how to wear leopard

  1. Cindi Bennett says:

    Nice! Love leopard! Love the purse, because quilted purses are just plain great looking.

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Now, I have several pairs of leopard shoes, belts, a scarf, and a fold over clutch I love. Took me a long time to go for an actual sweater–I was one of those people who had to do it in bits and pieces! I love them, though, and they all mix and match like crazy. Your jacket is classic and looks terrific.

  3. Linda De says:

    Neat! Love leopard this year! In Style, (November, page 86) shows it with bright red print and red solid, also.

  4. This is such a classy look. I am so happy leopard is in, because it never left my closet.

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