the decision to go gray

  1. Cindy L says:

    I love this post! I’ve been thinking about going gray, and I’ve admired your hair for a long time. I love both the color of your hair as well as the various short styles you’ve worn. I have friends who’ve grown out their colored hair, too, and I think they look truly fabulous. My problem? I’m a redhead with warm skin tones and freckles, and my (tinted) auburn hair is always my trademark. It’s admittedly a lot of work to maintain. I hate to give that up, and I’m not sure how gray hair would work for me. But I’m truly tempted. As always, thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Vicki Archer says:

    Hello Beth,

    Loved reading your take on the gray journey… Much the same as you, I have never looked back 🙂

    I will be trying your recommendations .. as for silver shampoo… I’ll try yours.. it’s never been very successful for me.. end up looking too violet, despite how I rinse or the quantity I wash my hair with…

    A great read and fun partnering today, xv

  3. Pat says:

    You are beautiful in that pink/rose colored dress with your silver hair

  4. Nelda Pattillo says:

    I have been on my ‘going white’ journey since November! I had hip surgery and just decided that the time was right. I also have short hair that has been colored, highlights, lowlights, everythimg!!
    I am so happy with the process. My hair is a beautiful white with some natural color remaining! Wish I had done this year’s ago!!😇

  5. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, I’ve mentioned a few times in my comments to you that you were my inspiration to go ahead with going au naturale. I’d thought about it doing it but never plucked up the courage. It’s been three years now and I don’t regret one minute of it. I also had a variation of the short hair do you had at the time and still do. Obviously all us ladies out there aren’t able to get to our hairdressers, but I do know one thing, even though I can’t get it cut at the moment my hair is much healthier and stronger than when I used to have highlights, so now as it’s growing it’s in better condition. So thank you Beth. For all those ladies that are unsure about going au naturale I promise you, you won’t like me regret.

  6. Peg Weir says:

    Good morning Beth,
    I transitioned to grey in the same way as you and your stylist did. Very easy and I have no regrets.
    Have a great day,

  7. Brenda says:

    Your hair is beautiful!

  8. Joanna says:

    Loved your video. I’ve saved it. I used to wear my hair in a pixie but let it grow out to a short bob, feeling it was a better Length for my age. But, a pixie has been calling me! I’ll be showing this to my stylist.

    • Eva Popovich says:

      I decided to “go gray” about 8 years ago. My brown hair just didn’t seem to want to go with me for a few years, and I even gave up and went back a time or two and colored it, but for the past few years I have held out. My hair still has a lot of brown in it, which I kind of feel is not a “good gray,” but I started asking my hair stylist to put in a few highlights, and then a few months later, a few more (possibly not the same color,” and now my gray-ish hair is healthy, shiny, and full of highlights and occasionally lowlights, and I really like it that way!
      Thanks for today’s post. We all need ideas and help!

  9. Lynda Davis says:

    Absolutely love the new look – pompadour off your face! At 72 my hair’s still a mousy colour with no gray so I’ll never have your glorious colour but highlights brighten it up.

  10. Gray says:

    Great Post Beth, and what good timing! I have mostly white hair on top and my original dark brown on my neck. I am still getting blonde highlights every 5-6 weeks, so that it reads blonde. I will soon change that to platinum and then stop altogether. Love the blog.

  11. JANICE COLEMAN says:

    I started going gray in my late 20’s. I started coloring my hair blonde and then I went red. About three years ago, I noticed that my hair color was fading out within two weeks. That made my decision to go all gray easy. My stylist told me it would take some time. Not one to wait around, I bought Prell shampoo. I had heard it would strip color. Within 6 weeks most of the red was gone. My stylist nearly died, but I told her I used it as a child and didn’t hurt my hair. So, within three months all the red was gone. I still had some brunette in the back, my natural color, but that didn’t bother me. I love my gray hair. I wish I had done it sooner.

  12. Lindsey A says:

    At 41, I have a few greys coming in, and I’m ready and excited for it! I think grey/white/silver hair looks so good. We have an extended family friend who I think is in her early 60’s. She used to dye her hair brown (her original colour), but embraced her grey. I only see her once a year so it was a huge surprise but she looks incredible and was a huge inspiration for me. There have been people who suggested she might have had a face lift at the same time because she looks about 10 years younger. I’m not sure if that is true or not (none of my business!) but I can see it either way because the lighter colour did take years off her. She always looked great but now even better. The grey makes her look less heavy (in an anchored sense, not a weight sense of the word), more vibrant. I’m hoping to look as good as she does with grey hair!

  13. LA CONTESSA says:


  14. Anne says:

    I must say congratulations to you all, fantastic info on going grey is perfect for me.
    I’m embracing it at the moment and waiting for Covid to finish .

  15. Thanna says:

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m one of those doing the “quarantine grow out”. I haven’t seen my natural hair color is 25 years! In the last few months my hair has become resistant to dye so I’m touching up my part biweekly and yet have sections underneath that are always grey. I’ve been debating the short cut to reduce the length of the transition vs keeping some length so I can pull my hair back. Tough decision!

  16. MaryLynne says:

    Hi Beth,
    I think longer gray hair will become fashionable as a result of the pandemic. My hair was naturally very dark think Elizabeth Taylor. I developed a white streak in my forties. I used “LovingCare” to cover the gray in the rest of my hair but it wouldn’t stay on the streak so didn’t color that When I retired from teaching i decided I could start looking like the grandmother that I was My hair is naturally curly and was still darker than I thought it was so it really didn’t show roots Now I have salt and pepper hair with white around my face. I get many compliments on my hair and have inspired others to go gray also. My theory is that if you have dark hair you should go gray because lighter brown just doesn’t look right. If you are blond or light brown you will probably look younger remaining a blond. Your hair looks great Beth. I’m trying to get mine to fall across my brow like yours does to cover a scar from a fall

  17. Chris Illius says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your posts and their content. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – you are a classy lady. You are so kind, selfless, caring and so gracious! In times like this, for some of us, we are so bogged down with life and transitions and jobs – even though we are blessed in many ways. But pressure builds and we just want to sit and cry for no apparent reason.

    Beth, I look forward to your blog everyday, just to be able to see, read and hear the tranquility that your blog gives me! I know your life has been trying over the last year, but you never showed it in your blog or pictures. Thank you for being a pillar and being able to take me to another place even it it’s for a few minutes. (maybe a lot of others too) . You are so down to earth! Thank you for your strength and courage! It picks me up and dusts me off . You are an inspiration to many of us! Lots of love from northeast Ohio.

  18. Ginny says:

    What a great blog today Beth! I’ve sure been giving this whole process a lot of thought lately. I have longer hair and have been just doing the root touch ups. You look amazing and so many of my friends do also. Once again, this is kind of a confidence issue for me. Hats off to all the ladies who are making this transition and maybe someday I will join your club!
    Stay well, be kind and always grateful.

  19. I’m so delighted we could do these posts together. I don’t know if you know this but when you first started bogging, I asked Elizabeth, The Vintage Contessa to find our what you used on your hair, who was your hair dresser, where you lived. Everything! I loved your look then and love it now. It’s been a long time and we’ve both gone through a lot. But we’re still standing. Even with a new knee. So it’s been a pleasure dear Beth. I certainly will be trying some of your products. Thanks Beth.

  20. Angela says:

    I’ve been in the process since November. It’s almost there. I have to say that I was surprised how relieved I was one day when the wind was kicking up. It was the first time in 15 years I wasn’t worried that my roots might be showing! It was so liberating!!! Go Gray!

  21. kim says:

    Beth just finding you through Cindy. Love your look and what a good post with two many cool tips. I love your videos also. You make grey seem very chic. So great you all did this. Looking forward to more of your posts. Kim

  22. MaryLynne says:

    In my forties and fifties I dyed my dark hair leaving the streak because it wouldn’t hold the dye. After I retired at 60 I let it grow out because the dark looked harsh and a lighter shade didn’t look right. The growing out wasn’t noticeable because it was more salt and pepper than I thought it would be and I let it go curly instead of blowing it smooth The white around my face is a good contrast and I get a lot of compliments on my hair. I think longer gray hair will be fashionable because of the quarentine. Yours looks great!!

  23. Vicki says:

    Can you speak to eyebrows for gray hair? That seems to big my biggest challenge. I’m loving my natural gray hair but my eyebrows have lightened so much and seem to be getting sparser. What can I do? Color? Products you recommend? Tutorial? I’m depending on you! 😉

  24. Eve says:

    I was shocked when I let my hair turn gray. It is a beautiful silver. I’m very happy and like you I keep it short. I don’t use the purple shampoo but I don’t swim in pools with chlorine because I live on the Coast. I’ve changed the colors I wear too. I wear more pure or clear colors instead of the darker tones. Light navy instead of navy or pinks instead of reds. Coral, turquoise and periwinkle also look good now. Older does have a silver lining, : )

  25. Suzanne M Smith says:

    At 65, my gray hair is still coming in as pretty dark with more of a faded, dingy gray–if I thought I’d go white, I’d embrace it, but it’s just not time yet! But I love gray hair when it’s silvery! You all look great.

  26. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Lovely Style Sisters commenting on this blog today! The Going Gray trend is indeed liberating for ladies of all ages. Have commented before that a great haircut makes the journey enjoyable. For those unable to use the shampoo you recommended, mine is Jhirmack, sold at Wal-Mart for right at $5.00. No brassiness! Sadly, their conditioner doesn’t work for me. Presently using Aussie Miracle Curls Leave-In Detangling Milk. My hair responds favorably…and I’m not young, just feel young 🙂 Hope this helps. Again, thank you, Beth!~

  27. Lyn says:

    I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger on the grey thing – however, I just realized that having my hair professionally cut and colored every 4 weeks like clockwork, in fact scheduling my appointments in advance for as much as 6 months at a time, for over 20 years is now not the priority it used to be. I actually did the math – it’s a small fortune! Trying to get my stylist to lighten my hair a few shades has been frustrating for a lot of reasons, and I don’t want to go the highlighting route and the maintenance it requires. I colored my roots myself 2 weeks ago, with my husband’s help, and I’m not totally disgusted with the outcome. It’s lighter, with the grey now looking like highlights. I have stocked up on color and when this virus thing lets up and my salon opens I will be changing my appointments to just cuts every 6 weeks. I actually feel liberated! I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, and I view this isolation period a good time to evaluate a lot of things.

  28. Judi says:

    These series of posts have been great. Here in Australia our hair salons are still able to operate and I took the opportunity to have my hair styled and coloured yesterday. I have been thinking about going grey but are not quite there yet. I watched your styling video and you have encouraged me to go a little shorter next time. Great content enjoyed this topic very much.

  29. Pamela Chokan says:

    Cancer diagnosis and chemo in 2019 toke care of the hair situation. Luckily in January 2020 I am in remission but the hair coming in is so grey/white. And curly. But it may change as chemo effects wear off. I had never thought of not coloring but now I am getting used to the grey.

  30. Kare says:

    Beth, I watched the video on styling your pixie, you should definitely wear your hair styled back, t looks so much better makes you look younger and it’s so sexy looking just FYI.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      lot’s of opinions about my hair. i love it this way too, but time for a change. my hair isn’t where it needs to be yet but already getting so many compliments. short or long I’m thrilled to have a healthy head of hair.

  31. Mary says:

    Thanks for the tips. I stopped the highlights about 2 years ago. My hair is blonde + grey. Subtle. No one knows I stopped the coloring but me.

  32. Sue says:

    Last autumn my husband began six months of chemotherapy for cancer. I knew we would be avoiding going out during the cold and flu season to keep him healthy in order to keep on schedule for his treatments. I decided to stop coloring my hair at that time and take advantage of the time away. I told my hairdresser and she did some major highlights to hide the line of demarcation. Now the stay at home guidelines have given me even more time to let my hair grow out. It has been a revelation! I had no idea what my true hair color was. Right now it’s white, brown and charcoal gray.

  33. Susan Sebok says:

    Such a timely post! Had my last coloring in February. By the next appointment we were sheltering in place and I chose to cancel my next appt. I had considered allowing my naturally red but now colored hair go grayish white, but hesitated because my stylist said it would make me look older and the transition would make me crazy. She was right then, but this crazy time now was just right to make a change for me. I talked my husband into cutting my hair in early April and he did a great job of taking the dyed red color off and leaving me with ultra-short red and white hair. But no one was going to see me for several weeks. I likened myself to the much-loved Velveteen Rabbit. Now, as it grows out, I look forward to getting the red completely away and wear my hair really short! A new freedom!

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