. Keep being you!

  23. Kathy says:

    Girlfriend trips are the best! Loved reading about this one. Great pictures. Love this dress in particular and your hair, too.

  24. cindy says:

    Love Savannah! I have not been in so long. I am jealous. I have been to the Pink House and Elizabeth but the others are new to me!

  25. Sharon says:

    Love you Beth! I’ve learned so much from you. Your videos on what to wear, how to wear it, accessories and packing was so helpful for our 10 day trip to the Azores! Thank you!

  26. Nichola Spence says:

    Lovely dress! That color looks great on you, Beth! Love the Collins Quarter especially their delicious veggie-stuffed Avocado Smash It is divine, and easily the restaurant’s most signature item. Sharing https://www.visitsavannah.com/food-drink for the best restaurants in savannah for those yet to visit 🙂

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