shopping on a budget black blazer

  1. Janet Pindoley says:

    Love this jacket on you! My favorite hairstyle is the photo of you under Meet Beth, and you have the black turtleneck on…total sophistication!!

  2. Judy Holmes says:

    I vote pixie! For some reason, my dad did not like pixies. He would say to my mom “I don’t care how you get the girls’ (4 of us) hair cut but please do not get them pixies.” We would arrive at the stylist & my mom would say “Give them all pixies.” We would all laugh, knowing when we got home, dad would love our haircuts because he was sure they were not pixies. We never knew what he thought a pixie haircut was – ha!

  3. carol says:

    Hi somehow i missed the hair post. I think you would look stunning with a pixie. I really like the blazer look and liked the blue moto jacket also.

  4. Love this out fit. I all ready have 5 black blazer so not sure I will buy this one, though it so cute and affordable. Hmmm? I all ready have the jeans by j Crew in the denim and white. Love them both,

  5. Eve says:

    If you stick to basics at Walmart, you can find deals like this great jacket. If it’s comfortable, fits right and looks good, what else do you need? I do not own snob appeal clothing. I don’t need some designers initials on my clothing.

  6. Kim says:

    Another look I love, Beth. The button repetition on the jacket and jeans is perfect. Off to my closet to see how close I can duplicate this ootd.

  7. Lauren says:

    Beautiful Blazer….maybe it is the PINK lining that draws me in LOL BUT…..Walmart does not stock this in Canada. You said that the brand is exclusive to Walmart so I cannot buy this anywhere else. Darn….need a US based person to buy this for me and mail it 🙁

  8. Cheryl says:

    Beth I just love your hair as is. In my opinion, it is just your signature cut. I was not as fond of your bob cut, but I know everyone likes to mix it up every now and then. You are stunning no matter what! Love this ootd too. So effortless!

  9. Pat says:

    Hi Beth,
    I am excited about your pixie. I was wondering about your choice of going to the Ritz when you have a great beach house. Have a great relaxing time, however.

  10. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth
    I love your hair in a pixie that is slightly grown out! It is a youthful and flattering look. I like your ootd. I prefer to skip Walmart as I don’t care to shop there if I can avoid it. I prefer Target. That being said, I do like this blazer, along with the blue moto jacket and the leopard coat. They are all great looks. Maybe you could feature some Target fashions in the future. They tend to have some designer fashions at affordable prices. Thank you. Blessings to you and your family. I really enjoyed seeing you backyard transformations. It looks so nice!

  11. Michele says:

    My husband and I plan to “put on the Ritz” this summer for a couple of days when we visit friends who are moving out of their house on Lake Oconee. I would love a review of the place so we know how to plan our stay.

  12. gloriasutton says:

    Very nice. The navy purse with bamboo handle is supper cute.
    The Nine West sandals are very pretty
    Beth i don’t know why my email information is not been save

  13. Kat C. says:

    Beth, Well, let me school your reader with the snarky comment about your “Karen” haircut. Just so you know, missy, the Karen haircut is the old one sported by Kate Gosselin of Kate plus 8 ‘fame”, the one who’s back of her hair looked like a chicken’s butt. Now that’s a Karen haircut and Beth has none of that going on! As a matter of fact I printed a picture of Beth out for my sister’s hairdresser, we loved her cut so much!

  14. Charlene English says:

    Oh my gosh! I am buying this today! I think I will wear it with hot pink T-shirt and jeans! I have been shopping like a mad woman the last 6 month. I am upping my Beth ante! Love your style. Thanks

  15. Andrea says:

    Thanks ever so much for the budget friendly picks. I retired from banking, and so am a penny pincher by nature – lol. However, if I can, I will wait for a great deal on quality staples that never go out of style. That being said, I shop from Walmart to high end. I will even check out the consignment stores that offer quality, excellent condition used items. If celebs can do it, so can we. Budget should always come first.

    Your hair, is your business, Beth. No two heads of hair are the same so do what works for your hair, your lifestyle – but most importantly for what makes you feel beautiful. That being said, I like the look in this pic and the pics you shared when you cut it after the Covid Bob. Short, but soft and feminine. You always look put together, and beautiful- follow your heart.

  16. Kathleen McDermott says:

    Well, you look stunning. This is a great outfit that can be copied in so very many ways. I just ordered that adorable black blazer. FYI – the blue Scoop faux leather jacket you featured was so darn cute I had to buy it in black, ivory, rose and green too!! Was crushed the tan was out of stock. Plan to wear my new black blazer with the beautiful Scoop blouse you featured with the blue Scoop pleather jacket, or with the 2nd print of that blouse which I also bought. Thanks! Pixie sounds adorable – short cuts showcase your beautiful face.

  17. Dorothy says:

    Just ordered The Scoop blazer and hope is looks as good on me as it does on you! I ordered the M and L just to be sure as I’m betting it will sell out. Am also thinking about the black purse with the bamboo handle. I think I saw a similar strappy black sandal at Target. Great outfit!!

  18. Anon says:

    At least Walmart has given us Eloquii up here in the barren north. Check it out, fellow +sizers. For now, “Scoop” is a pantry item on their .CA website, lol.

  19. Debbie Brown says:

    Love the outfit!
    You mentioned in one of your post getting treatment for sun damage.
    Can you tell me what kind of treatment?
    I too have sun damage from my younger
    sun worshiping days.
    Thank you!
    Debbie Brown

    PS you have beautiful hair.

  20. Glenda Polston says:

    what kind of sunglasses are those?

  21. Sangita M says:

    Love the blazer, especially the pink lining. Just ordered it online… the classics. Enjoy your much deserved time away Beth and let us know how it was.

  22. Diane says:

    It’s hair, it grows back if you don’t like it. Go for the pixie! I’m waiting for the New England weather to warm up a bit before I go for it myself with my gray locks! It takes a lot of female confidence to go that short but it makes you less about the hair and more about the eyes, the windows of the soul! Will be waiting to see what you do!!

  23. Anita says:

    You have great hair whether it’s a bob or short! I decided to order this blazer/may only be a “1 season wonder” as I call my wardrobe pieces that are at an inexpensive price point. You always look pulled together and I appreciate the work & time you put in to helping your fellow “fashionistas”💕

  24. Jan says:

    I’ll cast my vote for the pixie cut! Your hair has the body and texture for that cut.
    A couple months ago, I ordered a Scoop boyfriend blazer from Walmart that was on a deep clearance price. It is fully lined and looks great! A fun piece to pair with slim jeans!
    Have a great week!

  25. Lidia Mascolino says:

    Love this! I already have a black blazer so I ordered it in camel…perfect for spring. Thank you for sharing this!

  26. Kyle says:

    Your hair is fab as is. Don’t change a thing. Also, no Karens in sight.

  27. Renee says:

    Beth your new haircut really compliments your face! Great look for the spring and summer. And you look great in this outfit, really knocking it out of the park! I’ve ordered the blazer, hopefully it will fit on my figure (long arms, long torso). It’s always a treat to read your blog entries!

  28. Barbara Calvin says:

    Love. Love this look. You inspire me to be more stylish.

  29. Michelle Hamric says:

    I wore the Scoop brand jacket today and styled my outfit similar to yours. My son liked my outfit and said that he really liked seeing the pop of pink lining that showed when I walked. It truly is a beautifully made jacket that has a great fit. Thanks for sharing about this wonderful find from Walmart.

  30. Dorothy says:

    Hi Beth, I messaged a few days ago that I had ordered the blazer in a L and M hoping that one would look good and the M wins!! I will have to have the sleeves shortened but I most always do. Anyway, I absolutely love it. I had also ordered the blue moto and leopard blouse but although they were very well made (the moto faux leather was like butter) I decided to return. Looked great on you. Btw, love the short hair. You always are stylish no matter what your hair length. You just keep being you. We love you!!!

  31. Vikki Andrews says:

    You are always beautiful! I love all of your hairstyles! You have great hair!

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