fridays with oscar

  1. vlg says:

    I would rather spend my money on a dog and be enriched with unconditional love and companionship than spend my money on stuff and be stuck with a bunch of junk. Blessings to you and Oscar.

  2. donnanance says:

    Our fur babies give us so much more in return for the care we provide for them. xoxo

  3. cathy says:

    Hi Beth and Oscar! Love this blue on you!!! Totally agree with you on pets! I love mine so much! You look gorgeous lady!!!! xoxo

  4. Judith says:

    Good Morning Beth!
    Just love your beautiful dog! We have a big standard dachshund named “Tank” and he is deeply loved. He was the biggest and fattest puppy in the liter, thus the name Tank. He is five now, and yes it is just like you said,… time, effort, and money mixed with a lot of responsibility. We are empty nesters so our Tank fills that big gap of being across country from our children and grandchildren as well as giving us back that feeling of being a little family. His presence is priceless! We feel so blessed to have this little treasure of God for as long as that may be.
    Buy or rescue a dog, it is good for the soul!
    Have a great day! Judith Presgrove

  5. Kim says:

    Hope you and Oscar have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. Nikki G says:

    Oscar is beautiful and so are you!

  7. jude klearman says:

    And the more time love and attention you bestow upon them the more their unique personalities come out. Oscar looks as if he adores you!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi jude!
      children and animals thrive with love. but don’t we all? and oscar is definitely full of love. but don’t tell that to the deer that passes by his backyard…
      xoxo beth

  8. Debbi Wilson says:

    New reader here and so enjoy your nice blog! The posts with Oscar are definitely my favorites! He is gorgeous. Love your hair-cut too! Cute outfit today, love it and appreciate all the fashion tips and the ways to make new outfits. I blog from beautiful Charleston, S.C…..drop in soon!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi debbi! thanks for swinging by the blog. charleston, s.c. is on our visit list! i’ve heard nothing but great things about it. what is the name of your blog? i’d love to check it out!
      xoxo beth

  9. Debbi Wilson says:

    Hi Beth..great to hear back from you… I blog @ i have 2 big dogs too and they bring so much joy to our life!

  10. Monika Monika says:

    I couldn’t agree more about pets.

  11. Rebecca Schildroth says:


    I am a new reader. What fun to see clothing that I could wear featured. I am guilty of the 20 percent of the closet being worn 80 percent of the time. A favorite vest and top was my 20 percent this winter.

    My closet and needs are much different than yours. Here in the middle of Iowa dressing up happens less and less. I seldom wear a skirt or dress. I own one pair of real heels that get worn about twice a year – weddings mostly. The only hat that looks halfway good on me is a baseball style. which is my go to wear at a windy soccer match. The most expensive handbag I own is a Coach bought on sale. I was once in Hermes in Paris and could not decide on a scarf so left empty handed. (I still regret that.)

    Thus you see there is not a lot we have in common but despite all that I am drawing inspiration and incentive from your fashions.

    Oscar is a lovely dog. Our first and best dog was an Elk Hound and German Shepard mix.

    SF is such a charming city. When our son and family lived in CA we flew into and spent time there. Miss that part of their living away from the Midwest.

    Best to You!

  12. Vicky H says:

    Oscar is awesome and I look forward to Friday posts. My husband is always fussing about shopping for myself. However, when I buy shirts or accessories for our fur babies , not one word.

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