blazer and berms

  1. Michele Pople says:

    Well said Beth
    A very inspiring post today .

  2. angela grafe says:

    So true – thank you so much for your words!

  3. donnanance says:

    Excellent post! Like your reader, I have experienced varying stages of the “blues”. Caring for myself, my appearance and general well-being, is vital. If we don’t take care of ourselves, it’s sure as shootin’ that no one else will. A question for you: I turn seventy in a couple of weeks and my daughter and granddaughter are coming up from Texas. I think she has scheduled a photography session for us and I’m stumped as to what to wear. She said to “dress up”. Since retirement, I don’t dress up much but wouldn’t mind getting a dress that could be worn for different occasions. Jacket dress, wrap dress, what would you suggest? xoxo

  4. Kathysue says:

    Wonderful post and a great reminder to us all. I agree with you on your philosophy and it is one that my Mom has taught me. Even at 85 she still gets up and fixes up and it is very rare she will ever be found without perfect hair and lipstick. A wonderful role model for me. Thanks for keeping us all in check and on our toes!!

  5. Imastounded says:

    Beautiful, Beth. Just beautiful. This made my day. Thank you.

  6. Sue Smith says:

    It’s like what they tell us on airplanes–if an emergency happens where you’d need oxygen, put your own mask on first and then proceed to help others. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who the heck is going to!? Very true.

    Love the bag with those berms! (My son lived/worked in Bermuda some years ago, and he wore them all the time to work.)

  7. Rebecca Saffer says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Beth about the need to take care of ourselves and present ourselves in a lovely life affirming manner to the world. Areas I need to work on are my casual, at home and running around outfits. This is one place, I sometimes neglect to take the time to really put together a flattering look.

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