makeup for the over 60 woman with nikol johnson

makeup for the over 60 woman

nikol from Fresh Beauty Studio

it is my great pleasure to introduce you to someone near and dear to my heart nikol johnson of Fresh Beauty Studio. i met nikol through the blogosphere about a year ago. as a matter of fact, i was a big fan of her YouTube channel, which chats about beauty and fashion tips. so when i found her on Instagram, i sent a message telling her how much i loved her videos. surprise, surprise when she messaged back saying she’s been stalking me for months! a friendship was born, and now i’m happy to call nikol a friend and confidante. mr. style and i had the pleasure of dining with nikol and her husband ray while in ft. lauderdale waaayyy back in september when i flew down for a campaign. then we got together last march for a makeup tutorial for the over 60 woman set in her studio. this time i met francesca her adorable french bulldog. and i do mean adorable!

here’s a little background blurb:

Nikol is a veteran in the fashion industry; after winning FORD Models “Supermodel of America” contest for Miami in the early 1990s, she gracefully traveled the world working in print, national commercials, film, and runway. She is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild. After a 15 year run in the modeling industry, Nikol moved forward with her passion for skin care and cosmetics and became a licensed aesthetician in 2000.

trust me when i say nikol is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs i’ve met. nikol’s story of going gray at 40 and embracing it is powerful, to say the least. and she’s been on a mission ever since helping women break out of society’s archaic view on women and aging. here’s a quote from one of her recent blog posts.

“I want women to feel free to do whatever they want with their beauty. It’s time that the world sees aging as a privilege and not a curse, but that starts with how you view yourself in the mirror, what you speak out loud to yourself and the world. It also starts with how you take care of yourself by what you put into your body and how you take the time to exercise, stretch and be still every day.”

can i hear an amen? i guess you know why nikol and i are fast and furious friends. aging is a privilege, and it’s time we speak out against ageism that’s rampant in our society.

nikol from Fresh Beauty Studio

are you ready to find out a bit more about nikol? i thought so. let’s dig in.

Favorite breakfast?

Lots of blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup, spicy Bloody Mary and crispy bacon. 

Go-to drink?


Can’t cook without?

My husband 

beth from Style at a Certain Age with Nikol from Fresh Beauty Studio

Favorite Ingredient?

Greek Olive Oil 

Fashion Idols?

Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Escada 

Most worn out shoes?

Chanel espadrilles 

beth from Style at a Certain Age with Nikol from Fresh Beauty Studio

Favorite dishes?

My husband’s linguine and clams in a white wine sauce and his homemade amazing Bolognese sauce. Did I mention his homemade pasta? 

beth from Style at a Certain Age with Nikol from Fresh Beauty Studio

Writing implement?

Pink pens always pink 

Favorite sport?

Wine tasting in Napa 

beth from Style at a Certain Age with Nikol from Fresh Beauty Studio

it was such fun filming this photo shoot with nikol. i could learn a thing or two from this gorgeous model!

makeup application for over 60

nikol in action at Fresh Beauty Studio. we had a ball filming the tutorial “makeup for the over 60 woman.”

the studio mascot francesca checking in. isn’t she adorable?

makeup application for over 60

all the makeup products used in this video are listed on nikol’s YouTube channel.

makeup for the over 60 woman

even though nikol is wearing blue and looks stunning btw, she just might like the color pink more than i do. is that possible? thanks so much my friend for taking time from your busy schedule to pop over to my page. ladies, here’s where you can find nikol:






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  1. Terri Spears wrote:

    I want Nikol’s Blue off shoulder too and crops!!!! Brand? Where can I purchase?

    Posted 6.5.19
  2. Constance wrote:

    I watched the make up video earlier this year. I am 68 and have red eye lids. I purchased the eyelid primer that Nikol used. I have tried so many eyelid primers that just did not work for me. Nikol’s works better than any I have tried before. I think this will be a lifer for me.

    Posted 6.5.19
  3. Lynn Forbes wrote:

    I saw that video you did with Nikol months ago. Watched it twice, in fact. Great!

    Posted 6.5.19
    • Carolyn Harper wrote:

      Beth, I’m a reading your blog! I also would like to know about the outfit Nikol is wearing and if it’s available for purchase. I also love being part of book club.

      Posted 6.5.19
  4. Debbie wrote:

    Hi Beth:

    I love your blog. Can you tell us about the outfits you and Nikol are wearing? Also, where you purchased them.

    Thank you,

    Posted 6.5.19
  5. Thanks for exposing me to a new vlogger/blogger. She is very clear and concise.

    Posted 6.5.19
  6. Pam Elkins wrote:

    II HAVE to know where to buy the beautiful 2 pc blue outfit Nikol is wearing!!

    Posted 6.5.19
  7. Yes, she is fabulous. I love her YouTube channel. She’s very down to earth and realistic. Fabulous grey hair and great tips.

    Posted 6.5.19
    • Sheron Davis wrote:

      Hi Beth,

      It certainly is lovely to make new friends at any age. You both have so much in common. I’m sure your friendship will keep blossomin over the years.

      Can you please tell us where your pink dress is from as well as Nikola’s lovely outfit?

      Thank you for always showing all your videos and never missing a day of blogging.
      Something to look forward to everyday.

      Sheron Davis,
      Ontario, Canada

      Posted 6.5.19
  8. Gaye Hagan wrote:

    Both of you inspire me to look and feel better each day.

    Posted 6.5.19
  9. Jennifer Veal wrote:

    What a wonderful video on makeup for 60s! I learned a lot! Thanks Beth and Nikol for sharing these great tips!

    Posted 6.5.19
  10. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, I’m a big fan of Nikol, I love the way she embraces aging and not looks upon it as a curse, you Beth have the same attitude. It’s about looking the very best for your age, You inspired me to go grey and i have a version of your hairstyle, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my hair. I watched the makeup tutorial you did with Nikol a few times because it was so good. You both looked stunning in your outfits xoxo

    Posted 6.5.19
  11. Mary L Grogan wrote:

    Thank you for this, learned a lot!

    Posted 6.5.19
  12. jean wrote:

    we are fabulous with Nikol
    perfect outfit!
    thank you

    Posted 6.6.19
  13. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    You both look beautiful in your gorgeous colors. I liked her simple approach to makeup–I’m a big fan of a natural look and liked the soft look she achieved in that video.

    Posted 6.6.19
  14. Cindy Chapman wrote:

    Great video!! Could you please provide a list of products used in this demo?

    Posted 6.7.19

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