the sunday brief | how to wear fall trends | the power of red

  1. Susan Krol says:

    So glad that red is trending again. It’s been my signature color for many many years. Red car, red focal walls in the home, etc.

    • beth djalali says:

      then you are in hog heave, susan! red is everywhere this fall. and i love it! it’s a great accent color with lipstick, handbags and shoes. but if you want a red pantsuit this is the year to scoop it up.

  2. Susan Krol says:

    Interesting that you mixed burgundy shoes with the red cardigan. Looks really good. That’s something I would have doubts about doing. But it makes sense.

  3. Sharon Letkeman says:

    Love your posts! You do a great job showing how women our age can be stylish and comfortable. I’d like to hear your thoughts about orange-reds vs blue-reds on women with grey hair. I used to have red hair and found that I looked best on the orange side. It also went best with my skin tone. Now I’m leaning more to the other side but my skin tone hasn’t changed. And btw I also couldn’t wait for the fall fashion mags and tv lineup when I was young!

    • beth djalali says:

      oh gosh, i think the best way to go about finding the right shade is hold the color up to your face. you’ll be able to see if it works or not. but the best gauge of what looks good and what doesn’t is the reaction of other people. if you receive compliments then you know you hit the nail on the head.

  4. Kathysue says:

    I am now officially convinced you can wear ANY color. You look GREAT in red. I have been looking for red to add to my Fall/winter wardrobe. I just ordered a red puffer vest from Talbots yesterday so your post is very timely for me. I am a plaid girl so I see some plaid with red in it for me!!! Love your post, always inspiring and helpful. I am rebuilding my wardrobe so love your input!!

    • beth djalali says:

      ha, ha! you always known just what to say. that’s fantastic you are rebuilding your wardrobe. take your time. if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that there will always be another fantastic sale just right around the next corner.

  5. I’ve always thought of Labor Day as the end of summer, the start of school (we started the day after too), and the beginning of the year. I always loved school – guess that’s why I became a teacher – so I have always thought of the start of the school year as the beginning of the year, instead of January 1. I couldn’t wait for the August Back-to-School issue of Seventeen so I could pour over all the new trends. Seems like I remember a lot of plaid during my high school years – I’m so glad it’s back! And yes, those skinny jeans made skinnier – at least in my neck of the woods – by pegging them. We turned them inside out, marked and sewed an extra seam so they would be even tighter. Thanks for the memories – and yes, I’ll be wearing red this season, my favorite accent color.

    • beth djalali says:

      i think you have the best job in the world! i mean, you still have a looong summer vacation. does it get any better?
      it won’t be hard finding a red accessory this year, cyndi. shop away!

  6. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Another fun video – I love reading and learning about fashion, style and etiquette history. Thanks for giving us the background on the subject of red. I always loved red but as tend to use it in smaller doses as I get older.

    • beth djalali says:

      hi rebecca! i’m so happy you are enjoying the videos! mr. style and i are having a ball learning the in’s and out’s of youtube. and i love digging a little deeper into the history of fashion. it’s quite interesting.
      red is a great accent piece isn’t it?

  7. Heather Rush Crestol says:

    Finally I found style I can relate with! I love your multi color cardigan. If it comes back, please let me know where to find it. Where was it bought?

    • beth djalali says:

      hi heather! i will let you know if i see any ralph lauren sweater jackets that fit the bill. just keep on the lookout as you never know when good old ralph will trigger something cool.

  8. Edith Brown says:


    Once again, you rock! All those years of reading the fashion magazines
    have paid off. You always seem to know how to incorporate the current
    trends but still keep it tasteful for your age, I so appreciate that. Your OOTD
    is my daily go to for ideas and inspiration on how to keep current and yet not
    look like I am dressing too young. Style at a certain age – you got it and more!
    Keep up the good work!

    Enjoy your Labor Day and I look forward to “seeing you” tomorrow!


    • beth djalali says:

      hi edith! thanks so much for stopping by! i always love to hear from my readers. i trust you had a lovely labor day weekend. why is it they zip by all too quickly?!

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