the sunday brief | holiday gift guides

  1. Imastounded says:

    Maybe Christmas brunch is the way to go. We have a big turkey dinner at Thanksgiving, so do we need another one? We’re going non-traditional with the big meal this year. A brunch like this would be the perfect festive complement. More time for me to relax and enjoy, less dishes, less stress. The next turkey can wait until Easter.

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Fun memories! I love Thanksgiving–so much more relaxed than Christmas, which comes right on its heels. I’m with you–we always do big holiday brunches, and I love the recipes you can whip up the night before and pop in the oven. Last year I covered a brie wheel with cranberry/orange/chopped pistachios for Christmas–it was red/green, too. It always gets scarfed down quickly! I love holiday foods. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. jacki says:

    Your mum: What a stylish lady

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