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  1. I just love it that the horse jacket one made it. I mean, if you saw that in a ordinary closet, you would probably be all “let’s ditch this thing”. And yet, you make it look chic and just right! So cute your husband bought it for you. Love all of these outfits (and shoes).

  2. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Wow – these looks are great. It is wonderful to have some stunning pieces in a wardrobe that have been favorites for years and still look amazing. May I ask where the bag is from in the last photo? I love it. I also have some wonderful jackets and coats that have stood the test of time and continue to fit and flatter. Some blazers, however, I had to give away as the fit was not good. I was sorry to see them go as it is difficult to replace the quality of older pieces at an affordable price.

  3. These are the ones I have saved as well! They all similarities I can work with everyday.

  4. karen kappmeyer says:

    I love your tailor made jacket, I think I am going to have one made for myself. It’s such a beautiful classic and the cream color is one of my most favorites! Thanks for your inspiration I’ve been dressing and feeling better about myself since I started following your blog.

  5. Sue Smith says:

    Lots of great looks here. I do love that Chanel-style final jacket–it’s classic, and I definitely love classic styles with a touch of something to make them stand out. And yes–Oscar is adorable. Such a sweet dog.

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