what to wear to brunch in Savannah

it’s safe to say we live in a casual world. at least fashion-wise. most people hop in the shower, dry off, throw on a shirt, sweater, or tee and blue jeans and call it a day. or a tee and shorts if it’s hot. then again, some women wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of shorts. some women don’t like to bare their arms, while others can’t do long sleeves in summer. or what about issues with your feet? bunions? plantar fasciitis? hammertoe? what about age-appropriate outfits? is there such a thing? is it possible for an over-fifty woman to wear a two-piece swimsuit? are skirts or dresses above the knee retired at some point? what about bright colors? patterns? a bold lip color? am i trying too hard? not trying at all? am i supposed to be invisible at some point and fade away? what if this outfit makes me look (heaven forbid) too wide? too big? too? go ahead and fill in the blank. wowza! that’s a lot of information, and we’re just talking fashion. 

ladies, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion at any age, but especially as we age. the baby boomers are pushing back the fashion boundaries that once hemmed in our mothers’ generation. white after labor day? go ahead. loud prints? why not? all-black is slimming… if that’s your jam, go for it. if there’s one thing i support, it’s fashion choices, and we have plenty of them in the 21st century. don’t be afraid of trying too hard. at least you’re trying! can you imagine teachers wielding that negative phrase at their students? and don’t be afraid to look like, gasp, mutton dressed as lamb, an ageist remark that needs to be retired btw, cuz i’ve seen plenty of lambs dressed as mutton. who cares either way? it’s time to flex your style muscles, ladies, and have some fun! don’t worry if you get it right or even wrong. style is personal; style evolves, style should make you feel good at the end of the day. the best professional baseball players have a .333 batting average. it’s safe to say the ball isn’t always hit out of the park. then again, sometimes it is! it’s time to celebrate the fact style has no expiration date. it’s time to celebrate we’re no longer excluded from the fashion soiree. and brands are starting to pay attention to a neglected demographic. hooray!

so, yes, i dress casually. and, yes, i’m 62. i live in a small town, and my outfits reflect that lifestyle. but i’ve lived in large cities too. as a matter of fact, i’ve lived all around the globe and had the privilege of observing many different cultures not just the good old US of A. dressing for the occasion is what i’ve always aimed for no matter what city i’m in. clothes have sizes, not ages. honestly, i have no idea what an age-appropriate outfit looks like. yet, i love fashion, and i always will. and i love love, love that i can create casual outfits that look comfy and chic. or if invited to a gala, backyard bbq, or a football game, my outfit would reflect that event. dresses, skirts, shorts, blazers, tennis shoes, or high heels all have a place in my closet, and i imagine they always will. do i wear stilettos all day long? nope. but i will wear them to a lovely dinner engagement. do i wear long sleeves come summer? absolutely. i’ve been to more than one restaurant with sub-zero temps in the dead of summer. as i mentioned, i dress for the occasion. do i have a personal style aesthetic? why, yes i do. it’s classic and preppy and i love to borrow from the boys. but i’m also a little boho from time to time. am i afraid to try something outside my style box? absolutely not! style should never turn stale or stodgy. ladies, it’s time to embrace your personal style whether you’re 32, 52, or 72. am i right?!

this blog is dedicated to aging with grace, strength, and beauty. it’s not always about the outfit, although i do have to get dressed in the morning so an ootd is always included in the post. but you may have noticed i love to share recipes, hair products, skincare, makeup, supplements, home design, and table settings with y’all. or i’ll talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep. grief is touched upon now and again as i lost my husband two years ago. and i’ve broached the subject of learning to be single all over again. one thing i know. life is sweet. life should be enjoyed. and life is short. it’s time to live a vibrant and healthy life. cute clothes and all. ’nuff said.

what to wear to brunch in Savannah

today, i’m sharing more pictures of Savannah. this city is literally a feast for the eyes. and i’m also sharing what to wear to brunch in Savannah as there are soooooo many good restaurants to choose from in this city. and brunch on saturday is a no-brainer. the venue? The opens in a new windowEmporium Kitchen and Wine Market a cute little spot that’s unpretentious and effortless yet packs a punch. it’s located adjacent to The Perry Lane Hotel, and it’s adorable. i chose a cute pair of opens in a new windowlinen pinstripe shorts from opens in a new windowBanana Republic with a drawstring in case i ate too much… last week, i had the opportunity to shop at opens in a new windowBloomingdale’s and spied a cute opens in a new windowlinen blouse from opens in a new windowJoie (affordable options opens in a new windowhere and opens in a new windowhere) that’s perfect all summer long. a opens in a new windowpair of sandals from opens in a new windowAnn Taylor complete the look. but don’t forget jazzy earrings ( opens in a new windowsimilar here) and/or sunglasses ( opens in a new windowsimilar here) add personality to this ootd.

opens in a new windowshorts | opens in a new windowblouse | opens in a new windowsandals | opens in a new windowsimilar earrings | opens in a new window handbag | opens in a new windowwatch band | opens in a new windowbangle | opens in a new windowsimilar sunglasses

opens in a new windowshorts | opens in a new windowblouse | opens in a new windowsandals | opens in a new windowsimilar earrings | opens in a new window handbag | opens in a new windowwatch band | opens in a new windowbangle | opens in a new windowsimilar sunglasses

opens in a new windowshorts | opens in a new windowblouse | opens in a new windowsandals | opens in a new windowsimilar earrings | opens in a new window handbag | opens in a new windowwatch band | opens in a new windowbangle | opens in a new windowsimilar sunglasses



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  1. Leu2500 wrote:

    I’m sorry you hear so many “you can’t”
    Every woman’s style & comfort zone is different. Sometimes the exact outfit an influencer wears speaks to me. Other times it’s the concept, the silhouette, or the colors. your long sleeve white linen tunic & blue striped shorts could be another woman’s short sleeve white top & blue striped skirt. Another woman will wear blue striped linen pants. Same concept, individual execution.

    Posted 6.15.21
  2. Betty wrote:

    Another lovely blog post Beth! I totally agree with your assessment of fashion with (or rather without!) regard to age! Your brunch outfit is perfect, very lady-like and quite fashionable. I love the white sunglasses and white sandals with your pretty white blouse. Your arms remain covered while keeping your legs cool and comfy – a must for a sweltering climate. The Savannah scenic photos are wonderful! I can’t wait to get back! I’m glad you were able to enjoy such a fun time traveling a little! 😀

    Posted 6.15.21
  3. upstatebq wrote:

    always love reading your blog and seeing the lovely pictures, but those first three paragraphs today are especially important. please keep reminding us!

    Posted 6.15.21
  4. Kathy Carter wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    I absolutely love Savannah! My daughter is a student at SCAD and we have the pleasure of visiting the city several times a year. So happy you enjoy it as much as I do. I have another suggestion for dining – ‘Alligator Soul’ is one of my favorite dinner spots. Enjoy your time in Savannah!

    Posted 6.15.21
  5. Gloria wrote:

    You’re such an inspiration, purple pedi and all!!!!

    Posted 6.15.21
  6. Anine Burlingame wrote:

    Right on sister! Well said!

    Posted 6.15.21
  7. Deb wrote:

    What a lovely post! I so enjoyed the Savannah scenes. Our youngest daughter is a SCAD grad and was married at Whitefield Chapel. We haven’t been back in several years….between her college years and time spent planning the wedding, we had begun to felt like we had “done” Savannah. This post reminds me of how lovely the city is. Perhaps, it’s time to revisit 😊

    Posted 6.15.21
  8. Gisela wrote:

    Como siempre Impecable!!!

    Posted 6.15.21
  9. Sarah wrote:

    Beth-thank you so much for those first paragraphs today. I needed to hear those statements about fashion this morning. I have retired, stopped coloring my hair and changed makeup routines in the last 12 months but just this morning I was getting dressed and thinking of clothes I should get rid of ( even though I love them) because maybe they were too young for me…
    They still fit, I still love them so I am looking with fresh eyes thanks to you and keeping them.

    Posted 6.15.21
  10. Lorraine wrote:

    You look adorable for brunch. Your outfit works for you.

    Posted 6.15.21
  11. eve wrote:

    Those are beautiful photos. It makes me want to pack up and go back for a visit.
    You look just perfect in that outfit. Casual and chic. I would be wearing my blue/white seersucker pants at 78, my legs look better covered. Love the white sunglasses.

    Posted 6.15.21
  12. Christy Wilson wrote:

    I just had a long weekend in Savannah and I love your photographs and fashion suggestions

    Posted 6.15.21
  13. sue wrote:

    I like your philosophy of everyone having their unique style no matter what age. I am 83 and still try to look like I care. I know so many who don’t and I think that is sad.

    Posted 6.15.21
  14. Diane wrote:

    I love your posts ! The heartfelt – ness of you definitely shines through ! (Heartfelt-ness is a new word !!)

    I will be 65 in November and completely agree with your thoughts ! Fashion is fun !
    Thank you for the recommendation for the Frame white jeans in a previous post. I LOVE them…. OMG…. I wear all the time. As you said, “pricey” but so worth it !!

    Take good care,

    Posted 6.15.21
  15. Penny wrote:

    Dear Beth,
    As always, I appreciate all the effort and positivity in your posts. However, I always wonder why bloggers & authors find it useful to not use proper capitalization, punctuation in their writing? It’s only a small effort to make. Just my $.02. Thank you!

    Posted 6.15.21
    • i’ve addressed this topic many times, but the punctuation is spot on. i don’t capitalize as this was a technique i used when writing fast and dirty with no regard to grammar, just putting my thoughts on paper.

      Posted 6.15.21
  16. Kim wrote:

    Food for thought. How wonderful it is to be able to express one’s self through fashion. I read articles on how clothing ages you, what not to wear, etc. with a grain of salt. If it’s something that brings me joy, am not going to give it up because someone else has deemed it unfashionable.
    My figure may not be what I’d like it to be, menopause, but I can certainly dress and accessorize in a way that makes me feel good about myself while I work on improving my health and fitness. There’s something about that perfect outfit, spritz of favorite perfume, and dash of lipstick that goes a long way. Some people tell me, “Ooooh, so fancy”. Could care less, am dressing according to my personal style/comfort that I have defined through travels, experiences, and influences, etc. Great article and as always: such wonderful fashion sense.

    Posted 6.15.21
  17. Ramona Baron wrote:

    Bravo! Well said.

    Posted 6.15.21
  18. Lee wrote:

    I always enjoy your blog, but I’m especially loving all the Savannah info. It’s such a great town (& I love when you share about Tybee Island too). Thanks for encouraging us as well!

    Posted 6.15.21
  19. Lindsey A wrote:

    Brava! Spot on with this message today, as always. We should be wearing what is appropriate to our personal sense of style and our mood that day, for the occasion at hand. And the best and most fun way to do that is to take the time to experiment and have fun with fashion and style, as well as take the time to think through what exactly we feel comfortable and ourselves in. Knowing ourselves in as many ways as possible is always the goal.

    Posted 6.15.21
  20. Frances Chigazola wrote:


    I have been following you for many years and I have to say this is the best post I have read from you. Thank you for the reminder we can still be ourselves and dress the way we want to, not how other people think we should. I too love cute clothes and trying new things. It is fun!

    Posted 6.15.21
  21. Kathy wrote:

    Loved this post and the positive attitude about what we can wear. Your rock those shorts. I’m 69, live in a hot climate, and wear sleeveless and shorts in the summer.

    Posted 6.15.21
  22. What a beautiful breathtaking town! I have always wanted to visit it, someday.
    I bet your and your friend are having a wonderful time!
    I love your linen shorts and blouse. I ordered them a couple days ago when I read your post on what you packaged for your trip. I can hardly to get them. Have a fabulous time!

    Posted 6.15.21
  23. Janet wrote:

    HI Beth,
    What a fab time you had in Savannah with your friend! Thanks so much for sharing the fun with all of us. Savannah is the perfect destination for a girlfriends’ getaway as I can attest—a group of us old college friends went and had a ball—and hit many of the spots you mentioned.

    I am a sucker for blue and white stripes and although I do wear shorts (when the temps climb into the 80s and beyond, who wouldn’t???), I am a stickler for length and proportion. The ones you are wearing read more “beach” than “city” to me personally, but if they were 2” longer, they would have immediately been in my online shopping bag! They are cute!

    Thanks for the fun and for the ongoing convo re: ageless style!

    Posted 6.15.21
    • Lawrence Pat wrote:

      I totally agree. One of my pet Peeves is short shorts and they don’t look appropriate to me.

      Posted 6.15.21
  24. Kim Kirkegaard wrote:


    A big Here Here to that and Amen! Refuse to give into that age number.! I am 62 now and dress how i feel and how i am comfortable! My 23 yr old daughter says “I hope i look like you when I am your age, Mom!” I will take that as a I am doing okay in the fashion department! Enjoy Savannah!

    Posted 6.15.21
  25. Karen wrote:

    Blog message is perfect; pictures are great. My burning question is what time of day to you take the photos when there’s not another person in sight!! lol!
    Not just these in Savannah, but all the time. Is there a secret time of day or does your secret service detail clear the streets? 🙂

    Posted 6.15.21
  26. Georgia Peach wrote:

    Such great advice! You definitely practice what you preach. Looking so darn cute and youthful!
    May I ask what self tanner you’re using these days?

    Posted 6.15.21
  27. Connie Morgan wrote:

    Hi Beth, I lOVE your comments on style today! You are awesome and bold and I truly think that these qualities are necessary for those of us at certain age.
    I crave style and always will, too. You have helped me learn so very much. Thank you.

    Posted 6.15.21
  28. Nancy wrote:

    Catching up on your last 3 posts. How fun to follow your trip and your outfits! I’m fairly new to your blog, so I’m sorry to hear that you lost your husband 2 years ago. My cousin, who is also in her 60’s, lost her husband 2 years ago as well. I’m thinking of her as I read your post.
    I love that you’re traveling by yourself and getting out there. A passion for fashion can “keep you going,” as I learned during the pandemic. I love clothes too, and during the pandemic, that’s one thing that kept me sane; following fashion blogs and shopping online! Even though I wasn’t going anywhere at the time; they say it’s the anticipation that’s creates the excitement. It’s so much fun to plan for events or trips and plan and purchase the appropriate clothing. Your blog is one that I love following to get such wonderful advice.
    Thank you! Can’t wait to see you in the red dress!

    Posted 6.15.21
  29. Anne Ybarrondo wrote:

    So WELL-SAID, Beth! Following you on Youtube, facebook, etc., has certainly lifted my spirits and definitely improved my closet contents! I recommend you to all my Besties! Thank you !!!

    Posted 6.15.21
  30. Emily wrote:

    Thank you for such a thoughtful post today.
    Heading to another great Southern city this summer with my sister – Charleston, SC. These week-end getaway ootd have been helpful.

    Posted 6.15.21
  31. Kathye Vance wrote:

    Great outfit from head to toe. You look classy!

    Posted 6.15.21
  32. Nancy wrote:

    Lovely outfit for a brunch! Not being disrespectful but did you have “some work” done? Your face looks different from previous blogs.

    Posted 6.15.21
  33. ‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ is my favourite fashion quote of all time. It implies lots! If one can choose one’s fashion, that IS my fashion rule. At 70, who seriously WANTS to look 30? Surely at 70, we are now able to pick and choose what suits us best.
    The nice thing about fashion/lifestyle blogs is that one gets to see not just what would be lovely to wear, but what wouldn’t as well.
    I love that you are adventurous and game, Beth, and I’ve bookmarked so many clothes you’ve modelled. You and Bibi Horst are my two favourites.
    As you may know, Bibi is elegance personified and between you both, you’ve given me a new lease of life at 70.
    BUT, I will never ever pretend to be a lamb (for what purpose for heaven’s sake!)
    No, I will be a refined piece of mutton that’s been ‘French-ed’ maybe…

    Posted 6.15.21
    • Lindsey A wrote:

      Thanks for the referral for Bibi Horst! I wasn’t aware of her but just googled – great looking blog!

      Posted 6.16.21
    • that phrase was coined in 1811 by a man no less when women were nothing more than chattel. its implication deadly. go ahead and hang onto that dated attitude. i, for one, am thankful to live in the 21st century where we can kick ageist attitudes like that to the curb. and, no, i don’t preach that we need to look younger. that’s also an ageist attitude – younger doesn’t equal better. i’m all about looking the best we can at any age but especially as we age. what’s wrong with looking my age? nuthin!

      Posted 6.17.21
  34. Carolyn wrote:

    Your beginning paragraphs were right on point. Totally agree with you. As always you look lovely and continue to inspire us. I’m so glad you had such a happy trip. Your pictures make me want to go back soon.

    Posted 6.15.21
  35. Susan C wrote:

    Sorry, but I think the shorts need to be a little longer.

    Posted 6.15.21
  36. Sangita M wrote:

    I’ve never been to Savannah but looks absolutely lovely and definitely on my list!
    You always know how to put an outfit toether so beautifully…the intro hit close to home, thank you for making us feel like we are not alone!

    Posted 6.15.21
  37. Linda Averill wrote:

    Beautiful photos of Savannah. Thank you!

    Posted 6.16.21
  38. Lisa wrote:

    The sunnies are fantastic like super duper fantastic!!!

    Posted 6.16.21
  39. Lyn wrote:

    Beth, this post is quite possibly the best ever. It hit me in an almost emotional way. I think that as I have aged I have become much more confident about so many things. I’m sure other ladies can agree. I think self care is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. I have worked hard to create a style for myself and after working for decades in a very conservative environment where I wore a suit and heels almost every day I am having fun recreating myself.

    Posted 6.16.21
  40. Karen Landis wrote:

    Hey Lady!

    Love so much that you’re rocking shorts!! Yay, we have legs that are strong and work, no they’re not Victoria Secret Model legs, but they’re fabulous!!! Solidaritary, I’m wearing a cute shorts outfit to a patio dinner at corner grill tonight!


    Posted 6.16.21
  41. Nelda Pattillo wrote:

    Great advice for everyone our age! No one is really judging us, we are! If you like a certain look, then it is the right look!! Be brave, life is very short!

    Posted 6.16.21
  42. Nelda Pattillo wrote:

    Bravo!!! Great advice!!

    Posted 6.16.21
  43. Patty Fingles wrote:

    Could you possibly tell me where u stayed in Savannah. It looked lovely. Planning a trip for fall and would like to try someplace different. We love Savannah

    Posted 6.16.21
    • yes, the two-bedroom apartment was booked through Airbnb. the address is 220 Bay Street. really cute space in the perfect location.

      Posted 6.17.21
  44. Kathy Carter wrote:

    Another dining spot to try in Savannah is ‘The Grove’. Perfect place for lunch. Love the pink dress on you!

    Posted 6.16.21
    • thanks for the suggestion. we stopped in for a cocktail! loved it!

      Posted 6.17.21
  45. Jean Donovan wrote:

    I think you look great in your shorts. I don’t think your shorts or dresses are too short. It sounds like people are jealous of your looks. You work hard to take care of yourself. You’re an inspiration. Keep doing what you do.

    Posted 6.16.21
    • 99% of my readers are amazing just like you! i so appreciate you being here.

      Posted 6.17.21
  46. Mbrown wrote:

    Love it~gorgeous!

    Posted 6.20.21
  47. Bella wrote:

    Hi Bella,

    You look amazing and I always love your thoughtful and heartfelt words.

    Thanks so much!

    Posted 6.22.21

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