first call for fall with Nordstrom

  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful post! Great classic look with an edge. So many things to miss about Georgia: that first August/September morning when the haze lifts and the air feels crisp, Nordstrom’s and all they have to offer, four seasons, scarves/jeans/boots weather, etc. Will live vicariously through you and wait for the week or so that I can wear faux leather leggings without risk of heat stroke.

  2. Vicky says:

    Thx for a glimpse into Fall! However, it’s 95degrees & humid in central Illinois, and I’m not quite ready…yet!😉

  3. Love this sweater. The lines, the buttons on the side. So cute! Also have been thinking of buying a pair of lug loafers. They are indeed everywhere so do not know which shoes I should buy. These might just be the ones.

  4. Lisa says:


  5. Very elegant Beth!!

  6. Carroll says:

    I love the diagonal buttons, hemline and two stitches of the sweater. And not expensive! Great find!

  7. Shaun Smith says:

    Love this outfit!

  8. Alecia says:

    Love the look. I also love the fact that I now know Halogen comes in petite. Yeah! I love Nordstroms.

  9. Carole says:

    Beth.. just saw your full page ad in Real Simple magazine!!! Congratulations on a job well done. Such a classy ad for always discreet…I’ve followed you blog for years and appreciate how you embrace age… we only get better! Carole

  10. Martina says:

    Hello Beth,
    WOW, I like your all black look. We have really fall in Germany too. Your Inspiration is a good idea, what I would wear tomorrow :-).
    XO Martina from Munich

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