a day in the life | a view of my home office

  1. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, your office space looks lovely. Am I correct in guessing that it used to be your dining room, if so have you utilised another room for that ? Xoxo Julie from England

  2. Candy says:

    Sophisticated and polished, just like you!

  3. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Today you had me with the pic of the shelf of pictures of family and of you and Mr. Style~

  4. Cheryll says:

    For the first time in weeks, I am catching up on blogs and email! My home office…is an antique secretary. Small, stuffed! My work office is actually a sewing studio that (right now) looks like a bomb went off! In my professional life I was very structured but now, in retirement, I am a bit more free in spirit! You do inspire me to make a change, however! I am still doing my before taxes purge this month so I might make some changes,
    Great information, Happy New Year.

  5. Chris Illius says:

    AHHHH! It’s so frustrating that you post an item that I love and link to that item BUT it’s not available – even as soon as you post your blog 🙁

    I love this belt and through the link, can’t even “find in store”.

    Not a fan of baggy and wide boyfriend jeans, especially dressed up. Not as sophisticated as I like and don’t think it compliments your figure. But that’s me. Maybe sneakers instead of heals.

    I love everlane, wish they had a store in northern Ohio area.

    Love your the office room. Especially the color, walls and window shades! Love most of the furniture, great styling ! I hope we get to see more home styling from you and updating ideas (I asked before and was hoping to hear answers to some of my questions on your live instagram feed the other night 🙁

  6. Cindy says:

    Hi Beth! Love your blog & have followed you for a long time! This is a hair question- are you lettig it grow out? It looks great right now as a softer short ‘do yet classic & modern! I recently cut mine short after seeing how flattering yours looks!!

  7. Laura Lesieur says:

    The last 10 years of my working life, 1997 to 2007, I did make great improvements in my home working environment. My profession always required I do a good bit of work from home. As my horizons expanded, I was able to decorate my home office in a way that both reflected and soothed me. Now that I have been retired for a few years, while I do have a desk and credenza for personal files,I like keeping it much more cozy and not so goal oriented.

  8. Jeanne Myers says:

    We have downsized to a 2 bedroom condo. So our second bedroom is an office/guestroom. We have decorated it with mementos from our travels and my husband’s favorite things. He wanted one room that reflected his interests. Lol. Even though I am the one who uses it the most 😉 We also have our full size keyboard in there, as I am learning to play the piano.

  9. Sheron Davis says:

    Hi Beth,
    Happy New Year to you and your family! Wishing you a year of laughter and good health.
    I love reading all your blogs and seeing all your photos. Thank you!
    Just to let you know that I have the same looking shoes as you and bought them off of a website called Kaitlin Pan. They were less then $100.00. Thought your readers who are interested in purchasing might like to see them at a great price. I was so pleased with my purchase. Well made and came with a shoe bag. Would recommend this buyer.
    Love your office and all the colours you used. A happy place to work in.
    Thank you again! You are an inspiration!

    Sheron Davis,
    Ontario, Canada.

  10. Suzanne Smith says:

    I like a dark turtleneck and jeans. It would still be timeless years from now, too. Our home is definitely my refuge. My guy and I have combined two households into one, which is not always easy, since we both had lives before we were together. I’d say it’s eclectic, but it’s filled with nostalgia and family and photos and things that remind me of travels and wonderful experiences over the years. I periodically have to weed out as I refuse to be one of those hoarders–(my boyfriend is worse than me there!) Your office is looking good! I have converted a bedroom on the top floor to be my art studio and I love it–it’s so light and airy and has tons of storage space and my table and easel and paints, etc. I can go up there and escape from the rest of the world. Bliss.

  11. Jeanne says:

    Love your office, but my comment is in regards to a blog of several months ago. You featured a moto jacket from JCP. I’d always wanted one but as someone who will soon be 80, thought I was too old.
    You gave me “permission” to go for it and I ordered the jacket. Love wearing it with my classic wardrobe. Thank you so much for that post and all the ones that keep us young at heart.

  12. Almeda says:

    May I ask where the beautiful poppy picture is from?

  13. Vicki says:

    Lovely office! Love your use of colour and mix of furnishings. I am a single empty nester. I use one daughter’s old room as a guest room and the other daughter’s has been changed to a sewing room. I don’t need a home office as I am still working outside of home. My work office is however very boring.

  14. lorena says:

    You have created such a marvelous space Beth – great job.

  15. Nancy Weiss says:

    You have a beautiful home. I enjoyed reading this. The kitchen is definitely the heart of our home. It where family and friends spend most of their time and the best memories are made.

    My Best,

  16. shirley siegel says:

    Thank you. My soulmate [ passed away
    after 43 years of marriage. You are giving me the strength to care about myself again.Although my style is quite different there are areas where are style does overla You are a beautiful personp

  17. Joan Loncich says:

    Could you please add your closet to your home design page? Thanks!

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