the sunday brief | 5 style tips

  1. Rebecca Saffer says:

    I loved this video and blog post. You have such terrific tips and are a natural in front of the camera! You add a modern, fun twist to the classic styles keeping your outfits young at heart yet well put together and polished.

  2. Terry Cornelius Corley says:

    Beth, you and Mr. Style have got it going on! Nice video. Thank you!

  3. Lisa Sraders says:

    Beth, I am ADDICTED to your channel! I am almost 54 and have in the last few years, just lost a good bit of weight and LOVE where I am in this season! I have found my love of fashion again, and I think you strike the BEST between classy/trendy. I want to hang out with you! I love clothes and shoes again (which is a MIRACLE…I wear size 10, and in the past, it was SO hard to find cool shoes, so I beat myself into submission on a BARE amount of shoes. Oh, no more. Just am high off a Target ‘buy one, get one 1/2 off’ and I am FEELING GOOD. I truly love you and love the way you do all that you do. God bless, lady!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi lisa! thanks so much for stopping by. so happy to hear that you are enjoying this stage of your life. aging is fun isn’t it?! target is a great place to score some cool shoes. their designers are always on point!

  4. Lisa Sraders says:

    PS…how do you feel about A LOT of clothes? Do you pare down often?

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