crocodile rock around the christmas tree

  1. D. Greene says:

    Love the jacket and shoes but I can’t see myself wearing the pants. Too wild for me.

  2. Clarissa Betsold says:

    Those pants do you no favors.

  3. Hmm..I’m not loving this look Beth.
    I’m on board with all your ootd’s but these pants aren’t very flattering.
    Shoes dont look very comfortable.
    But ,hey,we have to mix things up to keep it interesting.
    You have my blessings!

  4. Suzanne Smith says:

    Oh, those are nice shoes! I assume they’re comfortable, too? They look like they would be. It’s gray and dreary here in NC today, raining. But I have to say I don’t mind as it could be snow elsewhere! We’ll get some early next year, I’m sure. That’s enough for me. I guess as far as getting out of my comfot zone, I’d say I have worn leggings out with shorter jackets this year–(not just tunics, etc) I’m not very big, so I shouldn’t be afraid to head out with such close-fitting legs, but I admit it was tough for me. I started out just when I go walking each day, and then ventured out into grocery stores. I doubt anyone else even noticed, but it was a big deal for me. Big maverick, right?! hahahaaaaa.

  5. Pam says:

    I LOVE an all black ensemble. So chic and easy to throw on if you’re in a hurry or just can’t bother to put an outfit together. I love the joggers and am glad to seem them down to your ankles. Unfortunately I see some women who aren’t sure how to style them and pull them up their calves.

  6. kim says:

    I love this whole outfit, best one this year! Especially love those shoes. Looks great on you!

  7. Nancy A Reed says:

    very nice look

  8. karen says:

    love the outfit, but wondering about the pants. are they all day comfortable, or does the material make you sweat? i’m always concerned about faux leather, i’ve come to realize like all things there are difference and some a good and some, not so, but its hard to tell from a picture and short decription.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      these faux leather joggers are very breathable so i didn’t feel suffocated when wearing them. i gave them a test run for dinner and a concert and they came through with flying colors.

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