houndstooth to go

  1. Anne Woodyard says:

    Such a great outfit – LOVE that tee!

  2. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Great outfit, Beth. I love that it incorporates some old favorites with new pieces. I also appreciate your mentioning of your lipstick choices (this is gorgeous!) as I am a “lipstick nut” and always look for new favorites. I hope you and Mr. Style have a wonderful visit to my town NYC. The weather is dreary today but has been unseasonably warm and humid. I hear it will cool down a bit by the time you get here. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to run into you here. I’ll be looking out for a fabulous woman of style!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi rebecca! you never know who you’ll run into in new york. it’s easy to be a lipstick nut isn’t it? and there are so many good choices it’s hard to know when to stop. xo

  3. mississippian says:

    Love the sweat so much I couldn’t wait to wear it and started wearing it at the end of the summer (in northern Ohio) with white jeans.

  4. Sue Smith says:

    Those pants are cute–are they season-spanning? They look like they could be. Have a fun trip to NYC.

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