secrets to a good night sleep

there are several home improvement projects slated for this year at casa djalali. the master bedroom, guest room, and hallway have new carpet. the master bathroom will finally get a much-needed facelift and landscaping both front and back with new walkways. phew! while i always love home renovation projects, the process from beginning to end is never dull. and there’s bound to be at least one unforeseen problem that needs to be solved. the backyard now needs a retaining wall, and i can’t wait to see what the master bathroom uncovers. and i say master bath loosely as the dimensions are 48.25″ X 140,” i wasn’t certain we could find a tub… but i have the most amazing interior designer working on the project and she rustled up a 48″ tub. hallelujah! calgon can take me away after the redo is complete. rest assured we will squeeze every inch out of the renovation. needless to say, problems can crop up along the way, but i needn’t lose sleep over them. in fact, are you aware of why sleep is important? getting a good night’s sleep is key to our overall health, both mental and physical. seven to eight hours of sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. yet many of us are sleep deprived. our sleep patterns begin to change with age. but over the past few decades, sleep quality has declined for most people regardless of their age. so let’s talk about secrets to a good night sleep.

for me, sleep is a priority, which is why i like my bedroom to be calm and serene. there’s no television in sight and hasn’t been for over thirty years. instead, you will find stacks of magazines and books strewn around the room for before bed reading sessions. it’s been recommended that bedrooms and beds be reserved for sleep and sex. so it’s important not to watch late-night t.v. or answer emails in bed. your bed needs to be a stimulus for sleeping, so i keep that in mind when choosing the color scheme, bed linens, and even pajamas. all three work together for a good night sleep.

secrets to a good night sleep

if you have difficulty falling asleep, pay attention to your habits. good sleep habits are key. let’s take a look at several secrets to a good night sleep.

  • listen to your circadian rhythm and develop a regular sleep schedule
  • avoid stimulating activities before bed
  • create a comfortable sleep environment – quiet, dark, and cool are key components
  • start a sleep ritual – i love to read before i turn out the light
  • reduce blue light exposure – stow away computers or smartphones for the night and don’t watch t.v.
  • avoid alcohol, caffeine, and snacks before bedtime
  • consider supplements like melatonin, ginkgo biloba, lavender, or magnesium
  • rule out a sleep disorder

soothing grays and blues create a serene sanctuary. the opens in a new window tartan bed linens are from opens in a new windowPottery Barn. the opens in a new windowpercale sheets are from opens in a new windowWilliam Sonoma. isn’t the opens in a new windowstriped bedframe adorable? it’s from opens in a new windowBallard Designs. the ticking stripes allow for endless pattern mixing.

the nightstand from opens in a new windowWayfair (similar opens in a new window here) has a charging station that allows my phone and watch to recharge at night while staying out of sight. the opens in a new window gold frame mirror is from opens in a new windowBallard Designs. don’t forget a candle. opens in a new windowlafco candles are one of my favorites and i love the blend of chamomile lavender. 

drink plenty of water and keep a tumbler next to your bed. nothing compares to a opens in a new windowYeti tumbler that keeps your water cold for hours. it holds 20 ounces so i can easily keep track of my water intake.

the artwork is from 

a brass side table (old, opens in a new windowsimilar here) is from opens in a new windowWest Elm. it’s large enough to house a few books and faux flowers.

don’t forget the importance of pajamas. silk or cotton p.j.’s are my favorites. i’ve linked several below.



the pillows are from opens in a new windowPottery Barn.

more artwork. but these are from opens in a new windowGrandin Road. the dresser is from opens in a new windowBallard Designs (old, opens in a new windowsimilar here)

my everyday perfume is opens in a new windowChance by Chanel.

there’s a new brand in town called opens in a new windowHaven Well Within. it’s tied into the opens in a new windowTalbots brand but concentrates on sleep, lounge, intimates, beauty + wellness, active and home. this cashmere cardigan is heavenly.

opens in a new windowsimilar silk pajamas | opens in a new windowsilk robe

the new carpet is so plush i don’t want to wear my slippers.

opens in a new windowbedframe | opens in a new windowduvet | shams | opens in a new window euro shams | opens in a new windowfaux plant | opens in a new windowplant stand

the silk pajamas are a simple luxury from opens in a new windowThe White Company. this pair is sold out but similar opens in a new windowhere, opens in a new windowhere, and opens in a new windowhere.

happy Wednesday, ladies. time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours.


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  1. Rory wrote:

    Very pleasing without the renovations!

    Posted 1.27.21
  2. Anna wrote:

    I do agree about keeping the bedroom for 2 things.
    I have decide your methods a few year back. I do enjoy my mediation cds often
    and I tube calming music it’s so helpful
    Also sleep separate really help both of us
    Over and over again not for all couple but I am finding out more do it then I thought
    Yes sleep in so important for our health..
    Thank you
    Anna R

    Posted 1.27.21
    • thanks so much for sharing your bedtime rituals. we all need to find the routine that works for us.

      Posted 1.27.21
  3. Karen wrote:

    Do you still use Loreal makeup? I am thinking of buying something. I’m 63 years, and face is normal, use to be oily. Looking for new foundation but not cake like and not sheer.

    Posted 1.27.21
    • i do use L’Oreal Age Perfect Makeup. their foundation is very light it’s like wearing tinted moisturizer. i hope you check it our for yourself. let me know your thoughts if you do.

      Posted 1.27.21
  4. Carroll wrote:

    Your bedroom looks very restful! I love the Asian wrap pajamas from Garnet Hill. I recommend them for a good night’s sleep.

    Posted 1.27.21
    • thanks for sharing, carroll. i am going to check out those pajamas. they sound delightful.

      Posted 1.27.21
  5. Christine wrote:

    Hello Beth … this is such a timely post .
    I’ve had some difficulty sleeping recently.
    Like you , I am widowed (18 months). That ,
    and our lives being interrupted with Covid
    has brought so many changes and new worries . Your bedtime tips and rituals are so crucial for restful sleep . Pretty sleep attire,comfy linens, great books, will be my focus … and of course , my dear kitty, Noelle , to help lull me to slumberland .
    Thank you for the reminder .
    Sweet dreams !

    Posted 1.27.21
    • i’m so happy you have Noelle to keep you company. oscar and ollie have been such comforts since losing mr. style. God Bless! it’s one foot in front of the other day-by-day. xo

      Posted 1.27.21
  6. Cathy wrote:

    I also bought a cashmere sweater from Haven Well Within and love it, not a bad price either. I’d buy more except their color palette is not ideal for me.

    Posted 1.27.21
    • i agree that the color palette is limited but i was favorably impressed with the quality!

      Posted 1.27.21
  7. Spot on, Beth. Sleep is so undervalued. It’s when our bodies and minds repair themselves. It’s one of the reasons we look younger after a relaxing vacation.

    I love Sateen weave sheets, dried outside, when possible, and ironed. Down duvets and pillows, make a light and fluffy nest. I prefer mini bouquets on the vanity come spring, but when winter rears it’s head, I lightly spray the ensuite shower with YSL Manifesto instead, turn the lights low and play Sudoku. I feel like I am on a mini vacation, surrounded by all my favourite things. What ever the budget, mental and physical comfort is the cornerstone. Those PJs look stunning, Beth🌷

    Posted 1.27.21
    • you are so right about whatever your budget is you can find indulgences that won’t break the bank. pillows are definitely an investment too!

      Posted 1.27.21
  8. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, absolutely love your bedroom and your carpet is so plush you could loose your toes in there. I love the colour scheme too, and yes a bedroom should be calm and a place to end the day peacefully. Your pyjamas are lovely, I’m after new ones but we are in a National lockdown at the moment so it will be an online purchase xoxo Julie

    Posted 1.27.21
    • julie, this carpet is plush and feels so good on bare feet. i’m so happy with my choice! take good care of yourself.

      Posted 1.27.21
  9. Jacalyn Nelson wrote:

    Beth: Thanks so much for highlighting the importance of sleep. As a sleep provider, the importance of proper sleep hygiene cannot be stressed enough (I loved your list). It is so easy to let those good habits slide by the wayside.
    I might add that for those reading in bed, ideally it should be print rather than yet another device emitting blue wavelength light. I advise my patients no electronic screens within 1 hour of bedtime (the guideline is 2 hours, but I would get little compliance with that ask!
    Thanks again Beth

    Posted 1.27.21
    • thanks so much for sharing your tips, jacalyn! and thanks for stopping by.

      Posted 1.27.21
  10. Linda Miller wrote:

    Thank you for your work! Have a great day!

    Posted 1.27.21
  11. Mary C wrote:

    I love this post! It’s one of my favorites of your recent ones. Thanks for all the great resources.

    Posted 1.31.21

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