Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff gives us tips for decorating Saint Patrick’s 2022.

Aren’t we all Irish for a Day??

Luck and Daffodils for you this March!!

David Hockney Spring Cannot Be Cancelled: David Hockney in Normandy 

Now it is the time to enjoy beautiful March Birth Flowers – Daffodil and Jonquil!!   As we Spring ahead 1 hour – this weekend’s time change 2022, let’s enjoy these delightful beauties that symbolize Admiration, Compassion, Happiness, Rebirth, New Beginnings, and, of course, Spring

Daffodil Dreams Bouquet (Teleflora)

Spring Cannot Be Cancelled (Amazon)   

One of our greatest living artists, David Hockney- created a recent Normandy painting Spring Cannot Be Cancelled.  It is a fresh take on our wild year 2020, making major global news and affirming art’s ability to divert and inspire. His fabulous retrospective, during my years at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has forever brought joy to my vision of art and artists. I trust his artistry will delight you too!

There Are Two Kinds of People (Mottahedeh) | Lucky Clover Objet (MoMA)

We have a wonderful week ahead with luck, happiness, and green.  St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th Celebrations of all kinds are very welcome!!  Aren’t we all Irish for a Day??

How do you celebrate luck and love?? 

Do you have annual, quintessentially Irish traditions or do you need fun and festive new ideas?

  • Green hair and glitter makeup?
  • Green beer or smoothies, Irish coffee, and whiskey?
  • Corn beef, cabbage, and soda bread?
  • Tables set elegantly with Herend Green Chinese Bouquet and William Yeoward Green Fanny Crystal or casually with Cabbage Plates and Bamboo Flatware??
  • Are your centerpieces March daffodils…or live plants with 4 leaf clovers?? 
  • Irish Apple Cake or Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream for dessert?

The wharf-side, legendary Buena Vista Café in San Francisco is known for introducing Irish coffee to America in 1952.  An Irish menu is always inspirational, especially with creative, earthy green selections – whether elegant or casual.

Mottahedeh Apple Green Lace Dinner Plate (Gracious Style) | Daffodil Dinner Napkins (Courtland and Co.)Herend Green Chinese Bouquet Bread & Butter Plate (Neiman Marcus) | Crystal Fanny Goblet (Neiman Marcus)Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage (Scully and Scully) | Bamboo Flatware Place Setting (Hudson Grace)Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Dessert Plates (Williams Sonoma) | Mini Clover Necklace in Yellow Gold (Neiman Marcus)

However you choose to celebrate – enjoy with a little green, a lot of luck, and March daffodils too!! Until next Saturday xoxo MMK

In case you missed it

Have fun decorating Saint Patrick’s 2022!  And in case you missed it, yesterday, we featured a very special Southern collaboration with In the Curious Kitchen.  Make sure to check out the menu she prepared for Fridays with Oscar.

Daily Looks

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Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shows gives us suggestions for a Spring home refresh.

Spring home refresh

Welcome MARCH…welcome lucky, refreshing GREEN!!

Aren’t we all ready for a refresh…in and out??!!

How optimistic, yet soothing – green is celadon, jade, menthe, sage, seafoam, emerald, kelly, and lime too!  So crisp, natural, earthy, and elegant at the same time – herbs, plants, grass, gemstones and tea…yes, yes, yes!! 

31 days of March are here with its madness, days of Lent, Irish Luck, TCM Oscar Classic Films, and KDFC Movie Music leading to the March 27th Oscars and so much more…

Bring a bit of outdoors in, and your home becomes vibrantly alive and your spirit too! Can’t you just smell spring in the air?? No matter where you live!  North, South – East, West – Uptown, Downtown – tout la monde!!

Spring scents

Agraria Lime & Orange AirEssence Diffuser (Neiman Marcus)Lilac Lavender & Lovage Diffuser (Neiman Marcus)  

Alex would like this photo version

Wonderful scents for you or your home come in many forms and sizes: Candles, Cremes, Colognes, Diffusers, Soaps, and Washes! Select from Agraria and Jo Malone, in Lime, Basil Mandarin, Lavender & Lovage, Creed in Green Irish Tweed, or Thymes in Eucalyptus! Heavenly all!    


English Pear & Freesia Soap (Neiman Marcus) | Thymes Hand Cream Eucalyptus (Amazon) | Green Irish Tweed (Bloomingdale’s) 

Spring home design

Green is loved by men and women alike.  Minimal and Modern, Classic and Elegant…choose for yourself!!

At Home in the Garden (Penguin Random House) | Stone Footed Berry Bowl (Neiman Marcus) | Garden Stool/Table (Neiman Marcus)

Green is great in every room of your home…invigorating or calming. Combined crisply and elegantly with white it becomes chic and sophisticated; or softened with ivory it can become a little country, charming la bohemia!! Sometimes it looks very 30’s deco, 70’s camp…or timeless for the ages! Depending on the shade you choose and how you combine it with other textures or colors changes its mood completely. It can be calm and contemplative in the bath and bedroom with celadons or jade, yet lively at the table or on the patio or playroom!

Art and architecture surely reflect how true this is. Black and white shutters, doors, and sculptures combine with trees of green for classicism at its best, casual or elegant!! The English do it, the French and Italians do it. Gardeners, florists, chefs do it and of course, interior designers too. 

Southern Print Set (Etsy) | Emerald Green Print (Etsy)Astor Braid Bedding Collection (Bloomingdale’s)

Baccarat Octogone Vase (Induplano)Baccarat Octogone Vase (Bloomingdale’s) | Lalique Languedoc Vase (Scully and Scully) | Designer Tableware, Drinkware & Dinnerware (Tory Burch)

Affair with a House (Ballard Designs) | Floral Cotton Upholstery Fabric (Ballard Designs) | Casida Duvet Cover (SFERRA) | Bath Towel (Neiman Marcus)


Complice Bedding Collection (Bloomingdale’s) | Natural Crystal in Golden Frame (Neiman Marcus)

Moss Sphere (Ballard Designs)

Have fun with green these special, inspiring, and hopefully, lucky days. xoxo MMK

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.  Last week, Marlene celebrated Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday.

In case you missed it 

Every Friday is Fridays with Oscar over here on the blog.  Make sure to say “hi” to both Oscar and Ollie.

Daily Looks

We just posted a new DAILY LOOK, so make sure to check it out. Daily Looks is a really simple feature:  a dedicated photo feed of my daily

Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff celebrates Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday

Dame Elizabeth Taylor:  Birthday February 27

This week is an ode to beautiful and talented Dame Elizabeth Taylor—the ultimate star, considered by many to be “the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Elizabeth Taylor Bio (Turner Classic Movies)  

Our February 27th Pisces, London-born baby… Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor (1932-2011) seems to embody the signs totality – exemplifying the joys, pain, hopes, and fears learned from all the other signs! 

Her fame endures. Today, she is remembered as the violet-eyed beauty icon who captivated generations of moviegoers, with great passion for life, deeply cherished her family and dear friends while accomplishing sooo very much!  

She certainly is defined by her sultry beauty, award-winning acting talent, businesswoman prowess, health survivor, humanitarian, and, of course, her many famed loves: husbands, jewels, and animals too!

Fragrance Empire and Jewelry Passion

Elizabeth Taylor:  My Love Affair With Jewelry

This incredibly ravishing British – American icon forever epitomizes the enduring fame and glamour of classic Hollywood!! Today, she is considered to be a trailblazer on so many levels—a template for modern celebrity, humanitarian causes, and a compassionate champion of the underdog.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor holds a $100,000 special edition of her new White Diamonds fragrance at a news conference in New York, Sept. 11, 1991. The one-of-a-kind handblown pear-shaped bottle features an 18-karat gold stopper and flowing ribbons set with 403 pave diamonds totaling 17.16 carats. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

White Diamonds Fragrance Gift Set (Macy’s)

Upon her death, it was noted that her fortune was due greatly to her prowess in the fragrance business. As an entrepreneur, lover of scent and gemstones, she involved herself personally with master perfumers and business partner, Elizabeth Arden, in every aspect of the creation of her wildly successful fragrance collections including Passion, White Diamonds and the last, Violet Eyes. 

She famously said, “I never face the day without perfume.”

‘Passion is the ingredient in me that has made me who I am. It’s my passion for life . . . my passion for passion that has made me never give up.’

Her partner, Elizabeth Arden Inc., was acquired by Revlon in 2016. To this day, White Diamonds remains the best-selling celebrity fragrance in the world. A portion contributes to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Film Icon

Elizabeth Taylor – Turner Classic Movies ( 

Elizabeth Taylor’s unforgettable portrayals ranged from innocence to decadence—seeming to mirror her extraordinary, turbulent personal life.

Butterfield 8 | Cat on a Hot Tin RoofGiant |  Elizabeth Taylor Legacy CollectionElizabeth Taylor Best Collection

Beginning as a child star at the tender age of 12 in National Velvet, her extraordinary body of 64 Film, Stage, and TV works include five-time Nominations and two Best Actress Oscar wins for Butterfield 8, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and a third for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

She has been honored with countless awards: Berlin International Film Festival, British Academy Film Awards, Golden Apple Awards, Golden Globe Awards, American Film Institute, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Hasty Pudding Theatricals, Kennedy Center Honors, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Tony Awards, Theatre World Awards, Women in Film Crystal, Lucy Awards, and many more!

As we prepare for this year’s March 27th Academy Awards, the film is top of mind. ET’s memorable appearances were captivating, whether as the recipient in Christian Dior 1961 or 1970 presenter in Edith Head’s captivating violet design to accentuate the magnificent 69.42-carat pear-shaped Taylor-Burton diamond by Cartier! All eyepopping gorgeous!

Top 10 films

The films below are considered her Top 10: 

  • Butterfield 8 (1960) 
  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
  • Cleopatra (1963)
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) 
  • Father of the Bride (1950) 
  • A Place in the Sun (1951) 
  • Giant (1956)
  • Little Women (1949)

It is always fun to watch these classics again and again. ET’s leading men, many of whom remained lifelong friends, ranged from Paul Neuman, Burl Ives, Spencer Tracy, Montgomery Clift, James Dean, Roddy McDowall, Rock Hudson, and of course, husband Richard Burton.

Love and Marriage and Motherhood

ET’s sultry beauty and passions seemed to define her personal life. 

Her 8 stormy marriages, 7 husbands (Burton twice), her delicate health and weight issues forever captured the public’s attention. 

Although her dramatic, passionate, and tragic marriages were many, Mike Todd and Richard Burton were said to be the loves of her life…along with her 4 children: Michael Wilding Jr, Christopher Edward Wilding, Liza Todd (below), and adopted daughter Maria Burton. Today, there are many, many ET grandchildren and great-grandchildren!


  • Nicholas Conrad Hilton Jr – Hotelier. Married on May 6, 1950; divorced in January 29, 1951.
  • Michael Wilding – British Actor. Married on February 21, 1952, filed for divorce on October 4, 1956.
  • Mike Todd – Producer, promoter, showman. Married on February 2, 1957, until his death in a plane crash in New Mexico on March 23, 1958.
  • Eddie Fisher – Singer; actor. Married in 1959; divorced on March 6, 1964.
  • Richard Burton – Actor. Married on March 15, 1964, in Montreal; divorced on June 26, 1974; remarried on October 1975; divorced again in summer 1976; died in 1984.
  • John Warner Politician, US Senator. Married on December 4, 1976; divorced on November 7, 1982; Republican Senator from Virginia.
  • Larry Fortensky – Teamster; construction-equipment operator. Married on October 6, 1991, at Michael Jackson’s “Neverland” ranch in Santa Ynez, California; born in 1952 in Stanton, California; met at the Betty Ford Clinic in 1987; filed for divorce in February 1996; divorced in November 1996.

New Elizabeth Taylor Photo Book

As a young woman, I loved reading biographies of accomplished women, believing I could learn from them, and avoid some mistakes. Elizabeth Taylor’s was, of course, a real page-turner. Years later, I was fortunate to see her live, in her award-inspiring stage performance as Regina, in Lillian Hellman’s Little Foxes at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in LA. – quite memorable!!

It is a joy to share some of Elizabeth Taylor’s many accomplishments and passions with you on this, her Birthday Weekend. Until next week…xoxo MMK

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.  Last week, Marlene talked all things Pisces.

Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff deep dives into Pisces eminent personalities. 

Pisces eminent personalities

Are you a Pisces? Birthdays beginning February 19th to March 20… You certainly know more than a few!


Beginning February 19th to March 20, those born in this last sun sign are said to have learned all the lessons of the entire zodiac…the joys and pain, hopes and fears!

Zodiac Box (Pisces Michael Aram) | Gold Diamond Zodiac Amulet Pendant (Bloomingdale’s) | Villeroy & Boch New Wave Stars Mug (Bloomingdale’s)

This sensitive, water sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. They represent the “constant division of their attention between fantasy and reality.” Pisces are considered dreamers!!  Sometimes they view life thru “rose-colored glasses.” Fortunately, their determination does often turns dreams into reality! Ruled by the planet Neptune, they are said to be emotionally sensitive, gracious, and quite empathetic. This water sign recognizes imagination too!  Astrology can predict behaviors, common traits, patterns, and even personality. Fun!!

“Rose Colored Glasses” Giclee Art (Neiman Marcus) | Square Sunglasses (Bloomingdale’s)Mini Zodiac Charm (Monica Rich Kosann) | Pisces Horoscope Charm Necklace (Neiman Marcus)

Many designers, jewelers, and artists have been inspired by Astrology, Constellations, Stars, and the Zodiac! David Yurman, Michael Aram, and Monica Rich Kosann are a few of these talents! That inspiration maybe because everyone has a special sign for their birth! It is a very personal and fun way to acknowledge individuality… with adornment, for you or your home!    

Zodiac Constellation Stud Earrings (Neiman Marcus) | Tai New Zodiac Charm Necklace (Neiman Marcus) | Zodiac Two-Tone Pendant (Neiman Marcus)  

Do you know many Pisces?? 

Certainly, you know many famous Pisces – here are a few. These mystical visionaries often make artists and creatives. It seems to be true – Actors, Singers, Directors, Humanitarians, Writers, Producers, Physicist, and gymnasts too! 

February babies: 

  • Cindy Crawford (Feb 20)
  • Sidney Poitier (20)
  • Nina Simone (21)
  • Drew Barrymore (22)
  • Emily Blunt (23)
  • Rashida Jones (25)
  • Elizabeth Taylor (27). 

March babies: 

  • Jean Harlow (March 3)
  • Rachel Weisz (7)
  • Carrie Underwood (10)
  • Sharon Stone (10)
  • Liza Minnelli (12)
  • Simone Biles (14)
  • Albert Einstein (14). 

Pisces Birthdays abound in my own family, in early March – 3rd,4th,5th, and 6th – my dear Mother, sister, nephew, and aunt! Wow!!  We have another birthday cluster beginning September 6,7,13, 20, Virgos, and October 7, Libra. It seems family birth dates are often grouped together!  Wild!! Do you find this to be true in your family as well?

Lalique Classic Fish (Bloomingdale’s)

As we move from February, the Month of Love…to March, the Month of Luck…let’s enjoy a peek at Spring to come and celebrate all our Pisces friends and family!! 

Until next week…xoxo MMK

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares a bespoke hearts and flowers gift guide.

Hearts and flowers gift guide

Vibrant February Hearts and Flowers… to celebrate your Valentine’s Day 2022!


Outsidepride Viola Johnny Jump Up Plant Flower (Amazon) | Dark Chocolate Heart Gift Box (Godiva)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022!! Healthy, happy wishes to you!! These days we all love reasons to celebrate. Enjoy a day, a week, a month of joy!!

  • Maybe you are planning a picnic, special dinner for two, movie marathon, or vacation…enjoy!!
  • Gifting your loved ones modestly or extravagantly shows you care!!
  • Hearts and Flowers, certainly never hurt!!!!!!!! 

Chocolate Hearts Box (Fauchon) | Metal Wall Relief Little Heart (Vitra) 

Hearts throb and abound on everything, everywhere during this precious month! Where does your heart lie?? Man, Woman, Child, Pup, Feline, Home, Art, Music, Food?? Since Greek and Roman times, the Heart has been viewed as the home of love, symbolizing support, passion, affection, and admiration! Today, whether texting with an emoji, emailing, or penning a card or letter with one, we all know what a little heart implies! 

Face Inside of Heart Gold Wall Plate (Bergdorf Goodman) | Bear in Red Box (Bergdorf Goodman) | Rose Heart Golden Butter Cake (Williams Sonoma) | Heart Ice Cube Tray (Williams Sonoma) | Heart Tea Infuser (Williams Sonoma)


The Birth Flowers for this beautiful LOVE month of February are Violet and Iris! 


Elizabeth Taylor’s Birthday


The VIOLET symbolizes true love and abundance, providing splashes of vibrant color! Think of Elizabeth Taylor’s famous violet eyes…This is also her birthday month!! Wild violets even have heart-shaped leaves with purple-blue flowers. They come in many more colors …even serene white!

The lovely violet will forever remind me of my dear Mother and her very green thumb. She raised violets in every color throughout our home in Ohio…a perfect way to enjoy blooms year-round! Burrrr, I remember our bitter cold winters too…that are happening now!! 



Viola Face With Violet Flower (Neiman Marcus) | Violet Flower Wall Art (Neiman Marcus) | Violet & Amber Absolu (Neiman Marcus)


 Blue Iris (FLOWERBX)

The IRIS, symbolic flower of the Greek goddess Iris – meaning rainbow, was the messenger of love. It is so romantic for our month of LOVE!! Of course, both come in the beautiful amethyst birthstone color of February!! 

It has 260+ species varying in form, shape, size, and colors that include purple, lavender, white, yellow, orange, pink, blue, and brown. Color definitely reflects its rainbow meaning!! Iris petals resemble the classic fleur-de-lis symbol of France and the coat of arms of Florence, Italy too! PS-They say the best way to see the beautiful Florentine iris is to visit Iris Garden, off Piazzale Michelangelo, in May!


Tiffany Fleur de Lis  (Tiffany & Co.)Double Old Fashioned Glasses (Macy’s) 

This elegant flower has inspired international artist Michael Aram’s entire IRIS Home Collection of vases, lamps, bedding, and accessories!! 

Black Iris Large Vase  (Neiman Marcus) | Iris Queen Duvet (Macy’s) | Black Iris Table Lamp (Neiman Marcus) | Black Iris Large Bowl (Neiman Marcus) | Orchid Throw (Macy’s) 

Until next week, enjoy Happy Valentine Love and Lunar New Year celebrations!!

Personalization by Caspari Personalized Monogram Bandol Stripe Cocktail Napkins (Caspari)

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff explores the iconic images and symbols of love & romance.

Valentine – how do I love thee??

Let me count the ways…as we prepare for the biggest love of them all!!! February 14th!!  Love is great all year long! Who doesn’t l o v e Valentine’s Day??  No matter how young, how old…love is the best!! Let’s show and share, especially these wild days!!

Lips (No Text, Artsy)

This February 14th may be the perfect time to acknowledge how much we care and appreciate…others!  This year, it falls on a Monday to create a 3-Day Weekend…how perfectly wonderful!!

Sterling Silver Heart Locket  (Carolyne Roehm)

All of us have many loves…the object of our heart’s desire, family and friends (near or far), colleagues, special pup or feline?? Yes, yes!! Maybe it is a student we nurture or a neighbor’s newborn!  Valentine’s Day can also be a time to share our own passions of Art, Music, Film, Flowers…with loved ones and take care of others! What are their favorite things in life?   However, we choose to acknowledge these loves, let’s have fun…the point of living joyously! 

Iconic Symbols of Love and Romance spring to mind!

I hope they inspire you for all of your Valentine’s preparation!

  • Shapes of Hearts and Lips…
  • Colors of Red, Fuchsia, Pale Pink, Gold, and Silver…
  • Crystal and Cupid…
  • Flowers from Roses to Peonies, Camellias, and Tu-lips too!
  • Fragrance and Scents of all sorts…
  • Jewelry of Sterling Silver, Gold with Diamonds, Gems, Pearls, and Ruby combinations!
  • Engravings on Metal, Paper, Prints, and Books.
  • Food…glorious Food!
  • Desserts, Candy, and Cookies of fanciful designs…and of course, Champagne, Wine, Liqueurs!

Red Roses Cologne (Bloomingdale’s) | Love in White (Bloomingdale’s)Red Roses Fresh Flower Bouquet (Macy’s) | Real Roses Preserved (Macy’s) | Milk Sea Salt Hazelnut Praline Hearts (Williams Sonoma) | Gold Heart w/ Diamond Fortune Bracelet (Neiman Marcus) | Coin Letter Medallion Necklace (Neiman Marcus) | The Love Letters of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning (Amazon)      | Delicious Metropolis: The Desserts and Urban Scenes of Wayne Thiebaud (Amazon)


In grade school, we exchanged little heart-shaped valentine cards and handmade cards for our parents. 

Ruffled Heart Dish (Williams Sonoma)Valentine’s Day Dinnerware Collection, Place Setting (Williams Sonoma) | Love Letters Tasting Box (Neiman Marcus) | Mint Chocolate Chip Cake (Williams Sonoma)Champagne Flutes (Williams Sonoma)

How do we remember our loves in 2022? 

Some with cards in the mail, with emails or texts with photos, with candy, cookies, gourmet treats, and flowers…a special book perhaps? Special Valentine’s get the royal treatment: a wonderful homemade or gourmet meal and dessert with a charming table setting!

It can also be a time to share our own passions for Art, Music, Film, Flowers…with loved ones and take care of others! What are their favorite things in life? 

Artists have been inspired by Hearts and Love for centuries…think Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Shakespeare in Love, Jim Dine and Keith Haring Hearts, Robert Indiana’s famed 60’s LOVE Cards, Sculpture, and Gustav Klimt’s passionate painting The Kiss! Today Kate Spade’s NY Flats and Michael Aram and Annieglass’ Heart Collections carry on the charming tradition!

                    Jazz: Matisse (Amazon) |  Icarus ( (Keith Haring, AllPosters) | The Kiss ( Bocca Sofa (2Modern) | Mod Heart Serveware (Neiman Marcus) | Heart Frame (Macy’s) | New York Graphic Flats (Bloomingdale’s) 

MMK photo op with Museum Team: Robert Indiana Garden LOVE Sculpture

While visiting the Indianapolis Museum of Art with my Team on business, we enjoyed a photo op with Robert Indiana’s famed Sculpture in the Garden. The artist actually took his last name from his home state of Indiana…that certainly was Love!! 

Until next week, however you choose to share your love, let it be a reflection of a heartfelt smile and beat of your heart! Enjoy as you plan, prepare and ship for Valentine’s Day 2022!  xoxo MMK

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff explores the flowers & fruit of the Lunar New Year of the tiger. 

Flowers & Fruit of Lunar New Year

Enjoy preparing for festive lunar celebrations beginning February 1st and traditionally running two weeks! 

Feast and enjoy Luck for the New Year of the Tigermarking a fast-paced year ahead, driving back evil spirits, and celebrating a better connection with nature!

Symbols abound for this new lunar year…from gorgeous Orchids to Peach & Plum Blossoms, delicate Peonies, fragrant Narcissus, furry Pussy Willows, and luscious Pomelos, Grapes, Apples, seeded Watermelons, and, of course, symbolic lucky Oranges!!

These lovely flowers and fruits are often gifted and enjoyed for décor – so let’s feast and celebrate all over the world! Please enjoy some of their beauty and special meaning. 


Refinement, Luxury, Innocence, Fertility 

Orchid Lace Silk Camisole (Saks Fifth Avenue)Embossed Orchid Note Cards (Gump’s) | Orchid Note Cards (Gump’s)Bliss White Orchid (Pro Flowers) | Orchid Lariat (Neiman Marcus) | Gold Orchid Ring Catch (Horchow)

Peach Blossoms

Romance, Prosperity and Growth 

(State flower of Delaware, due to their many orchards.)

Flowering Peach Branches (Etsy)

Plum Blossoms

Endurance, Courage, Perseverance, Reliability

Bliss Blossom Wallpaper (Macy’s)


Richness, Peace, Feminine Beauty, Innocence, Affection, Charm

Known as the Flower of Riches.

Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Cologne (Bloomingdale’s) |Peony & Blush Suede Candle (Bloomingdale’s)

Pussy Willows

Growth and Prosperity

White/red Willow Decor (Etsy) | Dried Pussy Willow Branches (MAVEN)

Narcissus and Water Fairy Flowers

Good Fortune, Prosperity  

Faux Narcissus (Pottery Barn) | Faux Potted Paperwhites (Pottery Barn) | Paperwhite Delight Bulb Gift (BloomingBulb) | Artel Narcissus Glassware (ScullyandScully)


Abundance and Happiness

It is traditional to place mandarin oranges along with a red envelope in special places in the household to bring good fortune and blessings…next to children’s pillows, in rice containers, as well as for gifting.

Orange Blossom Cologne (Bloomingdale’s) | Orange Blossom Candle (Neiman Marcus) 
| Le Phyto-Rouge Lipstick (Neiman Marcus) | Honey Bell Orange Bundt Cake (Macy’s)


Good Luck and Family Unity!! 

Green or yellow, ripened, an important fruit used in cooking. They are in season, right before new year…and believed to bring good luck to the household. – All good things come in twos‘ – decorate with a pair!

Pomelo Paradis Cologne Absolue (Bergdorf Goodman) | Hirado Pummelo Tree (Etsy)


Harmony and Wish for Peace

Green apple represents money. Red apple symbolizes prosperity and abundance – love them both!!

Palm Centerpiece Bowl (Neiman Marcus) |  Apple Coin Purse (Kate Spade New York)


Wealth and Prosperity…

because of the many seeds it contains.

Watermelon Pitcher (Neiman Marcus) | Watermelon Live Plant (Macy’s) | Wavertree & London Watermelon Soap (Macy’s) | Watermelon Seeds (Amazon)


Wealth and Fortune…

is luxury fruit. Eaten by royalty, symbolizing wealth, fortune, fertility, and prosperity.

Alabaster Bella Grapes  (Wayfair)

New Year of the Tiger

As many of you know, Gump’s is a very special San Francisco destination known for quality and many Asian artifacts, particularly Jade. It is wildly important to my career, life, and many enduring friendships! The Shou symbol of long life and prosperity is its classic icon and certainly symbolizes my wish for each of you, as we embark on celebrations for our New Year of the Tiger – 2022! Kung Hei Fat Choy – Cheers and Ganbei…with little memories of my dear lifelong friend RCS, banquets and our buying days in China – Great Wall and all! xoxo MMK

Green Nephrite Jade Cabochon Ring (Gump’s) | Green Nephrite Jade & Gold Hinged Bangle (Gump’s) | Black Jade Pi & Gold Shou Pendant (Gump’s)

PS: The toast in China is ganbei (“gon bay”) which literally means “dry cup.” Unlike in the West, you’re expected to empty your cup after each toast given, or at least try!! Good Luck!!

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares a complete guide to birthstones and jewelry. 

Birthstones for Mystery and Magic!

As we begin these first weeks of our new year, I thought it would be fun to dream a bit!

Creating joy is the point of my posts! What fun it is to consider a personal gemstone and its meaning when you choose a gift, special purchase for yourself or your home!  The “meaning behind things” has always piqued my curiosity…a little bit of mystery and magic.  I think we all deserve a little or a lot of magic!  Each of us has a special day when we arrived in this world…a day, a month, a year!  It identifies us…even with a special time!! A Birth Date and Birthstone too!

With each new year, it’s enjoyable to think about new ways to create a life with meaning!  I find it fascinating fun to remember loved ones with gifts, to make them realize how truly special they are! How can we personalize each day with meaning to make life more joyful? Wearing our Birthstone could be one way!

2022 6″ Pocket Journal Planner  (Graphic Image) | “Be Your Own Astrologer” Book (Neiman Marcus)

Recently, I met a newly engaged couple, who chose March 19, 2022, for their wedding date to begin their “new life together.” This specific March Month, Day for their wedding and each of their Birthdays can hold significance and meaningful fun as they plan – Emerald Green! Their Birthstone gem and colors might also be a creative inspiration for their wedding color scheme, attendant’s gowns, flowers, and even translate to their home decor!

Gemologist, astrologers, and historians all weigh in on the origins and meaning of Birthstones and the significance of their color and attributes. As with much in life, it is not an exact science. Have fun with the findings!! Everyone you know has a birthday in 2022…I promise! 

Birthstone chart & jewelry

As a classicist and romantic, I am sharing a very traditional Birthstone list.  What is your Birthstone?? Do you identify with its color and meaning?  Here’s a birthstone chart to help you get started.

Many talented artists and designers have also been inspired by Birthstones! David Yurman, Jemma Wynne, Margot McKinney, Marco Bicego, Monica Rich Kosann, and Temple St. Clair among them. Certainly, the quality of each gem and metal used determines how “dear”(as the Brits say), their creations will be.

18K The Tolomeo Pendant – Temple St. Clair

American Artist Temple St. Clair has been honored by the Louvre Museum in Paris to be included in their permanent collection, Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs.  Her remarkably beautiful work, 18K THE TOLOMEO PENDANT was their selection!  Gemstones abound in this beautiful piece which is fabulous from every angle.  Significantly, she is the only woman and living artist among the three who have been so honored: Temple St. Clair joins Louis Comfort Tiffany and Alexander Calder!!

Her work is beyond words! I am pleased to say, was included in my jewelry selections for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, when Director of Retail.  Let’s enjoy special Birthstone possibilities for each of our fabulous 12 new months!!

January: Garnet Safety, Strength, Courage

Meaning dark red, similar to pomegranate seeds.

Tai Baroque Pearl Handmade Birthstone Bracelet (Neiman Marcus) | Bloomingdale’s Garnet & Diamond Accent Stacking Ring (Bloomingdale’s)

February: Amethyst – Royalty, Power, Prosperity

Yellow Gold Amethyst Mini Drop Necklace (Neiman Marcus) | White Agate, Amethyst & Garnet Ring (Neiman Marcus)

March: Aquamarine – Health, Peace of Mind, Clear Thinking

Latin: aqua marina = seawater

Africa Aquamarine Boule Drop Earrings (Neiman Marcus) | Drop Earrings in Hamtpon Blue Topaz, Tanzanite & Aquamarine with Diamonds (Bloomingdale’s)

April: Diamond – Grace, Purity, Intuition, Eternal Love

A Girl’s Best Friend, hardest of Gemstones.

Assouline “Diamonds: Diamond Stories” Silk Hardcover Book (Bergdorf Goodman) | Diamond Marquise Dome Ring (Bergdorf Goodman)

May: Emerald – Healing, Growth, Abundance, Hope

Yellow Gold Inlay Collection Emerald Ring (Bergdorf Goodman) | White Gold Cushion Lab-Created Emerald & Diamond Halo Stud Earrings (Neiman Marcus)

June: Pearl, Moonstone – Grace, Purity, Intuition

 Armenta Sueno Pave Diamond Prong-Set Pearl Ring (Neiman Marcus) | Pearl Letter K Necklace (Neiman Marcus)

July: Ruby – Passion, Vitality, Success

Bezel-Set Ruby & Diamond Ring (Bloomingdale’s ) | Two-Tone Doublet Bracelet (Neiman Marcus)

August: Peridot – Hope, Happiness, Protection

Gem of the Sun

Gold Peridot Diamond Pendant Necklace (Neiman Marcus) | Yellow Gold Classic Collina Peridot & Diamond Drop Earrings (Bloomingdale’s)

September: Sapphire – Truth, Wisdom, Loyalty, Power

Gold Vermeil Blue Enamel Sapphire Locket Necklace (Neiman Marcus) | Renaissance Ring with Blue Sapphires (Neiman Marcus)

October: Opal, Tourmaline – Peace Hope, Inspiration

Opal is considered to be one of the luckiest gems, as it contains the full rainbow. 

Opal Diamond Drop (Bergdorf Goodman)Blue Zircon and White Opal Ocean Blue Enamel Ring  (Neiman Marcus)

November: Topaz, Citrine – Joy, Creativity, Youth, Warmth

Citrine & Diamond Drop Earrings (Macy’s) | Single-Strand Topaz Paradise Bracelet (Neiman Marcus)

December: Turquoise, Lapis, Blue Topaz – Success, Prosperity, Good Fortune

Turquoise and Lapis Multi-Strand Necklace (Neiman Marcus)Assouline “Turquoise Coast” Book (Bergdorf Goodman) | Gold & Turquoise Cuff Bracelet (Neiman Marcus)

Turquoise is the oldest Gemstone.

Until next week, enjoy exploring the mystery and magic of your own Birthstone…and those you love!! Have fun!

xoxo MMK

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

Are you getting enough rest and relaxation in the new year?  Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff rounds up her top luxury items to help you start the year on the right foot. 

Happy Vacation—real or imagined

A little Rest & Relaxation is in order….at home and in our minds!!  To say 2021 was exhausting, may be an understatement… Be good to yourself and those you love with a little respite of comfort to sooth our spirits!

Bernardaud Naxos Dinnerware Collection (Bloomingdale’s) | Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment Set  (Bloomingdale’s)SFERRA Pettra Throw (Bloomingdale’s)

Mariage Freres International Marco Polo Tea Tin (Neiman Marcus) | Baccarat Harmonie Single Old Fashion Tumblers (Neiman Marcus)

Angelina N226 Chocolate Tea (Neiman Marcus) | MoMA Multiccino Mug  (Neiman Marcus)


What is “comfort” to you? 

Relaxing at home in a favorite chair and throw, looking out at your view, with cup of tea, soup or bubbly glass of prosecco, champagne in hand? Classical music may be wafting in the air and every candle you own lit? That is my idea of bliss…with some of my favorite things!

Trudon Cire Maduraï Classic Candle, Splendour of Indian Jasmine (Bloomingdale’s ) | Painter’s Palette 1,000-Piece Puzzle (Amazon)Small Clear Pocket Photo Album |( Neiman Marcus)

Might it be snuggled by the fire with loving pup or feline at your slippered feet – and a good book, calming puzzle or album of photos from your past to make you smile and giggle? 

AERIN Cassiel Mosaic Picture Frame (Neiman Marcus)  | Bell’INVITO Italian Lace Stationery  (Bergdorf Goodman) | Family History Book (Neiman Marcus)

Might you be writing letters of thanks on beautiful stationery for lovely messages and gifts received or shopping for beautiful frames to hold new, memorable photos in Malachite, Lapis or suede perhaps?


Spode “Blue Italian” Dinner Plat (Macy’s)| Mottahedeh Blue Canton Dinnerware Collection (Williams Sonoma)

What do you enjoy?

Enjoyment comes in many ways: loving voices on the phone – reconnecting over the miles, cooking favorite meals of comfort food – over a warm stove, baking family favorites or trying new ones?? My Italian heritage and memories of dinners past inspire me to try a little risotto in a charming classic Italian Ruffoni copper pot this new year! It reminds me of trips to Firenze, where I enjoyed homemade risotto’s “of the day” …creative comfort food!!

Ruffoni Historia Hammered Copper Chef’s Pan with Acorn Handle (Williams Sonoma) | Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms (Williams Sonoma) |Shugg’s Blueberry Bourbon & Basil Pound Cake (Williams Sonoma)

Do you enjoy playing with your plants on the deck or in the garden, taking some fresh air? Arranging flowers for every room throughout your home? What fun to find the perfect vases for lovely blooms – from your own collection or discovering a fabulous antique!!

Christmas Beauty Camellia (Lots of Plants) | Elegant Black Pearl Amaryllis Gift Growing Kit (Patio, Lawn & Garden) | Red Amaryllis in Wooden Planter (Williams Sonoma) | Camellia Japonica ‘pink Perfection’ (Etsy) | Wedgwood Green Jasperware Vase (Etsy)

Plan a home refresh

Maybe you are planning a little 2022 home refresh with beautiful bedding, fluffy cotton towels and charming decorative pillows for your interior spaces to nurture you? It is lovely to live with natural fibers to grace your home, no matter what style of décor you choose.

Donna Karan Home Essential Silk Collection (Neiman Marcus) | Roberto Cavalli Monogram Velvet Pillow (Neiman Marcus)Ralph Lauren Home Wilton Bath Towel (Neiman Marcus)

Plan a vacation near or far

Are you hoping for a future trip or vacation this year – for work or play? 

January always reminds me of buying trips to Europe. Paris, in particular, for Maison and Objet gift shows and past vacations to Hawaii and Mexico, too!

The mind is so wonderful…a magic little catalog of images that brings all of those beauties to life again and again!! Enjoy plotting and planning your own little getaways…on any of the many beautiful calendars created for desk, wall, or handbag! Cavallini’s wall version Botanica has lived with me for many, many years and in numerous cities. They are fabulous, floral reproductions on elegant, textured Italian ivory paper! Of course, perfect for framing!

Whether January 2022 holds travel for you across town, in the U.S., or abroad; enjoy a little journey today thru art, film, music, photos, or with your diary for future days and months of our new year, so filled with promise and surprise! Make it memorable, and oh–so–happy!!

Cavallini 2022 Wall Calendar, Vintage Botanica Posters (Amazon) |MoMA Cubes Calendar (Neiman Marcus) |2022 Pocket Journal Planner | Georgia O Keeffe 2022 Wall Calendar (Amazon) |  2022 Desk Calendar (Thornwillow Press) 

Wishing you much Good Luck…and a HAPPY 2022!! xoxo MMK

Baccarat Dice Paperweight (Neiman Marcus) 

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

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