the sunday brief | five essential pieces for a beach vacation

  1. Marcia Rayne says:

    My family always had a beach house in Galveston and as an adult I had a couple too. I love your posts but if I can make a couple of suggestions : get a wider brimmed straw hat. You need to keep the sun off of your face. And wear 50 spf.
    Second, most people at the beach wear light colors as the navy blue or black gets very hot.
    Third, remember white suits usually get tar on them plus they yellow easily. Try a peach, turquoise or red. Tar is just attracted to white! Lol

  2. Vivi says:

    Hi Beth,
    Enjoyed your video for packing a hat. Beats carrying it in my hand or whatever…
    Great bathing suits and cover-up.
    Leaving for a beach getaway this week.

  3. Andrea says:

    Enjoy your getaway, Beth. You deserve some beach time. The ocean always brings peace to my soul and hopefully to yours too.

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