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do i have a firecracker to introduce you to today just in time for mother’s day! it’s always a privilege to shed the spotlight on a hardworking female entrepreneur. talent comes in all sizes, shapes, and ages. i first met laura or lo as she is called by family and friends on social media. laura was sweet enough to send an array of her adorable personalized stationery. is it not the cutest?!


Here’s a brief bio of this talented woman: Laura Wright is the founder and creative director of LO in LONDON® fine paper goods and whimsical design.  She lives in her hometown of Quincy, Illinois, with her two dogs, Carrott and King, and her husband, Chase.  Laura’s favorite things include glitter, good food, a great laugh, oil painting, snow skiing, jazz music, art museums, and SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! 

Her business started with a thank-you note… or rather, hundreds of them.  The importance of written correspondence was instilled by her mother from the beginning.  She would diligently write and rewrite each note until they were perfect… the perfect hand-written font, the perfect layout, the perfect message.  Today, this sticks with her as she strives to insert these basic elements of font, layout, and meaningful message into her designs with fresh new twists and refined illustration.  For more about Laura, you can follow her on Instagram @loinlondon or visit  opens in a new

Laura, are you over or under the age of 40?

I am under 40.  36 to be exact… but I’m not a numbers person and can’t ever remember my age, so I always have to ask my husband… LOL.

Everyone has to start somewhere. What was your first job?

My first job was a salesperson at a local prom/wedding dress store, Eighth Avenue Villager.  I was 16 and worked Sunday afternoons and Monday nights.  In my earlier years, I wanted to be a fashion or costume designer, so this was the perfect start!  As an illustrator, I have the freedom to design fashion, costumes… or anything else on a daily basis!

What do you think of first impressions?

First impressions are so important!!  But I always try to give people second… and third… and fourth… chances because you just never know when someone is shy, caught off-guard, or having a rough day!

Tell us about the backstory of LOinLONDON?

Where to begin?!  Here’s the abridged version… 

I, Laura Wright, am called ‘Lo’ by my family and friends (you are free to call me whichever you prefer).  In my twenties, I had a nomadic streak, living in several places in the United States and abroad.  Each time I moved on to a new place, my parents were supportive and excited.

For as long as I can remember, I have always kept myself busy painting, doodling, and drawing… but not until late 2009 did I begin considering the greeting card industry as a career path… er, side gig.  At that point, I put together preliminary designs (which seem so unrefined now) and sold them to local friends.  I expected this to be a short-term project and had plans to move back across the pond to London (for a brief period before starting law school… yes, law school…).  My employment and housing were procured.

When I approached my parents about this new adventure, they were not supportive nor excited.  They urged me to stay and continue to explore the greeting card industry.  I left our conversation disheartened and displeased.  Within the week, I had changed my plans to go abroad, deferred enrollment from law school, spent my life’s savings on envelopes, and signed up for the National Stationery Show in New York.  That was over ten years ago… My parents were right.  The rest was history.

What advice would you give your 20something self if you could?

Oh gosh!  Giving advice to a 20-something aged PERSON is easy, “find out what you don’t like, and it will eventually lead you to what you DO like”… It took me a long time to get on the right path, but all the experiences along the way were what got me here.  Giving advice to myself is a little harder because all of the errors, heartaches, and road bumps were all part of the journey that got me where I am now… and I just wouldn’t change a thing.  If I had to choose one thing to say to my younger self (or my future self) is ‘hang in there!’  Everything seems to have a way of working itself out in the end.

Do you have a motto?

I don’t have a motto, but I do try to live each day with gratitude.  I try to savor the really good days and store those memories away for harder days.  I try to stop daily to appreciate beauty in the little things and be thankful for ‘my people,’ my home, my pets, and this simple but lovely life.

Ocean, lake, or pool?

ALL OF THE ABOVE (and a bathtub, too).  I was a competitive swimmer from ages 5 to 18 and spent countless hours in pools.  For this reason, I always feel at peace in water… And you’ll always find me IN the water, not around it!


What three words describe your current life? 

FULL (of love, of work, of home improvement projects, of dogs). COLORFUL. BLESSED.

thank you, laura, for taking time from your busy schedule to stop by! ladies, i hope you stop by opens in a new windowLOinLONDON. there are some adorable opens in a new windowmother’s day cards and an assortment of recipe cards, stationery, or gift tags for any occasion or holiday, and original illustrations! use code STYLEATACERTAINAGE20 to receive 20% off all products. one use per customer. thanks, laura. didn’t i tell you she was a firecracker!


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  1. Marcie W. wrote:

    Laura is such a talented artist and so creative. Thanks for introducing her.

    Posted 4.29.21 Reply
  2. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Lovely girl! Wise beyond her years. Beautiful products! Will share her 20-something-self advice with my grandchildren. Thanks, Beth, for bring us Lo ~

    Posted 4.29.21 Reply
  3. Lindsey A wrote:

    Love her styles! Bookmarked her page! Thank you for introducing her and her work.

    Posted 4.29.21 Reply
  4. I have a good friend with whom I went to high school and we were in the same sorority although at different schools. Her first name is Laura and she married a Bob Wright. I will have to tell her about Lo Wright. Interesting connection of names. She is certainly creative, I really enjoyed looking at her website and found many items that will make great gifts. Thank you for introducing her.

    Posted 4.29.21 Reply
  5. Thank you for introducing her to us.
    Very tallented girl!!

    Posted 4.29.21 Reply
  6. Marilyn Levin wrote:

    Great. Look forward purchasing some LOinLONDON. Fabulous advice.

    Posted 5.1.21 Reply
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