hair biology products launching in july

  1. Linda L says:

    I am hooked on Hair Biology ever since you featured the products. My gray leans to blonde and can get very yellow but HB keeps it gray. Great products! For a minute there I thought the product was being discontinued & I actually had a mini panic attack!

  2. Peg Weir says:

    Hi Beth,

    I am so excited Hair Biology is adding new products. I was in Target recently and was surprised I was using all products except the hair mask. Your picture in this post is terrific. Very pretty and my personal favorite. That and 2 cents won’t get you much. Take care. Peg

  3. Yes thank you Beth, I am using the voluminiuzing and my hair looks much much better!!!
    Thank You
    Will like to see photos of your new bathroom.
    thank you for sharing all these good products

  4. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth
    I am using the Full & Vibrant shampoo because of your suggestion. I bought it at Target and am excited to try more Hair Biology products. Thank you! Your hair always looks great. Your short cut is chic and youthful. I enjoyed your travel post from Savannah. The outfits you packed give me ideas and inspiration. Beth, I hope you keep posting your Style at a Certain Age for many more years. I am 63 and like the classics with an edge approach. You’re the best! Joanie from Iowa

  5. Angela says:

    Beth I’m so sorry about all the snarky comments you received. I know you can handle it, never the less its sad that women cant be more supportive. You look beautiful healthy and feminine. Your style is always on point and heck..we lime ya!. God bless and thank you for your stule help..please dont stop..we need you

  6. Christine says:

    How about a video on it?

  7. Lindsey A says:

    On your recommendation, I got the purple shampoo and conditioner for my MIL for Christmas. After her cancer diagnosis, she decided to stop polluting her body with hair coloring and go with the grey that had been trying to come in for several years.

    Last time I got my hair cut – ready for her memorial – it was at a new salon, and my stylist suggested that I use a purple shampoo. I’m 42, blonde and am starting to grey, with plans to let it come in naturally. The salon had Hair Biology, and I couldn’t believe the difference it made! Plus the smell is probably my fave of any shampoo I’ve ever used. So, with my step-FIL’s blessing, I took the barely used set and have been using it 1x week. I’m surprised every week by the improvement it makes on the color.

  8. Kathleen Considine says:

    Beth your skin looks so beautiful. Plump& youthful. I love IPL. I have to have it done again. My chest & arms are full of sun spots. Would you recommend this for those areas? I love your new shorter hairstyle for summer. ❤️ Your blog!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i highly recommend IPL for all areas that have sun damage. i started with my face then added on my chest and arms and i’m very happy with the results.
      just had my second micro-needling session that helps boost collagen production. i’m also very pleased with the results.

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