velvet visions

  1. Pat Shannon says:

    I have always loved velvet blazers. Another thing I love about you is how you wear many colors I would never have selected now that I have gray hair. I used to color my hair reddish brown and wore allt the fall colors and now that my hair is white, I no longer wear them, and I do miss them a lot. Now I wear lots of black and white, navy, teal, gray, some reds. You are making me think about trying some new colors.

    • Maureen Lancaster says:

      Go for it Pat. My hair is white and I wear what I like. I don’t do disappearing into nothingness. It’s often hard enough being a woman of a certain age without our clothes making us disappear even more. Be outrageous.

  2. DriftwoodLover says:

    Great look but this is twice this week with my favorite scarf. I believe that counts as “taunting” your followers!!!

  3. Sue Smith says:

    Love the color combos here. Very nice. I’m always a fan of velvet. I love neutrals and soft pastels at times, but I have to say–when I wear bright colors, I’ve learned that people really respond to them. And it puts me in a good mood, too. I’m in Santa Barbara tonight and the temps on my trip have been all over–from chilly Colorado to here–so I’m mixing sleeveless sheaths with colorful wool jackets and interchangeable scarves. Easy packing.

    Have a fun date!

  4. Great combination of colors! I loe this jacket and I also love eggplants:). Have a great day Beth! xo

  5. Super Beth ! The colour, the fit… you’re dashing.

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