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for years, my family lived overseas with yearly sojourns back home to the States. if there is one thing i know how to navigate it has to be an airport. long lines, check-in gates, security checkpoints – you know the drill. travel has certainly evolved since i was a young girl and our travel attire along with it. back in the day, my mother insisted we dressed our best when we boarded the plane, and that was perfectly fine for that era when security measures took a back seat to frills and luxury provided even in coach. but today, comfort and ease are essential when navigating through crowded terminals, and oft time frigid airplanes. layers are key and i typically carry a pashmina shawl to cover up with if the plane becomes too cold. it’s easy to peel off and stow away in a carry on or share with one of my travel buddies if they’ve forgotten their hoodie. slip on shoes that remove in a jiff are a must these days especially if you don’t want to hold up the security line.

faux leather leggings @Zara; sweater @JCrew; cardigan @AnnTaylor; pashmina @DFS; shoes @TargetStyle


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