A Floral Dress for Mother’s Day

  1. Karen C says:

    You are so lovely Kelly!

  2. Denise Wells says:

    Pockets and the surprise back bow detail make this dress special. You are glowing in this outfit !

  3. Carolina Girl says:

    So pretty, Kelly! You look like you’re wrapped in a watercolor!

  4. sharon olsen says:

    Kelly you always look great! My daughter has been an Anthropologie girl for years, graduations, special events and even her engagement, wedding and wedding reception dresses have all been from there. That is her go to store.

    • Thanks so much, Sharon! A friend just asked me about shopping website recommendations for his sister who is looking for a low-key wear-it-again wedding dress, and my only answer was Anthropologie, without a doubt. Yay for Anthro! xo Kelly

  5. Sue says:

    Kelly, that is the sweetest dress on you. Love the bow and the shoes really compliment the dress. Love it!!

  6. Mary says:

    I enjoy wearing dresses but struggle with the issue of the appearance of my legs. My legs are shapely but since I am in my 70s, having silky looking legs is a challenge. The trend is to leave the pantyhose in the closet and have bare legs. Any chance of presenting a few hints for the care of one’s legs. I already use body lotion daily and use a scrub soap. I love your blog and look forward to each day’s presentation..

  7. Susan says:

    Hi Kelly! Nice post, love the dress and bag. Love your petite style suggestion!

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