neutral zone

  1. mississippian says:

    I own the sweatshirt (and wore it yesterday). Good advice on the sizing. I took the advice of many on the website and sized up to a medium. I mostly wear a small but occasionally wear a medium. The medium was too big. I returned to the store, and luckily it had come back in stock. I was able to get my mostly regular size small.

  2. Sue Smith says:

    I’m definitely ready for fall. Of course I’ll be sad to lose the longer days and sunlit evenings, but I’m ready to get over the hot, humid days. Your neutral palette is great with the jewelry here, too. Cute booties! Is that your scooter?

    • beth djalali says:

      this is the newest addition to campus, sue. all you have to do is download an app swipe and the scooter is yours to toodle around town. the only problem is that the students can leave them just about anywhere they want. i imagine there will be designated spots at some point as the shopkeepers don’t seem to like the scooters as much as the kiddos. xo

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