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top five posts from November

we’ve made it through another month. hard to believe we’re almost finished with 2020. and what. a. year. it. has. been.  but we’re still going strong over here on the blog. thanks to you, our readers. through thick and then, we’re committed to continuing to deliver to you our best content. today, we’ve rounded up your favorite posts of November. so sit back and take a little breather—we’re going to need it—and enjoy the top five posts from November:  a fall and winter fashion roundup. 

style secrets to look expensive

one of the most popular topics on YouTube is how to look expensive. can you believe there are entire channels devoted to looking classy and elegant? with that in mind, i thought i would share a few style secrets to look expensive. honestly, you don’t need oodles of money for an outfit to look expensive. it’s simply common sense.

opens in a new windowread style secrets to look expensive

opens in a new windowtrousers  opens in a new windowsweater |  opens in a new windowblazer |  opens in a new windowsimilar shoes |  opens in a new windowsimilar scarf  opens in a new windowearrings |  opens in a new windowhandbag

classic white shirt

today, we’re going back to our roots. this blog was built on classic style. a trusted look that is timeless and traditional but with flair. investing in clothing and accessories that you can mix and match is key to achieving classic style. a list of favorites includes a trenchcoat, little black dress, turtleneck, and a white button-up. but today, it’s all about the classic white shirt styled 5 ways because a white shirt works 365 days a year.

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white shirt styled 5 ways

opens in a new windowdenim skirt |  opens in a new windowshirt |  opens in a new windowsimilar cardigan |  opens in a new windowbelt |  opens in a new windowsimilar shoes |  opens in a new windownecklace

what’s new at Nordstrom

what’s new at  opens in a new windowNordstrom? well, to be honest, i never know quite how to answer that question since there are soooo many new items available at  opens in a new windowNordstrom on any given day. that’s what i love about this retailer. they offer a plethora of brands to choose from as well as so many new items. it’s retail shopping at its best.

read opens in a new windowwhat’s new at Nordstrom

new at Nordstrom

opens in a new windowpants |  opens in a new windowsweater |  opens in a new windowshoes |  opens in a new windowsimilar moto jacket |  opens in a new windowhandbag |  opens in a new windowwatch band |  opens in a new windowbracelet | opens in a new window earrings

pleated skirts to wear year round

few items can be worn year-round, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find one or two wardrobe staples that will work overtime. skirts are a perfect candidate. pleated skirts have been trending the past few years, and i’m a big fan due to their versatility. i know, i know many of you think you can’t wear this versatile beauty. but i want you to step outside the style box for a moment. you know the one. it’s the box that says you’ll look too big,.. to which i say hogwash! who says style is dependent on looking slimmer 24/7? style is all about your personal preferences. of course, if your main objective is to look ten pounds slimmer, there are style tips to help with that goal. but if you’re looking to stay current, fresh, and modern with your outfit, i will suggest adding pleated skirts into your wardrobe. it’s the perfect blend of street style sophistication with a whole lot of comfort thrown in for good measure.

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skirt (similar  opens in a new windowhere opens in a new windowhere, and  opens in a new windowhere | opens in a new window turtleneck | opens in a new window belt |  opens in a new windowsimilar boots |  opens in a new windowhandbag |  opens in a new windowearrings

holiday beauty with Nordstrom

it’s time to get our holiday beauty game face on, ladies. to kick things off, i’m sharing a few holiday beauty gift ideas from  opens in a new windowNordstrom that include everything from  opens in a new windowFresh travel size sugar lips to  opens in a new windowKiehl’s healthy hand’s trio.  plus, a beautiful makeup palette from  opens in a new windowNars. fasten your seat belts because holiday shopping has arrived.  

opens in a new windowread holiday beauty with Nordstrom

drum roll please! here are the top ten reader favorites from November!

opens in a new windowfaux fur puffer vest

opens in a new windowmixed media turtleneck

opens in a new windowleather jacket

opens in a new windowBlackwatch plaid pants

opens in a new windowperfect white shirt

opens in a new windowperfect turtleneck

opens in a new windowcable knit sweater

opens in a new windowfair isle sweater

opens in a new windowcrossbody bag

opens in a new windowperfect black pants

happy sunday, ladies! i hope you enjoyed this retrospective of the top five posts from November. but before i go i wanted to let you in on a giveaway on YouTube. yes, we are closing in on 100,000 subscribers on that channel. to celebrate i am giving away a $500 gift card to Nordstrom. watch the video to learn how to enter!




  1. M. N. wrote:

    Beth- I check your site everyday! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Posted 12.6.20
  2. First saw you on utubebwith Nikol Johnson. You are so down to earth – love what you do. You inspire me!

    Keep up the good work.

    Posted 12.6.20
  3. Absolutely love your daily blog and the way you portray grace, strength, and beauty! What an inspiration you have been during this difficult year! I would be elated to win your Holiday Giveaway!

    Posted 12.6.20
  4. Deidra A Haywood wrote:

    This video brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons. Thank you for just being here because women of a certain age need reassurance that they are “okay”! Also I know that being a certain age brings on the reality that I may become a widow and what it will mean to me and the world I now exist in. So difficult to think about but reality is often uncomfortable.

    Posted 12.6.20
  5. Eve wrote:

    One of the things I love about your style is although it is classic. It has an edgy quality to it. I love brown and was happy to see this post, I see black worn with brown everywhere. Is that a trend and if it is, could you do a post on how to wear these colors together?

    Posted 12.6.20
  6. Lois wrote:

    I love your channel and as a 63 old “young” woman, appreciate all your great style tips! Keep it up!

    Posted 12.6.20
  7. Peggy Clark wrote:

    I love all your platforms. Not sure how long I’ve been a follower. You style is right on target for me b

    Posted 12.6.20
  8. Annie L. wrote:

    Merry Christmas, Beth. YOU are elegant! 💝🎄🎅🏻

    Posted 12.6.20
  9. Love your posts! WE have the same taste. You always look great!

    Posted 12.6.20
  10. Sharyn wrote:

    Beth : I first ran across your blog when you were featured on the Talbots website many years ago. Since that time, I check in daily and your blog gave me something to look forward to each day as I faced similar challenges yours in 2018 and 2019. Thank you for what you do. You always look so chic and are an inspiration both in your style and in your spirit.

    Posted 12.6.20
  11. Beverly wrote:

    Hi Beth, love the fuchsia turtleneck, where might we find it?

    Thank you and keep up the wonderful videos and post!

    Posted 12.6.20
  12. Suzanne Contois wrote:

    Fabulous video Beth! Hope you have a great holiday season !

    Posted 12.6.20
  13. Ernie wrote:

    Thanks for all you do to share your style with us! We appreciate you!

    Posted 12.6.20
  14. Judith Toomajian wrote:

    Love what you do! Enjoy every blog.
    I had an accident in March and had Brain surgery. I have been told I cannot color my hair. Your new “do” has totally inspired me. Thank you

    Posted 12.6.20
  15. Heather Belanger wrote:

    Thank you so much for all of your stylish tips. I stumbled onto you via Pinterest and immediately fell in love with your style so much so that I sent my mom your link and said check her out. We both love to discuss your latest posts. Thank you for giving us a bright spot and topic of conversation to check in daily with.

    Posted 12.7.20
  16. Cheryl wrote:

    Thank you for your inspiration for we women that continue to be a significant part of our society!

    Posted 12.7.20
  17. Pat Osman wrote:

    Your blog and videos are truly inspiring. From one widow to another, I understand your journey.

    Posted 12.7.20
  18. Always look forward to your inspiration. Many time I choose to wear same idea you show for the day. Life ade easy

    Posted 12.7.20
  19. tina wrote:

    You’re an inspiration!

    Posted 12.20.20

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