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over the years i’ve incorporated a simple beauty regimen to keep my skin looking healthy, vibrant and feeling great. as a young teen, my mother insisted i wash my face before bedtime and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. back then i used noxzema. anyone else familiar with this cleanser? it’s still in existence to this day. back then it came in a blue jar and left my skin with a tingle. if i wasn’t raiding my mother’s medicine cabinet for the good stuff, she kept elizabeth arden and estee lauder on hand, i regularly moisturized with nivea. while i’ve tried lots of different beauty products the past forty-five years my easy beauty routine has stayed in place. i religiously cleanse my face morning and night and moisturize twice a day. mom, you would be proud of me. here’s a post where i share all of my favorite skincare, hair, and makeup products. 

today, it’s all about tips and tricks that keep my skin in tip-top condition. what’s my number one rule? remove any trace of makeup before bedtime. it’s simple, i know, but going to bed without makeup gives your skin a chance to breathe. lately, i’ve been using elemis cleansing oil. let’s take a look at nine more tips that help me stay at the top of my game.

2. every month i visit my local spa for a facial. this is one pleasure i don’t feel guilty about. it’s an hour out of my busy schedule when i can unwind and relax. and my skin loves the attention it receives. i usually add a glycolic peel and go sans makeup for the entire day. try philosophy for an at-home two-step microdelivery resurfacing peel. in between visits i love malin+goetz glycolic acid pads or revive glycolic renewal peel.

3. i wear sunblock with an spf 30 or higher. i used to rely solely on my tinted moisturizer which included an spf. not anymore.

4. i stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. this is a no-brainer but when i don’t follow this simple rule i notice my skin looks dull and tired. to remind me of how much water i drink i carry a 20-ounce tumbler. last year, a reader asked about a yeti cooler. since then i’ve become obsessed with all things yeti. mr. style loved my tumbler so much we just had to buy one for him. he was impressed that ice cubes placed in the tumbler hadn’t melted by morning.

5. i exfoliate once a week. sometimes twice a week. an exfoliator sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

6. many of you know i started a fitness journey at the beginning of the year that focuses on nutrition and workouts. foods rich in essential fatty and Omega 3 acids are so important to include in your diet. this is one type of fat you don’t want to cut back on. so i try to add foods high in Omega 3 acids into my diet. my favorites are salmon, avocados, almonds, and anchovies. lately, i’ve added chia seeds and flax seeds into the mix.

7. vitamin c helps prevent free radical damage associated with skin aging. adding this one product to my nighttime routine has been a game changer. my skin is definitely brighter.

8. if i need to destress i unplug my electronics, apply a mask and take a cat nap. it works every time.

9. i wash my makeup brushes daily with this cleansing sponge. these cleansing wipes are great for travel. recently, i purchased a makeup brush travel set that i keep packed in my toiletries bag. once a week i wash my brushes with baby shampoo.

10. after i apply my lipstick i add a lip balm to keep my lips hydrated. nothing is worse than dry lips unless it’s dry hands. so i keep a tube of malin+goetz mojito lip balm on hand for prevention.

there are always questions about my hair and how i keep my silver locks in tip-top shape. here’s a YouTube video where i style my pixie two ways.




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  1. Sophia Britner Montgomery wrote:

    Sunscreen, exfoliate and glycolic. Got hooked on Serious Skin from HSN.

    Posted 10.7.18
    • sounds like it’s working! xo

      Posted 10.9.18
  2. Gina Fryer wrote:

    Beth, it is obvious from your photos that you know how to look after your skin. I cannot afford expensive products or regular facials but that is no excuse for not following your good example. I can still cleanse, moisturise and exfoliate with less expensive skincare ranges and face masks at home are easy and affordable. I was very interested in your comment about Omega 3 acids and how important it is to have them in your diet because this is something I have not thought about before but will do from now on. I really enjoyed this post – thank you.

    Posted 10.9.18
    • thanks for sharing your thoughts. one thing i have learned is that what we eat is just as important as the products we put on our face. they go hand in hand. xo

      Posted 10.9.18

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