the power of classic wardrobe staples

all week we have been looking at classic wardrobe items that pull double duty. the items perfect for spring and fall. these are the transitional pieces that will work year after year. well worth the investment; items like denim dresses, patterned pants or utility jumpsuits will be on trend for the foreseeable future. as you can expect on thursdays, i have rounded up posts from the archives.  today’s collection illustrates the power of classic wardrobe staples. 


a tweed jacket for fall

a tweed jacket is an absolute classic. perfect for spring and fall. tweed jackets are perfect when paired with a matching skirt or pants. but it will also turn up the sophistication on a pair of dark rinse jeans. 

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what’s on trend? florals for fall

we all know florals for spring isn’t groundbreaking news. florals for fall? yes, please. especially since florals for fall are on-trend. that’s right, florals big and small are here to stay for the duration of fall. 

if the new arrivals at my favorite retailers are any indication, this trend is still going strong.

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i wish that i knew then what i know now (fashion confidence)

today, i’m showcasing my go-to style:  modern preppy.  it’s a fashion sense i’ve developed over 50 years.  nothing says “bold” and “confident” more than a blazer and a clean pair of denim.  i trust in the style i’ve worked my entire life to develop, whether i’m headed to a meeting or just grabbing drinks with my daughter-in-law after work.

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a blazer will always be a classic wardrobe staple. the cuts and styles may change through the years, but the template is classic. not only that but, herringbone, houndstooth, glen plaid and tweed will always be on trend, year after year. 


here is a round up of updated links to complete your transition wardrobe. remember, the power of classic wardrobe staples will make choosing your outfit as easy as 1.2.3.  have a great thursday ladies!




  1. Lisa wrote:

    The Glen Plaid jacket, with jeans and kitten heels-pure perfection.

    Posted 9.17.20
  2. Francesca B. wrote:

    Hi Beth, this is so topical right now to my life! Yesterday I bought out a two year old tweed boucle jacket from my closet from Ann Taylor (investment piece for work) and I re- jigged it with a bold red tee and necklaces and dark navy jeans and my daughter just loved it.Wow Mum time! Love your blog Beth, hugs from me:)

    Posted 9.17.20
  3. Shari Black wrote:

    Hi Beth – I love your posts. Can you provide some detail on the glorious belt you’re wearing with the floral dress in this blog?

    Posted 9.17.20
  4. Alecia wrote:

    I love getting your emails every day. Between you and Maye Musk, I feel that I can be fashionable during my senior years.


    Posted 9.17.20
  5. Mary C wrote:

    Love the blazer and kick crops. So cute!

    Posted 9.17.20
  6. Christina M Craig wrote:

    hatching out of retirement blues, love your posts, your style and attitude!!

    Posted 9.17.20
  7. Eve wrote:

    It is so much easier to get dressed and makes shopping a breeze when you realize that lifestyle is so important. Your lifestyle. I stopped buying so many things that was essential for others maybe but I never wore. We all have a different essential list. If I can’t wash it, I don’t buy it. 🙂

    Posted 9.17.20
  8. Lori wrote:

    I saw you on The View this morning as a beautiful model for L’oreal makeup!! I love your postings and was pleasantly surprised to recognize you on TV!! Congrats!

    Posted 9.17.20
  9. Priscilla Herrera wrote:

    Beth – Wow! Your selections for this segment are so beautiful and coordinated. So classic! Love it!

    Posted 9.18.20
  10. Paige de Albuquerque wrote:

    Hi Beth. Love your blog – your style and personality shine through. I also appreciate your honesty and comments on dealing with the loss of your husband. I am going through cancer treatment myself – – this post sent me straight to your links to look for a tweed blazer. I have to have something new and fabulous for when I reenter normal life – after cancer and covid!! Thanks for delivering something great to us every day!

    Posted 9.19.20

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