lilly love

  1. Jodie Filogomo says:

    What a perfectly casual yet stylish dress!! Love it!! jodie

  2. Joni James says:

    Just can’t say it enough, I love love love your cute haircut. I’ll be doing the same thing one of these days. I can feel that the toe dipped in water felt great!

    • beth djalali says:

      thanks, joni!
      first of all, i have to say i have a fabulous stylist who always makes me look good! i’m 100% convinced that a great haircut makes all the difference, especially as we age. if you’re ever in san francisco i will give you her contact information, and then we could have lunch.

      • Joni James says:

        I just love San Fransisco and I’m in Seattle so that makes us sisters of sorts! Thanks for the invitation to meet for coffee….you just never know. 😉 I’ve had 4 blogger meet ups so far and they are very exciting.

  3. Sweet Leilani says:

    Love that blue on you! By the way the last time I attempted to stick my tootsies into the water display I almost got arrested ! Can you imagine, I was so embarrassed, Lol, You got away with it you lucky girl I enjoy doing things like that its spontaneous and young too!
    Aloha my friend

    • beth djalali says:

      i’m laughing my heart out at the moment! i’m lucky our photo shoot was in a secluded section with only an occasional passerby. i imagine the water wasn’t as warm here in san francisco as in hawaii, but it was fun making a splash!

  4. Ishita Joshi says:

    I love these pics! Also, this sounds like the perfect way to stock up on spring trends.

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