ray of sunshine

  1. You are right…let’s do dresses all summer!-Laurel Bledsoe

  2. One of these days, you need to do a post on your belt collection. I too am a belt aficionado. So few people realize what a great accessory a belt can be. You TOTALLY get it. Have a fun week.

  3. Sharon Woryn says:

    This dress was featured at the Talbots trunk show and you have styled it even better than it was in the show. Love the yellow accessories. Finding a yellow belt right now is a challenge. When I find one, they are sold out. Lucky you with warm enough temperatures to wear a sundress. You look gorgeous!

  4. donnanance says:

    What a gorgeous print! If this dress doesn’t put you in a sunny mood, nothing will. Cute little slingback flats, the woven yellow clutch and sassy earrings make for a perfect OOTD. xoxo Glad you have temps warm enough to wear this outfit. We still have our furnace on at night. ugh…

  5. Nina Forrest says:

    Yellow is hard to pull off, but your take is just right. How sunny!

  6. Rebecca Saffer says:

    It puts me in a spring/summer mood just to see this lovely outfit. Besides the warmer weather in Georgia, what major changes have you made in your clothing choices from living in San Francisco? Do you continue to be able to wear most of the clothes you have already (except, of course, for the heavy wools and coats) or has your style changed much.

  7. Sue Smith says:

    I saw that dress in the catalog and wasn’t sure it did anything for me, but it looks great on you! I love the yellow accents. I had purchased a pair of yellow ballet flats from Talbots a few years ago and never, ever wore them–I finally gave them to Goodwill, thinking I’d never use them and sure enough–wound up buying a dress they’d have been perfect with! Go figure. The ruffles at the neck are perfection.

  8. Linda De says:

    So much fun! I your hair, dress, sweater and shoes! I love how many colors are in the dress, so you could change it up with accessories in another color or mix them. You could even change the color to one of the darker colors in the dress for the belt. Neat! Happy summer!

  9. Wow Beth, what a great combination – beautifully done.

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