definitive guide to travel | fall travel diary recap

  1. Linda Osborne says:

    I admire you so much! Thanks for all your info. I look forward to reading everyday!

  2. Kari says:

    Hi Beth, I’m wondering what phone plan you use when traveling out of the country?

  3. Lots of concise good info. Another point to note regarding credit cards – if you travel internationally, be sure to use a card with no foreign exchange fees, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve you mention. And when you’re asked if you want to pay in dollars or the local currency, ALWAYS choose local currency, or you’ll end up paying more due to a less favorable exchange rate. Happy travels!

  4. Kathy says:

    Love seeing the NYC outfits all laid out together. Would love to see the France outfits the same way! Glad you are getting out and having fun.

  5. Debra says:

    I am wondering what size suitcase you used for this trip? I’m heading over to France for 5 weeks next summer and will use this wardrobe as a starting point for my packing list, as it looked like you had all the bases covered with these items!

  6. Penelope says:

    Loved the travel post. Please consider a tropical/warm weather version. We’re going to the Amazon and Caribbean for three weeks in the spring and I’d love some inspiration.

  7. Lyn says:

    After a 2 week trip to Italy this summer I can add a couple of hints. First, we bought new passport books – they were a nuisance. I forgot how many times you had to keep pulling it out of your tote to get through customs and immigration. People were simply walking with their passports, etc. in their hands. I had to keep digging ours out. Secondly, the type of luggage you use is dictated by the type of trip you are taking. If you are staying in one location and not having to move from hotel, etc. to hotel you could use a larger case and check it. We used taxis, speed train, water taxis, etc. We stayed in two major cities in apartments, but also left the apartments for overnights which made us take our luggage with us. Also, the steep cobblestone streets in the Lake Como area were challenging enough with carry ons. Couldn’t do that with a 50 lb. suitcase. It was difficult enough with the carryons on wheels and a tote bag. If you do check your bags and you have a travel companion consider putting a few things of yours in his suitcase – just in case one of them gets lost in transit. That way you will at least have an extra outfit to fall back on. Also, not something that would work for everyone, but if you are traveling without having access to laundry, making you carry soiled undies with you isn’t fun. I have taken older undies with me and discretely disposed of them in small bags. Just a thought.

  8. I love the blazer over the denium jumpsuit. Out for lunch with heels, and flats if you have to walk very far.

  9. Cleonice says:

    Como faço para adquirir algumas peças ou vender?

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