white denim for winter

if it’s january, then it’s time to wear neutrals, including white denim. neutrals are a go-to any time of year, but many readers still ask if it’s appropriate to wear white denim after labor day. i’m happy to report that it’s a fashion ‘do’ in 2021 to wear white denim for winter. personally, i love how white brightens a dreary winter day. but the best part is that white goes with everything. black, grey, and camel are my favorite neutrals to pair with white. there’s something so chic and simple about any of those color combinations.

it’s easy to get into a style rut when the weather outside is frightful. yes, i trudged through many a snowbank all through my childhood, college, and beyond. it’s a struggle just to get out of bed on a frigid winter morning, and it’s oh so easy to slip into a winter uniform that consists of a black sweater, black jeans, black boots, and a parka. been there. done that. but let’s step outside the winter style box for a moment and put on our thinking caps. it’s definitely possible to look stylish even when the winter winds blow. let’s take a look.

white denim for winter

white denim for winter is a perfect way to start your day. yes, i’m wearing leopard pumps (old, opens in a new window similar here, lower heel opens in a new windowhere) since Georgia’s weather has been mild. lucky for me, it’s a rare occasion to spot a single snowflake. one of the many reasons i love this state. if you live in a colder climate, exchange the pumps for booties, and you are good to go. either way, leopard accessories are an easy way to give your look a sophisticated touch. leopard shoes, belts, and handbags are wardrobe staples i love to pull out any chance i get. this opens in a new windowcashmere turtleneck from opens in a new windowNordstrom has been on style repeat all winter long, along with this opens in a new windowknit duster from opens in a new windowBanana Republic. both items look a-ma-zing with opens in a new windowwhite straight-leg jeans from opens in a new windowTalbots. i’m wearing a size medium in both the opens in a new windowturtleneck and opens in a new window duster a size 8 in the jeans. all fit true to size (tts), although i could easily have sized down to a small for both the turtleneck and duster. but i went for a more slouchy look, so i stayed with a medium. typically i size up one size with white denim for a fit that skims my curves rather than hugs. so a size 8 was perfect.



opens in a new windowdenim | opens in a new windowturtleneck | opens in a new window duster | opens in a new window similar shoes | opens in a new window handbag | opens in a new window similar belt | opens in a new windowearrings | opens in a new window gold bracelet

opens in a new windowdenim | opens in a new windowturtleneck | opens in a new window duster | opens in a new window similar shoes | opens in a new window handbag | opens in a new window similar belt | opens in a new windowearrings | opens in a new window gold bracelet

it’s Wednesday, ladies, time to put a smile on someone’s face, including yours.

here’s a YouTube video for those of you asking for a daytime makeup tutorial. it’s simple and easy and takes less than ten minutes!



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  1. Georgia Peach wrote:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite looks.

    Posted 1.20.21
  2. Samantha wrote:

    Not a fan of the animal print, but a very chic outfit.

    Posted 1.20.21
  3. MaryLynne wrote:

    Love the outfit but not practical for a typical Michigan winter. Those pants would be a mess after one walk through a slushy parking lot. I have a hard enough time keeping my black pants clean. I do like to wear pastel and black and white tops in the winter. I didn’t read yesterday’s blog until today. Just wanted to say that I don’t know how someone could consider the President’s choice of exercise equipment or breed of dog political. I would like to see a blog about the fashion styles of first ladies past and present or would that be too political? You mentioned Jackie Kennedy and nobody objected. When I was a little girl I had paper dolls with all the first ladies inaugural ball dresses and just loved them. You look great! Wish I was 62 again. Keep up the good work!!

    Posted 1.20.21
  4. Lauren wrote:

    Winter she says as she stands there in bare feet in heels bare pavement no snow in sight….LOL
    Where there is Winter the white pants thing often looks good as an all “winter white” look with the sweater being white to match the pants…
    And….BOOTS! 🙂

    Posted 1.20.21
  5. Janice wrote:

    Beth, if you still lived in Omaha or laces where it is snowy, would you still wear white jeans I am in Ohio and tend not to wear them here in winter, but when we go to Florida in the winter, I do wear them. I do not like the slosh u the back to try to get out when I wash them. Any ideas

    Posted 1.20.21
  6. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    For those of us who were bogged down with “no white after Labor Day” for most of our life, every single time you remind us it’s a new day and wearing white in winter is perfectly fine, this girl’s heart smiles. And wearing it on a dreary winter day? Fantastic! It’s sure to brighten someone’s day besides our own as you say 🙂 Love how you prompt us to go for it! ~

    Posted 1.20.21
  7. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    P.S. Easy for me to wear white in winter in my region of Texas. Next time I do, will do it with love for Blog Sisters who can’t until Spring! Hugs~

    Posted 1.20.21
  8. Andrea wrote:

    Camel, camel, camel🥰

    I have a pair of animal print kitten heels that I love to wear with black, but wow. Those shoes just elevate the outfit, perfectly. As a prairie winter gal, I hear my fellow women – but. I might not wear that exact outfit, but once the concert halls, theatres and restaurants are finally safe to inhabit, I will just switch the white jeans to winter white pants and voila, tres chic 🥂

    Posted 1.20.21
  9. Robin wrote:

    Love white demon with camel/beige! A your look is a beautiful lean column! I have a long beige cardigan just like it🤩🤩

    Posted 1.20.21
  10. Kathy wrote:

    I love white denim, but in the wet Pacific Northwest, mud on the cuffs is not a look I go for. Your outfit is lovely, though. For a day I stay inside!

    Posted 1.20.21
  11. Lee wrote:

    That’s such a lovely outfit! I have the gray version of that turtleneck & would like to pair it with my white jeans. I’m unsure of shoes though. I have some gray ankle booties—would those work or be too much of a stark contrast? I also have a pair of snake print loafers that should work well, as long as it’s not too cold!

    Posted 1.20.21
  12. Carolynn wrote:

    Love the outfit! Thanks for the size information t helps me see how a 6 would fit, even though I am barely 5’2”. I live in Ohio and wear white jeans for nights out even in winter.

    Posted 1.20.21
  13. Dottie Willard wrote:

    Sharp outfit! Love your blog!

    Posted 1.20.21
  14. Lindsey A wrote:

    OMG I’m in love with this outfit! I have the white jeans, leopard shoes (flats) and camel duster cardigan but need the camel sweater. It has been on my to-buy list for a while and just moved up to the top!

    And here in SF bay area it is 63 and sunny right now, so definitely ok to wear! Though we are getting some much needed rain next week, phew!

    Posted 1.20.21
  15. Wonderful look, Beth and am in love with the animal print contrasts. Specially love the belt.
    Can’t wear heels as I have very bad feet – it’s tough to keep the elegance going when you can’t add height, so have to live vicariously (and enviously) through you.

    Posted 1.20.21
  16. Susie wrote:

    I live in Florida so no issues of “slushy slosh” here! I have that same lovely duster from Banana Republic in the blue color. I could certainly combine it with white pants but I typically pair it with my “ecru” jeans from Ann Taylor. I love your idea of leopard accessories. I think they would also work well with my blue duster.

    Posted 1.20.21
  17. I love this look. Do not think I would look really good in the long cardigan, I am only 5″3″ and you look like you could be tall. You always look so chic.

    Posted 1.20.21
  18. Lisa wrote:

    Hey Beth. You look fantastic wearing white jeans, but if I’m honest it’s one of those silly fashion rules I cannot break. I fell in love with white jeans after watching Ali McGraw rock them with a simple tee in Love Story.

    I love your blog, Instagram and videos.

    Posted 1.20.21
  19. Nancy Reed wrote:

    Great outfit and you look terrific

    Posted 1.20.21
  20. Christi wrote:

    I LOVE the Talbots High-Waist, Straight-Leg Jeans! I have them in white, black and dark denim. They fit purrfectly! Great look on you. Just started following you about 6 weeks ago and really like your daily posts. And, yes, I have worn white denim in winter (dry weather only) here in your neighbor, South Carolina.

    Posted 1.20.21
  21. Jan wrote:

    Camel and white, oh my! Just stunning!
    I don’t have the white denim jeans but I do agree with your advice to size up with white jeans. These small details can make a world of difference.
    Our winters are much too brutal for white pants but it might be a fun addition this spring. Yes, there will be another spring season and it will be glorious!!
    Thanks Beth!

    Posted 1.20.21
  22. Robin wrote:

    I love todays photos on neutrals, and….your hair is especially fabulous today!

    Posted 1.21.21
  23. I love this classic camel and white look. You look stunning. I’m also in Georgia where I can easily where this look. I recently shared a camel and white look and other neutral looks on the blog.

    Posted 1.23.21

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