5 chic, classy and classic outfits

  1. Bobbi Jo says:

    Great post! You look beautiful. Love the copycat photos! Bobbi Jo

  2. Annie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! You’re CLASSIC and classy! Very pretty girl! I think of you as being my personal Anna Wintour! ❤️

  3. Robin says:

    Fabulous looks!

  4. Eve says:

    Classics are great and timeless. You did a marvelous job of copying the outfits. That can be fun to do. I use to copy Jackie O. Just not the pill box hat. I loved Grace Kelly too. Audrey Hepburn.

    If I still had my navy blue suit, white suit, crisp white shirt, black leather pumps, black leather bag and navy trench coat plus navy wool pea coat, every piece would still work today. Even the searsucker blue striped summer suit would still look nice. These were worn in 1961!

  5. Debra says:

    Great post – I am a classic and have been since my teens too – when everyone else was boho chic in the 70’s I was crew neck sweaters, levi jeans and loafer LOL – still now as well – thanks Beth – you look fabulous in all the looks – have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  6. Andrea says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Beth.

    Also love the photos. Thanks for the retail advice. Good, well constructed, wool blazers are hard to find these days. Polyester is not my friend.

  7. Judy Feyen says:

    Such a fun post. You look great in all of the photos. Classic looks are timeless. There are so many classic clothing pieces that are as beautiful today as they were 20, 30, 40 and more years ago. I have always fallen back on tried and true, classic styles.

  8. Susan says:

    Love this post! I also love Boden, Lauren, Talbots, Banana Republic, ect. for the classics. They have petites too for us short ladies.😊 Happy Thansgiving to you and your family!

  9. Lisa says:

    Love all the outfits, but I think you actually win The outfit award in Beth vs Katie Holmes.

  10. Sandra Picton says:

    Hello Beth,
    Your imagination and courage lift my spirit. I have always loved classic clothes but now in my 70’s had begun to feel dull. You inspire me with your way of adding interesting accessories and combining colours. Thank you!

  11. Roxy says:

    This post really resonated w/ me! I, too, love classics (…w/ a little twist:). I, also, frequent the same retailers you mentioned. I just went through old picture albums for a project and could follow my classic choices over the years.
    Thx for your efforts! I know this holiday season will be different; but know we are all wishing you a happy one!!

  12. Sue says:

    Love the classic looks. Another classic style icon is Michelle Obama. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  13. SL says:

    Well Beth, I frankly prefer your outfits and your poses. I’m not easily impressed by celebrities, and that is the reason I think you look nicer. You seem to embody the classic look. My two cents!

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