How to celebrate the New Year

Enjoy a fabulous new beginning…celebrating this New Year with abandon!!  Whether you are celebrating safely with friends or an intimate day – evening at home…ENJOY!! There are sooo many ways to be joyous….and for sooo many wonderful reasons!!

Of course, dressing up and theming your event is always fun…maybe you are having a Black & White Ball with or without costumes, masks, like Truman Capote’s famed annual soirees! Or, simply black and white with hearts and stars or traveling theme of France or Italy?  Maybe you are combining a special friend’s New Year’s Birthday as your theme, with balloons and candles for a Bonne Anniversaire Fête!! 

Veuve Amiot King of Sparkling Wines  | Creative Balloons Celebrity 9″ Latex Balloons

Or, a frosty, snowy theme – all white, silver, and gold perhaps?! In any event, libations abound…. Classic, effervescent champagne, prosecco, or sparkling waters and wines! Cocktails of all sorts are so ceremonial, fun, and beautiful! A little Caviar, Blinis, Crème Fraîche, Foie Gras, and Pâtés are fabulous too! Especially, if made by my dear, French friend Monique!!

Baccarat Mille Nuits Red Flutissimos | Baccarat Vega Flutissmino Champagne Flutes | Baccarat Large Rectangular Eye Vase | Pol Roger | Rougie Foie Gras with Truffles | Classic Caviar Tin| Baccarat Dallas Assorted Double Old-Fashioneds | Baccarat Harcourt Candlesticks  | Everyday Baccarat Tumblers | Riedel Wine Glasses

If you need a cocktail refresh, Old Mister Boston knows a thing or two about the classics …tried and true. It has been updated for the times, in hardcover too! A gold metallic, leather-bound volume of BUBBLY or 2022 Diary would be wonderful New Year, Birthday or Valentine gifts!!

Glassware & Drinkware   | Bubbly: A Collection Of Champagne and Sparkling Cocktails | 2022 Desk Diary Agenda Planner

A guide to Champagne 

Anyone who knows me, knows of my passion for bubbly and celebrating – everything, life, and love!! We all have sooo much to celebrate! Champagne is so festive, joyous, for important days and every day…birthdays and anniversaries of all kinds and, of course, New Year’s Day 2022, so full of potential!!  It is optimism at its best!! One simply cannot be unhappy with bubbles in hand! It is a celebration of life in a bottle! It’s said, “Champagne is the only wine that may be served with any course and at all times during the meal.” How wonderful…I concur!!  Every party becomes special with the simple POP of the cork! The host is happily pouring, with thumb nestled in the bottle bottom, to steady it, as my entertaining friend Steve taught me! His adorable dog, Channing, runs frantically upon hear the familiar sound…and plays happily with the cork all night, licking away!! Too cute!!

My champagne flutes are my favorite collection. Each one continues to make me smile ~ giving great joy! Through them, I remember dear friends who have gifted them, countries I love, special occasions and happy memories sharing toasts in many of my different home cities over the years!! Many are designed by my beloved Italian glass artist, Carlo Moretti. Some are engraved with tiny stars, some have whimsical colored and shaped bases. Recently, I celebrated the birth of my dear, Irish friend’s grandbaby. Sharon was visiting from New York, one of my many former homes, and chose the beautiful, Moretti kelly green, clover leaf footed flute for our toasting celebration! Such special, memorable fun! Welcome, baby Walker!!  Flutes are so elegant and their shape helps the bubbles last longer, as their surface is small. With such minimal, sleek profiles, many more glasses fit onto a serving tray or shelf!

Champagne Flute  | Baccarat 6-Piece Bubbles

The coupe, however, is quite dramatic! It is chic to hold and enjoy with pinkie in the air! Desserts are very elegant in the coupe! Think luscious raspberries, with a dollop of fresh whipped crème and sprig of mint! Voila!!  Champagne bottles and labels are very beautiful too!!  They incorporate the best if Art and Design…love!

From the golden yellow of my favorite, La grande dame Veuve Clicquot, to LOUIS ROEDERER, MOËT, KRUG and elegant Dom Pérignon’s Limited Editions, created as a tribute to Andy Warhol’s bold colored graphics, with Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London. Veuve Clicquot actually has a charming history, as well. Founded in 1772 by Philippe Clicquot, his son François eventually joined him. Following François’ untimely death, his young widow, Barbe Ponsardin, took over the family business at just 27 years of age. The House was renamed in her honor: ‘Veuve Clicquot’ means ‘The Widow Clicquot.’ It is now, one of the largest champagne houses! 

Waterford Mixology Mixed Small Coupe | Elegance Champagne Belle Coupe | Veuve Clicquot Champagne Yellow Label BrutWilliam Yeoward Fern Champagne Flute Roederer Estate Brut | Dom Perignon Brut Champagne | Dom Pérignon’s Tribute to Andy Warhol  | Roederer Estate Brut | La Maison Du Chocolat | Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board  | White Marble Glass Domed Cheese Board

Until we meet again…. I wish you a wonderful, bubbly new beginning…2022!  Enjoy with a little champagne truffle and maybe football, too! Cheers and a Very Happy, Healthy New Year 2022! xoxo MMK


Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

Enjoy the Beauty of May Flowers!! Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!!

Welcome back to my Guest Blog – by MMK. Today we Grace your Home and Style with this springtime month of May Birthstone – Gemstone Emerald! Everyone always enjoys a bit of GREEN and Fleurs galore!

iittala Aalto Vase Collection

Let’s celebrate May’s symbol of rebirth and love with all things GREEN!! There is always time to select fresh flowers or flowering plant for Mom and those who have mothered you!! Vases and cachepots of every shape and size add interest, character, a bit of your own personality and even transport us all over the world. Some are sculpture – art simply on their own. Memories of a trip, of childhood, our heritage…are wonderful to relive or be reminded of the love who gave us such a perfect gift!!

The Finnish Artist Alvar Aalto’s Collection is classic…perfect for the mid-century modern design lover, minimalist and today’s Bride and Groom. This classic, designed in 1936, brings new meaning to “Antique” It marries beautifully with traditional decors as well. Art Glass and Crystal are sooo beautiful. Some vessels have no need for flowers at all! Their artistic beauty is complete! I have a major passion for them…and have collected them always. My Museum background and Italian heritage ultimately influence my love of Art in all forms. Think Murano, Baccarat, Lalique, Kosta Boda…on and on…

Canica Vase

Vietri Hibiscus Collection

Incredible Orchid blossom notecards from Artist and Mother Paula Skene’s brilliant and beautiful collections. Handcrafted in the San Francisco Bay Area, each is embossed using a hand-carved brass printing plate! Paula and I worked together over many years. Her talented son joined with pride!! It seems fitting this Mother’s Day weekend to also feature Beautiful designs by Aerin Lauder…the very chic and talented granddaughter of the Famed Beauty maven Estée Lauder – beloved the world over.

Aerin Eloise Bud Vase

Paula Skene


Aerin Sanica Plum Vase

Aerin East Hampton Collection

Enjoy a Mother’s Day Brunch with nature and a few classics…Wedgwood, Herend! Gifting those we love and cherishing a few for ourselves! We must feed the soul!

MMK Collections: French Pitcher, Green Cabbage Ceramics, Bamboo, Wicker and Rattan. Vintage Green Wedgwood and Baccarat Crystal.

As you may know, I love Real – Natural – Genuine and Antique! So not a fan of FAUX!! Of course, caring for plants sometimes is a bit much – yet Mother Earth and Nature still call! Green and plants seem to give life to a room. You might enjoy these Boxwood Topiaries and even dried blooms! They are luscious, charming solutions and gracious additions, literally for any room! You can always enjoy a bit of GREEN!

Herend Chinese Bouquet Cachepot

Herend Chinese Chinese Bouquet

These are from natural green boxwood and have a special treatment to retain their soft, glossy, color and texture. Problem solved!! Preserved Boxwood Topiary from Ballard Designs. You might also enjoy the handmade & painted single blossoms from Bunny Williams Collection inspired for antique sculptures. 

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Bunny Williams Floral Specimen

Until next Saturday… Enjoy a lovely Mother’s Day Weekend and the luscious green beauty of May’s Flowers!!

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