shop sunday style | 10 wardrobe essentials

  1. Susan Young says:

    This was perfection! I admire your style and to know what your goes to are is extremely helpful. I have a little shopping to do.

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Great selection of “essentials.” They all look marvelous.

  3. Tammy says:

    New follower … love the items love the way you style them!! Look forward to it!

  4. nina_d says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love your style! It is so helpful to see how you put looks together, since I have pretty much everything* in my closet but no idea how to put stuff together! Thanks (again) for generously offering endless inspiration!

    * Everything except Oscar – the perfect accessory – and pumps. My pump-wearing days are over, unfortunately.

  5. donnanance says:

    Great post…have to dig in my closet to see if I can recreate any of these outfits…pinned them for later… xoxo

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