transition to fall in a tweed blazer

  1. Cynthia Giles says:

    I love the gray”blazer” you are showing here but I’m wondering what the difference is between a blazer and a cardigan. Is it structure, fabric, cut, ? When I hear blazer, I’m never sure if one of the many jackets I own are the appropriate item. Thanks. Love your style!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      technically, this is a jacket/blazer. but blazers have morphed through the years and no longer need lapels or buttons to be classified as a blazer. sometimes,
      they’re called sweater blazers due to the unstructured fit.

  2. Very cute outfit! You are the bomb!
    Have fun with your friend and family in Tybee.

  3. Frani says:

    I love everything about this outfit! You resemble Princess Diana & how she would have looked at this age. Beautiful, stylish & stunning. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Katherine says:

    Good morning Beth,

    You look fabulous as usual.
    So sorry to hear about your air conditioning going out, yuck. Thank goodness you have air in other parts
    of your home. Yes, when you own a home it’s always something to do and look after. I hope your new unit arrives on Friday, that is amazing service.
    Have a wonderful holiday with your friend, brother and sister-in-law. So much to look forward to.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      thank goodness we’ve had cloud coverage all week so the temps have stayed in the low 80s. oh, home ownership! but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
      thanks for stopping by!

    • Georgia Peach says:

      You’ve been knocking it out of the park w/your last few posts !
      I’m waiting for my gray booties to arrive.
      Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Eve says:

    I love the jacket but I’m not sure why you call it a blazer. To me a blazer has a manly look with lapels. This looks soft and definitely something I would wear. Love the boots too.

  6. Patricia says:

    I love your style and fashion sense for older women.

  7. Terry says:

    Nice look Beth! The Princess Diana similarity is right on. The pose and facial expression do bring her to mind. Looks like you are beginning a rebrand. Beneficial for the name recognition. Do you have a book in the works? Enjoy family and friend at the beach. Weather Channel mentioned Tybee had a 61 mph wind gust from the depression.

  8. Kathleen McDermott says:

    I love those jeans paired with the dreamy, soft pieces. Perfect, head to toe and so very you. I shall happily copy this outfit. Your beach stay sounds so nice – didn’t know you had a big brother! Me too – mine is 4 years older.

  9. Joanie says:

    Hi Beth,
    I love this ootd! You look fabulous. I like gray and cream colors together. This is a nice transition to fall. I also enjoyed looking at your fall home decorating ideas yesterday. You have a beautiful home. I love the painting of the two boats. Cheers to Mr Style! Have fun at Tybee. That sounds relaxing.

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