my favorite J. Crew summer tops

  1. Sharon White says:

    Loved the way you wear flattering pink at your face. And the pop of pink at your feet is genius. Small details do make the difference!

  2. Lisa B says:

    I love J Crew! You’re right they’re classics with a twist. I’ve never really been a Talbot’s girl. Except for their curvy fit petite jeans I have no luck in their store. I can’t get behind the “mascot” Talbot’s insist they have every season. Ladybugs, Scotties or Butterflys embroidered or embellished on shirts, pants, handbags and sweaters. My only issue with J Crew is their T shirts. Haven’t owned one in years that didn’t develop those tiny holes in the front towards the bottom. Every year they the SA insist this year the quality has improved but I haven’t found that to be true. Don’t know if you’ve had issues with the tees or can recommend some cotton tees that are of a better quality.

  3. Suzanne Smith says:

    We’ve had cooler, pleasant temps here in NC, too. I am loving it. I know it won’t last, but I’ll soak it up while it’s here! I do love J Crew–they have lots of fun pieces.

    • Me encantas Beth, eres un ejemplo a seguir de las mujeres maduras pero fashion, a mí también me encantan los jeans y tengo 72 pero me encanta la moda y vestir dentro de mi edad , pero moderna, te saludo con cariño.

  4. Jeanette Ziolkowski says:

    Hi Lisa, I know what you mean about tee shirts, any brand, and the holes they get at the bottom of the front. I came up with a theory that the holes come from leaning against something like the kitchen sink, and the button of your pants or shorts digs into the tee shirt and weakens that area, causing the holes. That seems to be just the spot where holes in my tees will show up.

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