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before we bid adieu to june, gulp, and head full speed into july, let’s recap your june favorite blog posts. every month i take a deep dive into the blog analytics to learn what resonates with you. are you ready to look back at the content i created in june that you loved? in case you were on vacay or taking a hiatus from the internet here’s a peek at what you might have missed.

drum roll, please!

how to lose weight with FASTer Way to Fat Loss

the most popular post for june was how to lose weight fast with FASTer Way to Fat Loss. nothing makes me happier than to share what i have learned since starting my fitness journey in january 2019. and what a journey i embarked upon! i was astonished to learn that much of the nutritional data we were raised on is now outdated. like snacking all day long and eating mini-meals. or exercising more eating less. for years, i believed exercise was the key, and limiting calories was the answer. wrong! you can never out-exercise a poor diet. never. there is no question that there are escalating rates of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. many of which are preventable. the choices we make with nutrition profoundly impact our health. calories in calories out are just not effective. it’s our lifestyle choices that impact healthy aging and weight gain. i do not support the limiting belief that we have to accept weight gain is a normal function of aging. yes, the statistics are startling. 2/3 of women 40 – 59 are overweight. and more than 1/2 are obese. while there is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight, there are strategies we can adopt. the inherent power of food and nutrition can be our greatest asset to our health and wellness journey. i’ve learned so much about nutrition (and continue to learn) with the help of FASTer Way to Fat Loss which is why i’m committed to sharing this program with you.

june favorite blog posts

my favorite J.Crew summer tops

the second most popular post for june is my favorite J.Crew summer tops. when summer rolls into town, i’m on the hunt for easy breezy dresses and lightweight tops. there’s nothing better than beating the heat in style.

june favorite blog posts

where i shop | Talbots

it comes as no surprise that the third june favorite blog post was all about a favorite brand. one reason i love Talbots is that it offers something for every figure out there. yes, petite through plus size is available. i’ve always been drawn to their whimsical accessories, shoes that range from sneakers to heels, activewear that’ll keep you on the move in style, and if there’s a special occasion headed your way i’m certain you can find something to wear from Talbots. sometimes, it’s a one-stop shopping destination where i find shoes, dress, handbag, and accessories. 

june favorite blog posts

key summer accessories with Nordstrom

the fourth most popular post for june was key summer accessories with Nordstrom. summer is in full swing with long sunshiny days that turn into sultry nights. time to unpack cotton tees, cotton or linen dresses, and seersucker shorts. if you’re ready for warm weather, and who isn’t? then it’s time to update your wardrobe with a few key summer accessories. today i’m partnering with Nordstrom to show you just how easy it is to stay stylish without breaking the bank.

june favorite blog posts

cropped white denim on trend alert

we ladies of a certain age are still interested in trends. i love my classic style, but trends are what keeps us fresh and modern. right?! so here’s a trend alert. cropped white denim has been added to my closet. the shorter length, wider leg, high waist, and loose fit are a few of the reasons these jeans will be on summer repeat. 

now that we covered the five most popular june posts let’s take a look at the top ten items you purchased in june.

denim wide leg crops

classic summer blazer

button front ruffle sleeve top

aurelia peasant blouse

vintage straight jeans

drop tail hem organic tunic

ella canvas tote

v neck fringe sheath dress

girlfriend chinos

round cornhusk bag

top ten items




  1. gaye hagan wrote:

    Great posts this week! The blouses look perfect for summer. Beautiful outfits! Thank you for showing how contemporary you can be at any age!

    Posted 6.30.19
  2. thanks so much for stopping by, gaye!

    Posted 7.1.19

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