it’s finally cold here in Athens. i know,  i know “cold” is a relative notion, but we’ve hit the freezing mark the past few days, and i’m trying to stay warm.  my oldest has it particularly bad:  he’s been in California the past 10 years, and well, he can’t handle anything below 50 degrees. sad, huh? not to worry:  we’ll toughen him up.  is it chilly where you are?  colder than here? then this post is for you. as we head into winter, stay warm in this outfit featuring a cashmere turtleneck and wool sweater coat from Anthropologie.  

wool sweater coat & cashmere turtleneck 

this wool sweater coat was featured in last week’s fridays with oscar. there were lot’s of positive feedback, so i decided to give you an alternative styling this week. today, i’ve paired the coat with a cashmere turtleneck and A-Line skirt (old, similar here, here and here). for extra warmth, i’ve pulled in a pair of tights from Talbots. (but any pair will do.)  

wool sweater coat | similar boots | leather satchel | similar leather satchel | cashmere turtleneck | tights | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3

patrick boots & leather satchel  

i’m totally in love with these boots from Stuart Weitzman purchased last year – they’re pricey but sometimes a girl’s gotta splurge. but there’s a similar pair at Nordstrom. i particularly like the patrick boots as they have a side zip and a reasonable price point. but no matter what the price tag a pair of black boots are a must-have come winter. they’re on winter repeat and have shown up on the blog before:  you can see them styled alternatively with a denim skirt.  (and make sure to head over to Nordstrom for a preview of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday inventory.)

practically speaking, these boots make the entire outfit perfectly suited for colder temperatures. and they’re further accentuated by pairing them with a leather satchel.  it appears Nordstrom is having a difficult time keeping it in stock, but you can find similar ones as well.

wool sweater coat | patrick boot | leather satchel | similar leather satchel | cashmere turtleneck | tights | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3

too early for… Christmas? 

Thanksgiving isn’t even here, and of course, we’re talking about Christmas.  for those of you that celebrate Christmas, i’m always curious as to where you purchase and when you put up your tree. do you go to a tree farm? do you cut down your own? is it small?  tall? somewhere in-between?  do you put it up the day after Thanksgiving? the first week of December?  let me know in the comments below.  

wool sweater coat | patrick boot | leather satchel | similar leather satchel | cashmere turtleneck | tights | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3

that’s a wrap, gang! happy, happy tuesday! two more days until turkey day. can’t wait for those mashed potatoes.

cool & kitschy gifts

it’s holiday memory week over here on the blog. you all really seemed to love Kelly’s Thanksgiving holiday memory.  and we got a lot of requests for tutorials on how to make tamales.  we just might have to feature them on fridays with oscar sometime in the near future.  today, my oldest son will be sharing his favorite Christmas holiday memories, and i’m giving you the first taste of winter over here on the blog. 

outfit of the day

i’ve got a warm and cozy fall outfit that i’m going to transform into a winter one.  to start off, i’ve paired a J.Crew mockneck sweater with an  Everlane denim pencil skirt.  i’ve pulled out my knee-high boots for the first time this fall.  what a statement piece.  am i right ladies?  and if you’re looking for fall or winter shoe suggestions, make sure to check out the list below.

J.Crew mockneck sweater | Anthropologie wool sweater coat | Everlane denim pencil skirt | leather belt | boots | Talbots hobo bag

skirt and boots

as you all know, i’m big on skirts.  and with skirts, it always comes down to what you pair them with.  you can’t go wrong matching these knee-highs with this Everlane denim pencil skirt.  and if you want more advice on dos and donts with skirts, make sure to check out my latest friday fives. 

J.Crew mockneck sweater | Anthropologie wool sweater coat | Everlane denim pencil skirt | leather belt | boots | Talbots hobo bag

Christmas holiday memories

guest post by Alex 

“I remember clearly Christmas when I was in sixth grade.  So that puts me about 12 years old, and my two brothers 8 and 5.  You have to understand that, at the time, my dad (mr. style) had gone out on his own professionally.  So, money was tight to a certain extent.  

Not that any of us knew.  That’s the thing:  “God always provides,” my parents used to say.  And He did.  (And he does.)  To my 12-year-old mind, we were the richest family in the world:  the year prior, we had moved into a mid-century farmhouse on a few acres.  A real fixer upper in retrospect, but imagine being 12 years old and being able to run around for what seems like miles and miles—in your own backyard.  I’ll never forget it.    

But back to that Christmas.  All three of us—my brothers and I—got sick with the flu.  We were totally bedridden the entire winter break:  Christmas straight through New Years.  But here’s something I’ll never forget.  Remember now—and unbeknownst to my brothers and I—money was tight that year.  But all year we had begged and begged for Starter jackets.  

I wanted a University of North Carolina one. (why?  God only knows.  I have no connection to the school.). My middle brother wanted a Dallas Cowboy one, and I *think* junior style wanted a Forty Niners one.  All midwest mother’s raising boys in the late 90s/early 2000s will remember Starter jackets.  And it’s worth pointing out, they’re not cheap.  Especially for three boys, all of which will outgrow them by the following year.  

But that Christmas morning, the starter jackets were there under the tree.  My parents had listened and provided, even when it was probably hard for them to justify the economics.   

Where the jacket is today, I have no idea.  But when you throw together the flu, a winter wonderland, a powder blue UNC jacket, and a family that loves and cares—-there’s a memory I’ll never forget.” 

winter preview 

it’s hard to believe, but winter is right around the corner.  here in Athens, we’ve got a freeze warning out today.  feels like almost yesterday, we were facing 90 degrees.  (probably because it was!)   how cute is this Anthropologie wool sweater coat?  the red color pop on the sleeves just makes this coat and pairs quite nicely with my Talbots hobo bag.  so easy to turn a fall outfit into a winter one when you have the right outerwear.  

J.Crew mockneck sweater | Anthropologie wool sweater coat | Everlane denim pencil skirt | leather belt | boots | Talbots hobo bag

in case you missed it 

all week on the blog, we’re  sharing our favorite holiday memories.  yesterday, my daughter-in-law, Kelly, shared her favorite Thanksgiving holiday memories.  today, my oldest son shared his Christmas holiday memories.  and stay tuned tomorrow for my favorite New Year’s one.

for those of you following my YouTube channel,  you may have noticed we’re no longer publishing a daily fashion flash.  instead, we’re aggregating them into one, single video and demoing them on Wednesday.  below, you’ll see last week’s.  and tomorrow, we’ll have an all new one for you.  don’t miss it. 

when was the last time you played hooky and took a day for yourself? went to a movie? got a massage or a mani-pedi? called up your daughter for an impromptu lunch? self-care is one of the most important things and something we’re all guilty of not investing enough in. today, i’m throwing on on a pair of fall flared jeans, a suede jacket (similar here), and my snakeskin boots and heading out for a day to and for myself. come join me.  

when my kiddos were growing up, i would periodically let them stay home from school and take a “mental health day”.  my mother was the first to coin that phrase and it stuck like glue. thanks, mom! a mental health day was always unannounced—a total surprise.  to get to sleep in late on a monday. to get to go out to lunch with your kiddo or mom on a tuesday. to get to watch a movie in the early afternoon on a wednesday. theses are all little things, but go such a long way to rejuvenate ourselves. in this crazy mixed up world, the weeks can feel like and oftentimes are an endless source of anxiety. there are now entire industries built around mindfulness and centering to help us combat the stress of modern living. no doubt these are good things—extremely helpful to be sure. but sometimes the simple act of playing hooky helps just as much. 

some kind of flared blue jeans

i’m stepping into monday with high waisted flared jeans, a suede jacket (similar here) that screams fall has arrived and an affordable pair of affordable snakeskin boots. but i would be remiss if i didn’t point out the adorable sleeveless blouse that keeps this ootd on its toes. the blouse from Nic & Zoe available at Nordstrom is appropriately called mark your calendar. guess who couldn’t resist adding it to her wardrobe? the neutral color scheme has versatility written all over it. and i loved the addition of a ruffled collar that adds a hint of femininity.

who thinks the flared blue jeans are the star of this outfit? besides me?  i’m just so happy to see a variety of denim silhouettes available this year in addition to our long-time favorite straight legs, boyfriend, or skinny jeans. there’s certain to be a pair of denim that suits you to a T.


walk all over monday (in snakeskin boots)

last week on the blog, i showcased a variety of different purses and luxury bags of varying price points.  there’s no need to break the bank with the sticker shock that comes with a luxury handbag. don’t forget luxury handbags retain their value and are so well made that they’re worth every penny. but a few of my favorite brands’ Coach, Tory Burch, Brahmin, Michael Kors or Patricia Nash also produce well-made handbags that will last a lifetime.

denimblouse(similar) suede jacket | snakeskin boots(similar) belt | (similar) handbag


in our first episode of style secrets over on YouTube, i first showcased this wonderful snakeskin boots from JCPenney.  (video below.) animal prints, shoes, and bags are a big part of my fall wardrobe. i can’t get enough of them. snakeskin is big, big, big this year. but leopard or zebra print are shown in abundance. so lots of choices this fall and winter to add texture to your outfit and give it a one-two punch.

heels are the perfect combination with flared denim—not only from an aesthetic perspective, but a functional one as well. this pair of high rise denim flares from Frame run loooong so heels are a must unless you want to visit your local tailor to alter the length. i’m wearing a size 29 which translates to my typical size 8.

suede operator  

this suede jacket (similar here) has been a go-to of mine for the past several years. take a look here, here and here for different styling ideas.

denimblouse(similar) suede jacket | snakeskin boots(similar) belt | (similar) handbag


all right, gang!  the week is officially underway. i hope you had a wonderful weekend, and i hope that if you find yourself stressed or anxious, you will carve out a little bit of time for yourself this week. before you sign off, make sure to say “hi” in the comments below. let me know the last time you played hooky. where did you go? and what did you do? 

i made the jump to full-time blogger almost five years ago.  my job, in part, is to put together and model outfits in the hopes that it provides you inspiration in your daily lives—both personal and professional.  as women, our daily lives are nothing short of robust.  we are asked to wear a variety of hats and function in a multitude of roles.  so today, i want to encourage and celebrate those amongst us that are career women. and i want to continue to inspire all of us to be fashionable career women. 

fashionable career women

my readers all (or have) worked their entire lives.  you are teachers, lawyers, professors, nurses & doctors, entrepreneurs, executives, fashion bloggers, and, yes, mothers. some of our work pays.  and some of our work should pay more.  regardless, you all have helped and continue to shape the direction of our world with your countless hours of dedication.  thank you.

dress in pictures | dress 2 | dress 3 | dress 4 | dress 5 | dress 6 | dress 7  | jacket (similar, high-to-low)

many of my readers are retired or are in the process of retiring.  however, i have many readers that are just starting or are amidst their professional journeys.  my advice to you:  lean in on your network of women for advice and supports.  your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins are there to help you navigate your chosen careers.  whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or whether you go off to an office every day, trust in the women that have gone before you.  they are trailblazers, and their wisdom and experience will serve you well. 

as my readers know, i’m a believer in both health & wellness and fashion.  feeling our best and looking our best each and every morning prepares us face whatever life has in store for us that day.  yesterday i continued to chart my health journey.  eating correctly and staying physically fit allows me to get up every morning and work well into the evening. 

today i want to encourage us to look our best when we enter our jobs—no matter what that job may be.  when we feel good and look good, we exude confidence.  and confidence propels us forward and helps achieve our professional goals–no matter what those goals may be.  

i’ve put together a plaid mock neck dress and jacket courtesy of Ann Taylor.  the jacket sold out immediately, so i’ve found a similar one from Talbots.  nothing says fall quite like “plaid.” and the sleek, sharp lines on both the dress and jacket are perfect professional ware.  

these boots were made for walking

it’s time.  time to pull our boots from the back of the closet to the front.  whether you’re calf- or knee-high type-of-gal, fall and winter are all about the boots.  in case you missed it, i put together my top 10 list of shoes for fall & winter.  (see the video above.)  it should come as no surprise, a large portion of that list was comprised of boots.  

boot in pictures | boot 2 | boot 3 | boot 4 | boot 5 | boot 6 | boot 7 | (similar, high-to-low)

i’ve got a pair of suede Vince Camuto’s from Nordstrom.  they’re a neutral that offsets the plaid dress and jacket.  and if you’re looking for other options, i’ve compiled these boots here, here, here, here, here, and here.

mama’s got a brand new bag

no professional outfit is complete without a bag.  over the years, i’ve talked a lot about handbags—how, where, and what to buy.  (see also this post.)  sticker shock is a thing.  no doubt.  but it’s always important to reiterate that bags are investment pieces.  they can and should last you a lifetime.  

i’ve put together a list of bags that are perfect with any fall outfit.  prices range from high-to-low.  i’m just loving the Gucci python bag.    

bag 1 | bag 2 | bag 3 | bag 4 | bag 5 | bag 6 | bag 7 | bag 8 (similar, high-to-low)

alright, gang!  it’s monday, and the workweek is upon us.  here’s to all the fashionable career women out there, including mothers.  as always, i want to hear from you.  let me know what your chosen profession in the comments below.  is it your first career?  second?  are you retired?  do you miss working?  not at all?  have a great week.  


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