a quick intermission from the holidays

let’s take a break from the holidays—just today—and return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.  i’m taking the day off today to catch up on, well, the day-to-day things that can easily get lost in the mix.  laundry.  groceries.  bills.  and an evening in.    

over the past few weeks, we’ve focused a lot on holiday outfits.  today i’m showcasing something a little more subdued—a little more casual.  i’m tapping into my preppy side—my favorite side—and bringing you an outfit that’s perfect for running errands, meeting a friend for lunch, or an evening at the movies.  

take a break from the holidays

i don’t know about you, but there’s always a point mid-December in which i just want a break. a timeout.  a pause to catch my breath.  the gauntlet of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s can be tiring.  not because they’re not fun.  not because they’re not full of people that i care truly deeply about.  but because being “on” for six straight weeks can be a bit much. 

we talk a lot about self-care and wellness over here on the blog.  and one of the most important things about both is that we have to constantly remind ourselves to invest in them.  it’s an ongoing process—a continuing journey.  if you too need a short break, then join me today in doing so.   i don’t think you’ll regret it.  

sweater blazer | cashmere crew | scarf | scarf 2 | scarf 3 | straight jeans | penny loafers

casual, comfortable and chic

i think i’ve found my favorite outfit of the month.  it’s totally simple.  slightly understated. and perfect for how i’m feeling today:  a cashmere crew from Everlane and a pair of straight jeans J.Crew.  a sweater and pair of jeans.  you really cannot go wrong. and if you need to layer, try this sweater blazer also from J.Crew.

sweater blazer | cashmere crew | scarf | scarf 2 | scarf 3 | straight jeans | penny loafers


long time readers of the blog know that my go-to aesthetic is preppy.   if it’s not too cold where you are—we’ve got a 68 degree day here in Athens—easily prep up your outfit with these penny loafers from J.Crew.  i’ve been loving loafers this fall and winter, and today is no exception.  (and you know that you’ll be able to pull them out of your closet come spring.) 

sweater blazer | cashmere crew | scarf | scarf 2 | scarf 3 | straight jeans | penny loafers

so tell me ladies:  how are you taking care of yourself this holiday season?  have you taken a day off?  had an evening in?  let me know in the comments below.  


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  1. That’s my go-to style. Love!
    Today I’m wrapping gifts while listening to my favorite Christmas carols.
    It can all be overwhelming!
    Take care of yourself and have a beautiful happy day.💖

    Posted 12.10.19
    • the very same to you Miss Georgia Peach. love this time of year even though the to-do list gets longer and longer.

      Posted 12.11.19
  2. Peggy Pavlock wrote:

    Cutting back on decorating since my family won’t be home for the holidays. I have been following you for some time and was wondering how tall you are and what body type? I think not a pear shape like myself! It would help me when trying some of the brands you frequent. Thanks!

    Posted 12.10.19
    • i am close to 5’8″ wear a size 6 in Talbots but a size 8 in most brands.

      Posted 12.11.19
  3. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, I’m with you on the taking care of yourself. After moving home in Sept, having jobs done then the cruise for my 60th which was fab, Christmas is now upon us. All holiday clothes are packed away, Christmas tree/decorations are up, I sorted cards and presents before the cruise so now it’s relax time, comfy outfits, catching up with friends and Most importantly having your blog to look forward to every day. Thank you for all your inspirations xoxo

    Posted 12.10.19
    • i’m so happy you were able to have a little r&r on the cruise. it’s a great way to travel and enjoy the sunshine. wishing you a very happy christmas!

      Posted 12.11.19
  4. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Your wisdom showing again! It’s so wise to take a day off in the busyness of the holiday season. While still in the workforce, I’d schedule a day off in mid-December. It was to allow time to take it all in! Sometimes odd things would occur, such as finding a gift I wasn’t looking for…love your preppy look…timeless.

    Posted 12.10.19
    • my mother always called those ‘mental health days.’ and they’re so very important for our soul. wishing you a very merry christmas.

      Posted 12.11.19
  5. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    I like the subdued colors here and they are perfect for the weather we’ve got here today in NC: grey skies and “a hazy shade of winter.” You’re preaching to the choir with this post–I have learned that I am more at peace with myself when my time is less frenetic. I used to paint individual Christmas cards for everyone, and now that I’m retired, I’m doing things on my terms: our place looks very pretty and filled with the holiday spirit, but I’m not trying to be Martha Stewart (who has a crew helping her, incidentally!) I’m choosing how I want to spend my time with my own calm in mind! It’s become so important to me and I’m relishing every minute of it. There are so many beautiful ways to enjoy the holidays without having a nervous breakdown over it all. Society puts so many needless pressures on us all. Enjoy your day to yourself and relax some! (Eat a few of those Christmas cookies and put your feet up!)

    Posted 12.10.19
    • we had gray skies too, sue! with rain interspersed throughout the day. i’m so happy to hear you are able to move and groove this holiday season without any pain. what a blessing.

      Posted 12.11.19
  6. Pam wrote:

    Hi Beth –
    Great post as usual. I’m a preppy at heart, too. So nice to have outfits that you feel comfortable wearing and you can put together in a snap.
    For self care, I’m continuing to get to the gym, eating lots of veggies and getting my hair colored and my mani/pedi.
    Thanks for helping us through the holidays! You’re simply the best!

    Posted 12.10.19
    • good for you to remember gym time and veggies. our health is so important at any age but especially as we age. and it sounds as if you have a plan in place! love mani/pedi time, we all need to be pampered.

      Posted 12.11.19
  7. Pam wrote:

    Could you do a post on how you care for your cashmere sweaters?

    Posted 12.10.19
    • i will try to squeeze one in. thanks for the suggestion.

      Posted 12.11.19
  8. Katie wrote:

    You really don’t want to hear how stressful the last month has gone for me. And its now obvious that it will not end – anytime soon. The man in charge of the landscaping project has the flu. Half the clothes from the master closet are lying all over the guest bedroom because the closet is not yet finished…. Hubby has been in hospital and very sick… I walked into the guest bathroom to see all the clothes I had hung up on the shower rod – lying in the bathtub. That did it! It was time to chin up and – escape!

    So, I took a break and went – shopping today. I bought myself an elegant dress, A cool graphic T, two glittering broaches, and one nice gift for someone else on my list.

    Then I went to the grocery store, loaded my cart up with two huge red poinsettias, and went wheeling my shopping cart about the store like the – welcome wagon- as I selected groceries and multiple friendly people stopped to admire the beautiful flowers. Oh! What FUN it was!

    Then I purchased a string of eight of the biggest Christmas bulbs I have ever seen and decorated the wire tree frame on the front porch.

    La,la,la, flowers in the big planters out front, and a cute new plaque propped against the bench on the front porch next to the glowing “tree” may be all the decorating I can manage this year, but at least I got that accomplished.

    Then I sat and caught up on your bog. Woah! You have been presenting some awesome outfits!

    And no one died while I was taking an errand running break that included a little – me time. Highly recommend it!

    Posted 12.10.19
    • good for you, katie! life can be so very stressful at times but if we step back and take a deep breath it helps! so happy to hear you decided to do just that. wishing you a blessed holidays season.

      Posted 12.11.19

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