makeup for the over 60 woman with nikol johnson

  1. Terri Spears says:

    I want Nikol’s Blue off shoulder too and crops!!!! Brand? Where can I purchase?

  2. Constance says:

    I watched the make up video earlier this year. I am 68 and have red eye lids. I purchased the eyelid primer that Nikol used. I have tried so many eyelid primers that just did not work for me. Nikol’s works better than any I have tried before. I think this will be a lifer for me.

  3. Lynn Forbes says:

    I saw that video you did with Nikol months ago. Watched it twice, in fact. Great!

    • Carolyn Harper says:

      Beth, I’m a reading your blog! I also would like to know about the outfit Nikol is wearing and if it’s available for purchase. I also love being part of book club.

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Beth:

    I love your blog. Can you tell us about the outfits you and Nikol are wearing? Also, where you purchased them.

    Thank you,

  5. Thanks for exposing me to a new vlogger/blogger. She is very clear and concise.

  6. Pam Elkins says:

    II HAVE to know where to buy the beautiful 2 pc blue outfit Nikol is wearing!!

  7. Yes, she is fabulous. I love her YouTube channel. She’s very down to earth and realistic. Fabulous grey hair and great tips.

    • Sheron Davis says:

      Hi Beth,

      It certainly is lovely to make new friends at any age. You both have so much in common. I’m sure your friendship will keep blossomin over the years.

      Can you please tell us where your pink dress is from as well as Nikola’s lovely outfit?

      Thank you for always showing all your videos and never missing a day of blogging.
      Something to look forward to everyday.

      Sheron Davis,
      Ontario, Canada

  8. Gaye Hagan says:

    Both of you inspire me to look and feel better each day.

  9. Jennifer Veal says:

    What a wonderful video on makeup for 60s! I learned a lot! Thanks Beth and Nikol for sharing these great tips!

  10. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, I’m a big fan of Nikol, I love the way she embraces aging and not looks upon it as a curse, you Beth have the same attitude. It’s about looking the very best for your age, You inspired me to go grey and i have a version of your hairstyle, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my hair. I watched the makeup tutorial you did with Nikol a few times because it was so good. You both looked stunning in your outfits xoxo

  11. Mary L Grogan says:

    Thank you for this, learned a lot!

  12. jean says:

    we are fabulous with Nikol
    perfect outfit!
    thank you

  13. Suzanne Smith says:

    You both look beautiful in your gorgeous colors. I liked her simple approach to makeup–I’m a big fan of a natural look and liked the soft look she achieved in that video.

  14. Cindy Chapman says:

    Great video!! Could you please provide a list of products used in this demo?

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