Sometimes the Details Matter

  1. deanna says:

    Sounds like a lovely, busy weekend with your loved ones. Fabulous styling with the tweed jacket. Love the soft pink striped tee. You looked very stylish in the group photo taken with the bride to be. Like that both you and the MOB? wore jeans and black tops. But your jacket was a perfect addition.

  2. Carolina Girl says:

    Another beautiful DIL (to be)! How fun … and since she didn’t choose the wedding dress pictured, wonder what it will be?
    Love the Talbots ivory blazer with pink piping. So Springy! Perfectly accessorized (love the T Chanel-style flats too). YES! to THREE-DAY WEEKENDS!

    • MaryLynne says:

      I love that pink trimmed blazer and decided I had to have it several weeks ago but they didn’t have it in my size. I kept going back to the site and low and behold they had one in my size. I ordered it even though I hated paying full price. A few days later there was a $50 off one day sale and they had one in my size again so I ordered it and will return the more expensive one. Patience pays out with Talbots. If they don’t have your size keep going back.I’ve done that several times. The blazer is perfect with the Ann Taylor tweed ivory/black dress you featured recently. All set for Easter! Thank you for all your good fashion ideas

    • Beth Djalali says:

      It’s a very exciting year for the Djalali family. Now we have three girls and three boys. The playing field is even!

  3. Michelle Hamric says:

    I was drawn to this blazer several weeks ago because it has great details. Between the tweed texture, gold buttons , pink trim and nice fit I was sold on it. Then I saw this post of you wearing it. I knew I’d made a wonderful purchase!

    So when is the wedding happening? I’m sure it will be a beautiful wedding.

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