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fridays with oscar has rolled around once again. and today’s post isn’t so much about my ootd as it is about owning a dog. although i’m wearing white denim with a gray striped sweatshirt, silver bangles and hoops. before my husband and i head out of the house for dinner or errands we always try to squeeze in a tiny walk for oscar. and from time-to-time, i’m even up for a few sprints which is what i included in today’s post. for those of you who own a pet, you understand they take up quite a bit of your time and money. there are vet bills and dietary concerns, treats to buy, and daily exercise. and when you head out-of-town they either come along with you (hotels are buggers these days about pets) or you find a great pet-sitter (when you find a good one hang on), or the traditional pet hotel (these have come a long way and can be quite luxurious nowadays). as you can see, owning a pet can be quite expensive. somewhat like raising children who need clothes, and orthodontics, and (gasp) college educations. but my father once advised me (this was a man who simultaneously held 3 jobs, attended college and started his own family) there’s never an ideal time to start your family so just go for it! and that’s how i feel about pets. go for it. because the benefits they bring to your life far exceed any financial drain they cause. just like my 3 kiddos who were each in braces (like their mother) for years…we won’t even go into our pediatrician bills. there is nothing quite like the unconditional love they bring to you. it’s pure, and it’s real, and it’s a daily reminder of what is truly important in this world.

oscar and i wish each of you a lovely weekend!

labels: denim c/o J.Jill; sweatshirt James Perse (similar here and here); belt J.Crew (similar here and here); shoes Stuart Weitzman (similar here and here)